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Short Review:

Japanese Cos Play is one of the sites in the All Japanese Pass network of non-exclusive sites from Japan and other Asian areas. It is a neat though, a pretty unique and unusual site, and it's a great and low-price way in to a very big and good network. From PVC, to leather, to uniforms to maids and Latex, you have all kinds of weird and wonderful costumes all on kinds of fit and horny Oriental ladies at this very special site.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 78/100

Detailed Review:


Here's the good news: 622 costume sex themed scenes. Here's the bad news: they are non-exclusive and the sex is censored, in that it is fuzzed out. This is Japanese porn and that's what happens, you have to get used to it. It doesn't stop you enjoying the costume fantasy elements of the scenes though, and you sure get a load of variety in the dressing up and play.

The content I saw dated back to 2010 as an upload date, but when the scenes were actually made, and where they actually come from, is anyone's guess. In recent months though the content was still being added regularly and the update schedule was pretty good judging by the dates published with the sample images for each scene. You find that these start on the home page where the most recent, and some other, scenes are shown. You can then click to the Videos link in the main menu and it is up to you how many sample pics you see per index page. Click one and you find the viewing options:

These are good, in recent movies at least. Well, they are OK. There is a stream that you can watch in HD or SD resolution, though I was unable to check exactly what they meant by HD, and the Flash screen was around 720 x 576. And there were three qualities of Mp4 download. I found the same options even for the older scenes. So Mp4 is the way to go here. The downloads happened nice and fast though and I had no complaints about the modern SD scenes, they went full screen ok and buffered nice and fast for me.

The actual content of the scenes varies, though it looks like there is some kind of costume involved in each one, though costumes don't always mean role play. I found sexy Japanese girls completely dressed in PVC or leather, with a guy rubbing up their pussies through the material with a vibrator. Then there were girls dressed as chambermaids being defiled and having their private parts played with by hotel customers. There were school room fantasies, teachers and pupils, there were army and military fantasies being played out, businessmen, office workers and some scenes that actually looked pretty ordinary and non-costumed. But all of them were of a reasonable, DVD style quality and ran for a good length of time.

As you stream you can use a slider of thumbnails to jump through the content, and if you want to view a scene and find out what is going to happen before you download it, then you can use the screen cap command in the player window. This opens up varied numbers of caps per scene at 740 x 408. They open one at a time in the same window, so if you are streaming and you open one you have to start your scene again when you close the image.

On top of his costume content, which is just as advertised and which is decent quality and fine to view, for what it is, you have access to the network sites. These number 22 and cover other kinds of content such as: Asian teens, shaved pussies, bukkake, facials and creampies and cum play, office sex, classroom antics, nurses, Milfs and mature Asian ladies, toons, flashers and public sex, and all with Oriental or Japanese models.

Features & Navigation:

This network does really well when it comes to the design and look of the sites. Everything opens up within the same style of site, so you get the same interactive pages and fun options to play with no matter what site you are in. So, for example at Japanese Cos Play, you've got:

An online player where there are options for you to rate the content, leave comments and feedback, and read what has been written by others. You can find out details and info about the scenes, though it might sometimes be limited. You can add things to a favourites area and make up your own store of the best scenes and pics, and you can use the many share and social network buttons that come with each scene. There are then linked tag words so you can find more of the same kind of scene, and there are linked category words as well. Sometimes there are linked model names and you can find other scenes with the same girl, though there is not a model index as such.

Generally, there are easy links to the rest of your network, including a page where the sites are listed and some more detail is given. There is an update schedule to check out and a members' poll running so you can get involved with that. The information is good here in that you are told runtimes and upload dates, but you are not told what studio or DVD the scene may have come from. There is news, you can check the status of your account and there is help and support on hand if needed.

His is a very well thought out network, a very safe and secure site to belong to and everything technically worked well.


On the one hand the content is non-exclusive and the sex is censored to the point of you not being able to see a cock a pussy or a blow job. But on the other hand, there are lots of costume fantasy scenes, some very sweet Japanese girls, good quality (DVD) movies, and screen caps to go with them, in a totally interactive and technically perfect site that looks good and delivers on its promises. There are updates and a set of other Japanese girl sites to enjoy.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of scenes
+ Good bonus sites, all Asian
+ Very interactive and functional
+ Fun to use
+ Decent quality
+ Updates

- Censored content
- Non-exclusive
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