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  1. Pocket Guide to Sex Games
    Everyone who plays these sensual, pleasurable games is a winner. Stylish and absolutely fun, candid and stimulating, this erotic manual is a great gift to give a sweetheart and to enjoy together, over and over again. Its a treasure trove of amazing ideas for dissolving inhibitions, rediscovering sensuality, and keeping lovemaking exciting and magical. Beat bedroom boredom; get dirty in the shower; try a little passion al fresco; enjoy sweet anticipation with aphrodisiac foods that drizzle, squash, wobble, and melt; and see what to do when the lustful feelings become irresistible even if its in the middle of a party! And thats only the beginning. 128 color pages.
    Price: 7.95
  2. Sexual Ecstasy
    In Sexual Ecstasy, Margot Anand offers a magnificently illustrated, concise, and step-by-step guide to giving magical orgasms to your partner, male or female. Sexual Ecstasy will: Bring fresh awareness to sexually sensitive areas and new ways of caressing these areas. Open the way for ecstatic states of orgasm. Help reveal and dissolve psychological and emotional blocks inhibiting the flow of orgasmic energy. Enhance communication between love partners, deepening their sense of intimacy. Teach you, the woman, how to take responsibility for your sexual well-being. Teach you, the man, how to bring a woman to orgasmic ecstasy.
    Price: 11.00
  3. G-Spot Book
    This 48-page edition guides you to completely new realms of pleasure. The G-spot orgasm can actually make some women ejaculate fluid! Full-color photos demonstrate positions for discovering this erotic hot spot.
    Price: 6.95