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Review of Glamour Stars Live Reviewed on 2012-09-17Last update on 2012-09-14

Reviewed Site: Glamour Stars Live

Glamour Stars Live
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Short Review:

Glamour Stars Live is a live webcam site that is a little bit different than most. You'll still pay a per-minute fee to get one-on-one time with gorgeous women, but here most of the sexy gals are professional glamour models from the UK rather than amateur performers or pornstars and the goal is conversation, fantasies, and teasing, not sex. Let's go inside this glamorous webcam destination and get the full scoop!
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Our total rating: 71/100

Detailed Review:


Glamour Stars Live features a fairly small stable of models with just over 60 different beautiful women listed in the members area, and what that means is that there often aren't very many on at any one given time. In fact, there were absolutely no models at all available for most of my visits to the site within the span of around four days or so. I believe that only a small portion of the models are actually active on the site on a regular basis. Luckily, you can book models in advance for shows so that you don't have to wait for them to turn up on the site.

As I mentioned, this is a "glamour" webcam site and not a hardcore site. In fact, the members area here specifically mentions that the gals don't engage in sexually explicit poses or behavior. That means that getting them fully naked is the most can hope for no matter how much money you spend. One credit equals one dollar, so it's easy to understand just how much everything costs. Chatting with a single model will cost you anywhere from 1 to 3 credits per minute while chatting with two models at a time can cost up to double that amount. The per-minute fee is for chat time only and does not include teasing, toplessness, or nudity, all of which must be paid for via an additional tip fee. A tease will typically cost you about 25 additional credits, a topless session will cost you an additional 50 credits, and a fully nude "fantasy" session that starts with naughty costumes and lingerie will run you an additional 100 credits on top of the per-minute fees. Again, sessions with two girls at once will cost around double the fees.

In addition to the private shows with these glamorous UK-based models, members can also look forward to scheduled group shows that all members can join for a flat fee of $10. Although the tour pages suggest that these $10 shows happen daily, the next scheduled show was over a week away when I visited in mid-September 2012 and there were no-shows at all listed after that date. I would definitely like to see daily group shows here at this unique webcam destination.

The quality level here can vary from model to model since these gals don't seem to work from a central location and probably use their own equipment. Unlike many other webcam sites, this one does not seem to offer the chance to broadcast your webcam to the model, and the bio information provided for the models can sometimes be a bit sparse. Only a few of the models have webcam previews or any kind of archived video to give you a little sneak peek before you start spending dough.

Features & Navigation:

The members area here is an odd sort of mixture of a fairly simplistic layout and very basic user features as well as some pretty advanced tools. For example, there's no way to search for models beyond alphabetized listing, yet they offer a downloadable desktop tool that will alert you when your favorite model comes online. The site features a members area homepage, a model schedule, a list of scheduled group showtimes, technical support and other information, and a members forum, all in a rather plain black and dark blue layout.

Each model has her own page where you can access a little bit of basic information about her including some of the sites she has model for, the fantasies she is willing to perform, and her rate. A small minority of the models offer some preview photos and videos and a few of them have provided a schedule of when they planned to appear on the site, but most of the model pages I visited were fairly empty.


Glamour Stars Live is definitely catering to a specific kind of viewer with their softcore offerings and expensive tease, topless, and nude shows. You probably can't see these well-known UK models on webcam anywhere else, and for diehard fans that will certainly be enough to tempt. Unfortunately, the daily group shows seem to have disappeared, and there are frequently no models available on the site, so you'll need to contact a model and clear your calendar if you want to try it out.

Pros & Cons

+ Glamour webcam models from the UK
+ Scheduled group shows for $10
+ Able to book models ahead of time
- Usually zero or perhaps 1 model online at a time
- Must pay extra fee for tease, breasts, nude
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