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Sweet Peaches! An attractive brunette teen with a petite body and gorgeous face an all around fuckable babe and here we have a site entirely dedicated to this amateur model. Enjoy plenty of episodes including pictures and hot videos where you get to witness this cute babe take care of herself with her fingers and her favorite naughty toys! I wouldn't say it's for hardcore fans as there's no hot sex involved but being as attractive as Sweet Peaches the softcore stuff is pretty arousing!
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Our total rating: 81/100

Detailed Review:


I've to say amateur feature girl sites like this are in plenty supply on the net, and it's not surprising as the concept behind it is pretty logical, a site dedicated to a hot babe plus she gets to make some extra cash and have fun while doing it without having to be fucked by strangers. See you'll find that the girls behind these feature girl sites aren't fully fledged pornstars who are willing to put their pussies on the line by fucking enormously hung dudes, that's why for the most part the content on these type of sites tend to lean towards the softcore side of things, though every now and then you will come across feature girl sites that do offer hardcore content, Sweet Peaches does not however which is unfortunate for hardcore fans because this babe is one hot stunner!

For the most part the content involves Peaches taking care of herself either with her fingers or with the help of some toys such as dildos, vibrators, and all that jazz. There are some steamy episodes which involve Peaches getting down and dirty with another hot babe, there's even a photo shoot which involves a steaming hot lesbian threesome which was so damn hot I had to stop watching it otherwise I would have been way too distracted from writing this review. Needless to say the content available on Peaches site isn't for everyone, especially not for hardcore fans that's for sure as you won't be finding any hardcore penetration on this site. That being said Peaches may just be hot enough that even though she's not getting banged by some random dude the episodes could really arouse hardcore fans anyway.

Sweet Peaches has been live for quite some time now, the first episode was uploaded roughly a year and a half ago back on the 22nd of June in '07. Having been up for quite a while I did find it more than a little disappointing that the site only offers a handful of content, 10 videos and 40 picture galleries to be exact. What's even more concerning is that the site hasn't been updated in quite some time, the 29th of May to be exact which was roughly 7 months before I finished off this review. As a lighter note the site is a part of an extensive network which you do gain access to on sign-up and all the content is exclusive, though I can't help but feel there should be more content considering how long the site has been around for.

So the site does fall a little short when it comes to content numbers, however when it comes to quality they've really hit the nail on the head! First off let me get the video options out of the way first before I get in to the juicy specs. So members have the option of downloading or streaming the videos, the downloaded videos aren't held back by DRM so you can keep them for as long as you wish. Full scenes run for an average of roughly 10 minutes each though members also have the option of viewing the episodes in short clips making things convenient for members on slower connections which is a good thing as the video sizes can get a tad large. All videos are available in wmv format with a formidable encoding rate of (2000kbps @ 640x480), which in plain English means they look fucking great!

The 40 photo sets include approximately 125 images each, some of the photo sets are related to the videos in that they were taken around the same time the video footage was shot, meaning you'll see the same action, the same location, and if there are other models besides from Peaches starring in the episode you'll see them too. Like the video content the photos are largely softcore in nature with the odd lesbian outing thrown in for good measure. Quality wise the photos are just as impressive as the video content, they're extremely large with jaw dropping dimensions of (1333x2000 pixels), but that's not where the quality stops, because asides from being large they are very clear and colorful. I've to say that these photos really do Peaches justice as she looks so damn glamorous in the photos!

Luckily there's a ton of bonus content members have access to as the site isn't exactly over flowing with content. See Sweet Peaches is part of the Teen Dreams network which is currently made up of 12 websites, each one dedicated to an amateur teen model just as hot as Peaches. The content available on the other sites are softcore in nature as well, and the best part is they're available in the same high quality as the content available on this site. So even though Sweet Peaches may not have a huge collection of porn to go through, across the entire network there's quite a fair bit for members to enjoy.

Features & Navigation:

I wouldn't blame you if you instantly fall in love with Peaches as you see her beautiful picture on the tour pages of her site. The tour pages has a really girly feel to it and I've to say she's looking quite glamorous in some of the sample pictures, not much nudity however as most of the pictures are of her in a bikini but you can tell that she's one sexy babe as the bikini leaves very little to the imagination. There's quite a bit of information in regards to the content such as the high resolution images, exclusive content, and DVD quality videos. You've even got a free video sample to check out if you want to see the content in action and the bottom section of the tours includes banner links to the various sites available on the Teen Dreams network.

The members area of Sweet Peaches is quite simple and has a very bare bones interface. At the top of site you've got the site banner which includes some of the picture found on the tour pages, below the site banner is a welcome message from Peaches along with information on the site itself. Down the left column of the members area is the navigation menu, here you'll come across links to the picture sets, videos, and the members forums. You'll notice a "Live Cam Girls" link here though this is a third party service so you'll have to fork out some extra cash to take advantage of this. To find out more about Peaches you can click on the large "about me" link also found within this column, doing so will take you to a page which includes all of Peaches stats including her birthday, where she was born, and what her day job is.

Down the middle of the members area is where you'll come across the latest updates on Peaches site, this includes both picture and movie updates, though like I said earlier in the review the site hasn't been updated in quite some time. The bottom half of the members area includes the banner links for all the bonus sites on the Teen Dreams network, clicking on these will prompt you to re-enter your login, after doing so you will immediately be taken to the main members area of your chosen site from where you can commence to access as much of the content you want. One thing I was a little confused about is that there are links to bonus content below the featured video and picture links, though these links take you to an error page, a little disappointing that's for sure.

The videos page currently spans across 2 indexed pages containing up to 9 episodes per page. All episodes are represented via thumbnails which feature a screen shot taken from the video, below the thumbnail is the title of the episode along with the date the update was uploaded. Clicking on the thumbnail I mentioned will take you to that episodes main page from where you can read up on a description about the episode, and access the download links for the full episode and short segments. From this section you can also choose to vote the episode on a 1 to 10 scale and save it to your favorites section.

The picture set gallery spans across 5 indexed pages also containing 9 photo sets per page. Like the videos the photo sets are represented via thumbnails, below the thumbnails you'll notice two icons, these are links which will allow members to view the slideshow of the photo set, or download the entire set in a single zip file. If you wish to browse through the images individually simply click on the thumbnail I mentioned and you will be taken to the main gallery of your chosen photo set. From there you can browse through the picture gallery which is pretty straight forward as they pretty much work just like any other photo gallery you've come across.

Well there's not much else to say about the site, it is a very simple one to navigate as they've kept things basic so just about anyone can browse this site with ease whether they've touched the internet or not. As far as site presentation goes the site does look very girly which tends to reflect on Peaches's cute nature, the site designs and graphics look quite modern and all in all the site is just really nice to look at. So aside from being easy to browse the site, it's also quite easy on the eyes as well.


First and foremost Peaches is one fuckable babe, she's just so damn cute yet seductive at the same time, awesome chick! Also you can't go past the high quality photos and better yet the mouth watering video content on offer. My only gripe with the site is the fact that it doesn't have much content! I want to see more of Peaches damn it! Anyway like I said earlier in the review the content isn't exactly for everyone, Peaches on the other hand is!

Pros & Cons

+ Peaches is so damn gorgeous
+ Great quality content
+ All exclusive content
+ Access to 10 awesome bonus sites
+ Site is easy to navigate
+ Good site presentation
- Hasn't been updated in a while
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