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Review of Camera Boys Reviewed on 2009-04-24Last update on 2013-08-22

Reviewed Site: Camera Boys

Camera Boys
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Short Review:

Camera Boys has had a new look since we last saw it, so I was interested to see how it measured up these days. You can still use the old look version if you would rather, and for the time being at least, you can jump around between the two. What you still have are hundreds of amateur models willing to go private, or join member-chat, or just chat with you in groups, in return for a little cash. You can add more credits as you go so you control the spend, and you have a good variety of guys.
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Price Details:

Trial N/A
Monthly 29.99

Current Ratings for Camera Boys:

Our total rating: 81/100

Detailed Review:


This is a gay cam site and there were something like 140 guys online when I called in and around 18,000 in total, if I figured that our correctly. The new look gives you a wall of boys, a wall of faces and bodies and it is much easier to see the guys now than it was before. The new look takes a bit of getting used to, it's by no means a standard looking site. You have a very small top menu with a drop down set up in order for you to find your extra features, and the actual viewing pages also have a new design, with icons leading to various added features.

So, the guys first: they are very varied, though mainly in the 18 to 30 age range Id say. There are some muscled guys, some older, but the category list, if you can call it that, stays firmly with Boys and Tranny. You scroll down the home page and wherever your pointer rests shows up the status on that guy if he is online, or otherwise just his name. Keep your mouse there and you will see a short video of the guy in action; usually talking, dressed. Sometimes you get the chance to see a guy in real action; if a model is engaged in members' chat you can pay one credit to get a few seconds of viewing and see exactly what he is up to; you can then pay to go private.

Rates vary according to the guys and their charges, and the costs I have put in our membership details section (for this review) are not actually monthly sign up fees; you don't have any of those. Credits are sold in batches from 29.99 for 28.99 credits (with no freebies) to 159.99 for 158.99 credits with 10.99 free credits. I'm not sure I quite understand what the .99 credit is all about, and the actual length of time each credit gives you may vary. It would be so much easier if they just said, 30.00 for 30 minutes, or something. And note that my prices were in Euros; and my credits didn't last me very long. A skilled model will be able to keep you hanging on for a long time and you may need to run off and buy more credits while he builds you up to the cum shot.

But you can easily top up your credits from the viewing screen. When you are watching a model, or even looking at a recoded preview, or his empty box, you can still view profiles and find out some basic stats about the guys, see what languages they speak and what they will do in private chat.

These are good looking guys and this is more or less for gay eyes, Id say. I certainly got the impression that the guys were there for us gay chaps, and that's good to see. Some of the guys are listed as bisexual or even straight perhaps, but willing to go all the way for gay viewing. There isn't a list, you have to search by faces rather than categories, but it's a fun, if a long, search.

Technically speaking you are looking at a cam rate of around 15 frames per second which actually runs pretty smoothly a good connection is advised. There is audio (some of the guys are thumping out music which can get a bit tiresome if you're not into the same music as he is), there are no multi cam angles and you can't control the cam, it's more or less head on, though you can control size and view previews.

Features & Navigation:

I was a bit torn at first, as I liked the old design and found it much more straightforward at first. That, though, was because it was the same as many other cam sites out here and looked cheap because of it. The new look is certainly much better and it does actually run a lot more smoothly, once you have the hang of it, and it makes the site look special. Camera Boys is keeping up with technology which means you shouldn't have any technical troubles here. The bottom line of course being that the faster your connection the easier you will find the site.

There are neat options to play with like your account settings and a Favourites area you can use. The small top menu gives you a drop down of options to use and these include messages and credits control. You can also top up your credits while in private chat though you have to leave the room to do so, so make sure you have a lot stacked up before you go into private chat.

The sound was fine, the visuals were fine and there are galleries to view with each guys profile. Some of these are premium pics and you need to spend credits to see them; the site is watertight in terms of not giving away too much for free; if anything. Well, you can see pics and faces and details. You're also able to surprise models by donating extra credits, you can pay to take a snapshot of the guys during chat and you can of course type in your chat as you view. It's all there and it all works.


Camera Boys has its new look and it is one that works well, once you get used to it. It's icon driven which makes it easy, it looks good and you are given wall to wall models to select from. I found the site came over as a bit give us your money with not very much for free; even snapshots cost you, and you won't know until to start spending how much each guy is going to cost you. Have a new credit card ready as you are going to want to stay with these guys for a long time.

Pros & Cons

+ Great new look
+ Thousands of guys
+ Interactive features
+ Lots of cool extra functions
+ Hot and varied models
+ Old site still available

- Can be expensive
- Fast connections favoured
Click here to visit Camera Boys and check out the tour.