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Ladies and Gentlemen say hello to Sweet Eva a petite amateur model who invites us to her exclusive site to enjoy her tasty curves in some of the most steamy softcore and lesbian episodes to date. Her site has been up for quite a while and consists of over 40 episodes starring herself and some of her equally hot girlfriends. All content available on Sweet Eva's site is 100% exclusive plus you also gain access to the entire Teen Dreams network!
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Our total rating: 86/100

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I have honestly lost count on how many times I've said this line but Eva would have to be one of the hottest brunette amateur models I've seen in a while. It doesn't come to a surprise though because developers wouldn't waste time on dedicating an entire site on an average looking broad right? Well Eva is far from it as she has all the aspects to turn on men around the globe, she's petite, she's got an innocent cuteness to her, and she's very sexual. Eva isn't in her teens anymore though she has the supple yet firm body of one, she's now 25 and as a day job she does modeling. She has a passion for vodka and Chinese food, so she's basically a normal down to earth kind of chick that just so happens to be damn hot! Eva is of Hungarian decent and currently resides in Budapest (damn that country certainly breeds some fine ladies), so knowing she's European gives her that much more sex appeal.

Eva's content strongly revolves around softcore content just like most other feature girl sites such as hers. We can enjoy watching her servicing herself with her favorite toys or her delicate fingers, some of the hotter episodes involve some steamy girl on girl loving where we get to watch Eva get hot and heavy with one of her gorgeous girlfriends. Needless to say this kind of content isn't exactly for everyone, too bad for hardcore fans who can't get in to these kind of episodes as they're really missing out on one damn fine hotty, to be honest though Eva is hot enough to the point that her relatively tame episodes could even arouse some of the most hard pleased hardcore fans.

Eva's site has been up for a while with the first batch of episodes uploaded on the 2nd of July '07. Even now the site is still being updated with new updates with the last one loaded only a few days before this review was completed on the 10th of December '08, it's also nice to see that Eva gets in to the Christmas spirit as she has recorded an episode with her in Christmas get up. All up members have 35 episodes at their disposal and I'm sure we haven't seen the end of Eva's steamy episodes just yet as I'm sure there's plenty more to come in the near future. Given the fact that they're all exclusive makes that number of episodes quite impressive for an amateur model trying to mark her spot in the massive internet porn industry.

Video options are a little low on Eva's site though it does keep things simple for members. All the episodes are available in the video format of wmv, they're only available to download in full scenes as they are fairly short running for roughly 10 minutes each so providing them in short segments would have been a waste of effort. Also worth mentioning is that they aren't held back by DRM restrictions so you can choose to keep them for as long as you want. They certainly haven't held back on the quality here as the videos come in formidable bit rates of (2000kbps @ 640x480) the resolution may not be the best but given the high kbps the videos look great even if you were to enlarge them to full screen.

Eva looks most attractive in the picture content provided as the sheer clarity and vibrant colors really do her justice. Like the video content the picture sets are fairly softcore in nature, you'll find her striking some erotic poses, getting nice and cuddly with her beautiful girlfriends, and pumping assorted toys in that cute little snatch of hers. Photo sets come with an average of 120 pictures each which come in jaw dropping dimensions of (2100x1400 pixels) making these photos some of the largest I've seen. Even though members will go nuts over the video content on offer, the picture content is certainly a nice side dish which is to be appreciated simply for the outstanding quality, that and the fact that Eva looks so damn delicious in them.

Members are lucky enough to have access to the entire Teen Dreams network, sure Eva is one hot babe but if you're anything like me you like variety in your women and with access to the Teen Dreams network you have exactly that. The Teen Dreams network is solely dedicated to feature girl sites just like Eva's and star some of the hottest amateur models I've seen under one network. All up there are 12 sites all of which offer softcore exclusive content which is on par in quality with the content available on Eva's site. By the looks of it they're all European hotties just like Eva, all in all a very tasty line up of sexual ladies.

Features & Navigation:

Upon setting your eyes on Eva's tour pages for the first time you'll more than likely fall in love with this doe eyed brunette. She just looks so damn delicious in the pictures situated in the top banner and things get hotter as you make your way down to the sample photos and I'm sure the free sample video will have you begging for more. There's a nice little welcome message from Eva herself and information on her content stating that it's all 100% exclusive to the site and that the videos are available in DVD quality which they are! All in all a very informative and mouth watering tour page thanks to the sexy sample pictures of the beautiful Eva.

Yet again you are pleasantly greeted with a beautiful picture of Eva as you enter the members area. Below the eye catching top banner is another personal welcome message from Eva. The middle section of the members area consists of thumbnails and links to the four latest updates a simple click on the movie link will start streaming your video in the standard windows media video player. If you wish to download the video you'll have to right click on this link and choose the "save link as" option. At the very bottom of the members area is where you'll come across the various banner links for all the bonus sites available on the Teen Dreams network. A single click on these links will automatically take you straight to the members area of your chosen site from where you can proceed to download as much of the content as you please.

To navigate your way through the different sections of Eva's site they have provided members with a simple to use navigation menu which is situated down the left side of the site. This menu includes links to the picture sets, exclusive videos, bonus content, and other nice features such as the members forums where you can keep in touch with other members, and email tech support. There's also a link to a live cam girls service though this is third party so if you want to use this service you'll have to fork out some extra cash. The bottom part of the navigation menu includes a link to a page which consists of Eva's personal page where you can learn more about the hot brunette.

The video archive spans across 4 indexed pages which consists of up to 9 episodes per page. All of the episodes are represented by a thumbnail which features a single screen shot taken from the episode to give members a rough idea on what they can expect to see in the episode. Below the thumbnail is the title of the episode along with information on when the episode was uploaded, and of course the link which will allow you to stream and download the video. The picture set archive essentially has the same layout, members can choose to view the set within the browser, watch a slideshow of the set, or download the entire gallery to view them offline.

All in all the site has a very bare bones type layout which can be considered as a good thing as it makes navigating the site a breeze. The Site presentation is professional yet has a cute feel to it thanks to the bubbly color scheme of pink white and cherry red. Everything is nicely spaced out on the members area giving the site a neat look, plus there's not a hint of advertisements to be seen which is always a plus. The site gets two thumbs up as far as site navigation goes as it's pleasing on the eyes and simple to navigate.


Not only is Sweet Eva damn gorgeous but her site rocks! High quality video content, lavish photos, and active on updates. At the end of the day though it's Eva's beauty and sexual appeal which won me over as she's just so damn gorgeous. Also it's nice to have access to the entire Teen Dreams network as the other ladies on the sites are just as gorgeous as Eva. To wrap things up I'd have to say I was very impressed, and even though it's a softcore site I'm sure even hardcore fans will love Eva!

Pros & Cons

+ Eva
+ High quality videos
+ Pictures look great
+ All exclusive content
+ Active on updates
+ Site looks nice
+ Easy to navigate
+ Access to the Teen Dreams network
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