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  1. The Cosmo Kama Sutra
    Just when you thought the Kama Sutra couldnt get any hotter, Cosmo cranks up the sexual heat with detailed, instructive illustrations and essential sex advice. This great looking gift book is packaged in a beautiful and sensual red slipcasewhat a way to say, Be mine, Valentine! No one covers sex better than Cosmo, and these 77 fully-illustrated passion positions, adapted from the magazines hugely popular Kama Sutra series, will take readers lust lives to a whole new level.
    Price: 17.95
  2. Sexual Ecstasy
    In Sexual Ecstasy, Margot Anand offers a magnificently illustrated, concise, and step-by-step guide to giving magical orgasms to your partner, male or female. Sexual Ecstasy will: Bring fresh awareness to sexually sensitive areas and new ways of caressing these areas. Open the way for ecstatic states of orgasm. Help reveal and dissolve psychological and emotional blocks inhibiting the flow of orgasmic energy. Enhance communication between love partners, deepening their sense of intimacy. Teach you, the woman, how to take responsibility for your sexual well-being. Teach you, the man, how to bring a woman to orgasmic ecstasy.
    Price: 11.00
  3. Tao of Sexual Massage
    Massage is a simple way for couples to awaken their desire and bring more intimacy and passion to their love life. The Tao of Sexual Massage shows how to master the techniques that will make your touch both tender and titillating. Based on the traditional Taoist commitment to a peaceful, natural, and healthy way of life, this book describes how erotic massage Enhances orgasm Improves sexual self-esteem Relieves stress and promotes good health Brings hours of exciting, loving pleasure Strengthens love and commitment between a couple
    Price: 15.00
  4. Tickle His Pickle
    Your Hands-On Guide to Pleasuring His Penis! Sexpert Sadie Allison Shows Off ALL Her Secrets! This vividly illustrated pleasure guide will teach you all the tricks to satisfying your man - right where it counts most! Sexpert Sadie Allison reveals over 50 sucking, shaft-stroking, ball-fondling, cock-caressing and prostate-pleasing techniques that will keep him hard and get him off. Give him the surprise of his lifeor read it together for intimate lessons hell never forget! 67 illustrated pages, guaranteed to give your sex life a good boost.
    Price: 14.95
  5. A&ampE Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Him
    FREE KIT INCLUDED: Your pocket guide comes with a FREE sample of flavored lube and sexy oral sex mints to help you get started right away! The Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Him Written for the man who wants to wow and thrill his woman like never before. Become a master of the most intimate experience a man can share with a woman! 32 pages LOADED with helpful and effective tips! Illustrated.
    Price: 9.95
  6. Pocket Guide to Sex Games
    Everyone who plays these sensual, pleasurable games is a winner. Stylish and absolutely fun, candid and stimulating, this erotic manual is a great gift to give a sweetheart and to enjoy together, over and over again. Its a treasure trove of amazing ideas for dissolving inhibitions, rediscovering sensuality, and keeping lovemaking exciting and magical. Beat bedroom boredom; get dirty in the shower; try a little passion al fresco; enjoy sweet anticipation with aphrodisiac foods that drizzle, squash, wobble, and melt; and see what to do when the lustful feelings become irresistible even if its in the middle of a party! And thats only the beginning. 128 color pages.
    Price: 7.95
  7. G-Spot Book
    This 48-page edition guides you to completely new realms of pleasure. The G-spot orgasm can actually make some women ejaculate fluid! Full-color photos demonstrate positions for discovering this erotic hot spot.
    Price: 6.95
  8. Tickle Your Fancy
    This simply written, comprehensive how-to book features expert instruction for female pleasuring, including clitoral and G-spot stimulation, shower play, anal play, using sex toys and more. The book includes a complete tour of the female anatomy, more than 30 masturbation techniques and 60 diagrams and illustrations. While perfect for women of all ages, it also teaches men new tricks for pleasing their partners.
    Price: 12.95