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High Definition movies, exclusive, with gorgeous girls and guys with big dicks, sensuous, sexy and fulfilling, that's your offer with a membership to Her HD. This is a newer site with content dating from 2017, that is updating its content regularly. It's streaming only and basic, there are no photos, but it contains some of the most erotic and beautifully filmed scenes we've seen in a long time.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


Sometimes I come to review a site, and it's one I've never seen before, not heard of and can find nothing about in my research. Her HD is one such site. I could sum it up in a few lines, but I will give you as much detail as I can so you can decide if it's worth taking the monthly membership.

It's exclusive, hardcore content; that's the bottom line. The girls are cute, slinky, sexy and push all the right buttons when it comes to watching what is semi-glamour porn. I say semi because it's basic hardcore with great looking guys and girls, and filmed in a sensuous style, but it's not your busty, pornstar girl kind of site. I got the feeling that some of the models were new to the game whereas some of the others I'd seen before. There's a hot Russian guy, for example, a lad in his 20s who I have seen on several other sites, and I was pretty sure I recognised one of the girls too.

A model index of 13 babes gives you a selection of models to browse, but not all of them are listed with their names. We have Gia Love and Jay Taylor, for example, and next to her a model listed as 'She loves anal', a strange name to give anyone - unless she happens to appear in a horny anal movie, which she does. Another was called 'Shirts and panties', that being the name of the scene she appeared in. We have a few stats with each girl telling us where they are from, their height etc., and the girls I saw were all from the USA. They have links over to their videos.

Talking of which, there were 27 movies here running for around 25 minutes each and coming with one stream option, in HD. (I was able to download using a download manager, but there are no buttons for downloads, no mobile files, no choices of resolutions and no clips; so it's one stream per scene.) The scenes are shot in either 1,920 x 1,080 HD or 4K HD (3,840 x 2,160), and so your connection speed is going to be an issue unless you are on a super-fast one. The quality though is outstanding, and the movies are well shot and very well edited, sensual and well lit. They also play out naturally with some starting with a massage and straight into the sex, and others having more of a scenario build-up; a guy giving a lesson to an older babe, and then the two of them falling into slow and sexy sex, for example.

There is very little information about the site and the scenes, however. They have one line descriptions, and often these don't really mean or say anything. The large sample shots give you a better idea of what to expect: a lesbian scene, a duo, an FFM threesome. I guess the site is called Her HD as there's an accent on 'porn for the ladies', it's soft hardcore, if that makes sense, rather than 'man in charge wham-bam, cum and go' kind of movies. So, that all works well and as I say, the quality is amazing.

However, a lot is missing: info, images, downloads and an update schedule and although a sidebar shows you other scenes to view, with upload dates (from 2017), the viewing pages per scene don't hold dates.

Features & Navigation:

Okay, so I had a few issues with this site, and it's best you are aware of them. Apart from the lack of info, galleries and downloads, there's also a lack of streaming options and 1080p, or 4K HD seems to be it. There's also a lack of info about what the site is actually about, apart from excellent hardcore, and no update news, no bonuses and so on. You can add things to a favourites area but can't comment or rate the scenes. There are also issues on the tour, namely a pop-up box that, when you first click it off, leads you to the sign-up page whether you want to go there or not. It looks a bit desperate to me.

Talking of signing up, there's a two day-trial which appears to recur at the usual monthly price of $19.95, which is a fair price for what you have: 27 exclusive HD videos. The longer-term deals bring the overall cost down if you sign for three or six months in one go, but without knowing the update schedule, if there is one, this might be risky. There are no cross sales on the join page though, which is good news, and you can sign-up with PayPal if you want to.


Her HD sure offers some high-class HD movies (1080p and 4K) and some top class models, both guys and girls. Its small with only 27 scenes and these are streaming only and then only with one HD option. No galleries, no interactive options or bonuses, it's all a bit small and basic but the accent is on the sensuous movies and these, their hardcore and variety, are what you're paying for - and they are worth paying for, for a month at least.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies
+ 4K HD
+ Amazing quality+ Beautifully filmed
+ Gorgeous models

- No downloads
- No bonuses
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