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Miss Amy Lee is an elegant, yet very kinky woman, she's the kind of chick you'd expect to see in front of those modeling magazines, cause this brunette babe has a body to die for, with legs that seem to go on for ever, perky tits and an oh so gorgeous face, you'll be hard pressed trying to resist her feminine charm, come see what naughty things this babe gets up to.
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Our total rating: 78/100

Detailed Review:


You can always be sure that the starring chick on a feature girl site is hot, I mean they wouldn't go through the lengths of developing an entire site for a chick that looks dog ugly right? So I always look forward to reviewing these kind of sites. Now Amy Lee is no different, she is one hot brunette babe, with a killer body, and legs that seem to go on forever.

Video content on this site is a bit of a mix, as you'll come across hardcore scenes, and you'll also find some softcore scenes, of Amy Lee playing with one of her favorite toys. The kind of scenes you can expect to see on this site include, lesbian scenes, threesomes and DPs. All up there are 53 episodes of Amy Lee doing random sexual things, all of the episodes are available to download in either short chapters or full scenes. This is great in that members, can choose to skip the foreplay sections all together, and dive straight into the hardcore content.

To make the task of downloading a little more convenient for their members on slow connections, they've provided a second version of all their episodes, this version is inferior in quality than the other version, but has a smaller file size, making them a lot quicker to download. For the most part, their videos look great, with smooth flowing motion, and vibrant colors, though I will state that, quality does differ through out the episodes, so you may come across some eps that look a tad grainier than the others, but it's nothing overly seriously.

Now other than the videos available on this site, members have access to the content on all the other sites on the "BrainPass Network" and knowing that there are 42 of these sites to check out, there's quite a bit of porn to be seen. The bulk of the sites on this network are feature girl sites, with a few niche sites thrown in for good measure, these definitely add to the value of their membership.

The picture content on this site is just as impressive as their collection of videos, all up there are 79 photo shoots of Amy striking tasteful softcore poses in various locations, there's also a few lesbian and hardcore shoots thrown in the mix. These pictures look amazing and would have been taken with a high quality camera, as the images are crystal clear. Other than these pics, each of the episodes come with a set of video stills, which really aren't all that great, besides your really only watching the video through pictures, so it's pretty much the same thing, but with 79 perfectly good picture galleries, who needs these video stills.

Well thats pretty much all the content available on this site, and I must say there's quite a bit, specially with all those other sites on the network to back it up, and not to mention that Amy is a total hottie, that'll get anyones rocks rolling, well there isn't anything that I can criticize them for, as far as their content goes, so lets just leave it at that.

Features & Navigation:

The first time you lay eyes on this site you may feel as though it's all over the place, as there's text, pictures and borders all over the joint, with no real structure, well this was my first impression of it anyway, but when you take your time to look around, everything seems to fall into place, oh and I should say that the site looks very pretty. Making your way around this site is as easy as utilizing the navigational menu which can be found towards the top of every page, obviously the buttons on this menu direct you to the corresponding sections. Anyways let me tell you a little bit about the homepage.

The first thing you'll probably notice on the homepage is the picture of Amy and one of her hottie friends beside a welcoming message. Just beneath this picture, are the thumbnails to the latest updates, whether it be picture or video content. From this page you can also access Amy's diary where you can read up on what she does, so you get a feel of what kind of girl she is. There's also a poll, where members can vote on what kind of scenes they want to see put up in the future. That's pretty much the homepage in a nutshell, and I've gotta say that it's probably the smallest homepage I've seen, which isn't a bad thing, cause it certainly makes finding things a lot easier.

The videos section is made up of 11 pages, and each page presents a certain number of scenes, each scene takes up a small portion of these pages, within this portion you'll find a short description and all the essential info about the clip, including run time and the starring models, you'll also find numerous small thumbnails which give you a good idea on what you can expect to see in the scene, and of course you have the various download links for the different video files and formats. You can also access the episode's picture gallery from here, the link can be found next to the video download links.

Now the last section I'll be telling you about is the bonus sites section. From here you will come across the various links to the 18 bonus sites, in the form of thumbnail links, each site is presented by a small thumbnail of the homepage, beside the thumbnail is a short description on what the site offers. Clicking on one of the thumbnails or the member login button, will automatically direct you to that particular site's homepage. It's good to see that they've eliminated the process of having to re-enter your login every time you enter a new page, as this task would have become very annoying. Well that's all I can write about for the navigation side of this site, making your way around is pretty straight forward, so you won't be scratching your head in a state of confusion, as everything is easily accessible, and the interface is very user friendly.


An impressive site, with an impressive collection of adult content, that consists of a mixture of softcore and hardcore episodes, not to mention that the pictures provided are gorgeous, and the interface is just so simple, well there isn't anything I can bag them out about as this site passes all the different criterias, go check it out now, if you love brunette hotties with long legs.

Pros & Cons

+ Amy is a total hottie
+ Picture content looks great
+ Access to over 40 sites
+ Very easy to navigate
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