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Review of Live Jasmin Reviewed on 2018-04-05Last update on 2018-04-05

Reviewed Site: Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin
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Short Review:

One of the largest and best-known chat and cam sites on the web, Live Jasmin now has a sleek and modern look, even more girls, boys and couples waiting for you, decent prices and a more usable interface than when it started out. Sign in for free, take a look around, find a girl to play with and then stock up your credits for a private show. It has added some great features, like booking a show in advance, and continues to be a leader in the live chat market.
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Price Details:

Trial N/A
Monthly 31.99

Current Ratings for Live Jasmin:

Our total rating: 86/100

Detailed Review:


Live Jasmin has been operating for years now and has grown to house over 65,000 models; boys, girls, couples and Tgirls. Mind you, they are not all online at the same time, if they were you'd spend forever trying to decide who to get off with. I reckon there are around 2,000 models online at any one time. I checked out both the guys and girls parts of the site, but here I'm talking mainly about the ladies. Everything works in the same way no matter what area you are in.

You start off at the tour, and what you see there is what you see when you've registered (free). This means you can have a good look around before you start spending credits, and for prices, see below. Live Jasmin is all about what you want to see and do. You can find a host of models, now shown with large sample shots, and when you click one, you find a page with all her details and the chat window. Some models have free content, and others have galleries and videos that you can check out for a credit (that is, for a fee). You can refresh the main page any time and see if anyone new has come online since your last visit.

As for the kinds of girls/guys you can find, there are loads of categories. These include Celebrities, Hot Flirt, Mature, Newbie, Lesbian, Fetish and even Pornstar. There are also show types to consider, like free chat, private chat, scheduled shows that you can book a place at, and ones with two-way audio so you can really chat and not just type-chat. The cost of a chat session varies depending on the models, and some can be pricey. For example, one babe was charging me $3.99 per minute and with one of the purchase options working out at $1.25 per credit, that's quite a lot to pay, especially as the girls might keep you online as long as possible, tempting you to stay and pay, so they earn, before they start to strip. But they will do what you want them to and not everyone was charging this high amount.

The girls and guys also have galleries and videos that you can run but don't expect too much nudity or sex in them. Basically, if you want to see the hot stuff, you've got to be prepared to pay for it, so stock up your credits and then look around for who's running what offer and who might even be willing to chat for free. It's hard to say the exact amount of content at Live Jasmin as it's constantly updating, but I reckon there much be nearly 2,000 videos here among the girls, and even more galleries.

As for the actual chat and shows, these are easy enough to manage. The trick is, when you're done, click the X in the top right corner of the viewing page to return to the previous screen. I was back-buttoning for ages and not getting out of one babe's home screen before I realised. As the chat box and screen run (in Flash now, rather than Java), you can see what is being said by others and join in. You can also see when a girl is in a private show and opt into it if you want, for more credits of course.
Each model's chat page now has a 'wall' style, in that below the chat box and screen, you find her pics and videos and short posts all neatly set out. Some of these galleries were locked, others were open to me, it all depends on the models.

Features & Navigation:

Live Jasmin comes with loads of neat features to enhance your viewing experience. On the chat monitor, you find all kinds of icons to use, and these lead to the model's info, add to favourites, buy credits, send gifts and so on, but you can also take a snapshot of the screen from here and send the model an extra tip or a surprise. The whole thing is really interactive and fun to use, and I spent a long while just playing with these icons and the other buttons on a girl's viewing page before I settled in to chat.

Technically, I found the chat/cam box worked really well. It runs at around 15 frames per second, depending on your connection, and that should be fine; though I'd suggest being on a fast connection and a secure one, so you don't 'drop out' just as things are getting hot. The visual quality was good for me, and that goes for the images and videos as well. I had no hassles navigating, and the category list on the left of the main pages are long and detailed making it easy for you to find what you want.

As for those prices The sign-up options (which are credit buying options as you don't pay to register) start at $31.99 for 27.99 credits. Remember that each girl might charge a different amount for her time. There are also options for $71.99 for 67.99 credits, $101.99 for 97.99, and the top one at $161.99 for 157.99 credits and those offers also come with additional bonus credits and the more you buy, the more you get. My prices also showed in Euros so you might find they differ slightly according to where you are. When you do sign-up for free, you also have some free credits given to you to get you started.


Live Jasmin looks great after its recent revamp, and it's certainly easy to use. It's also well stocked with hot girls and guys, and they seem to have found a good, high-quality standard for their models and their pics and vids. These may be mainly amateur performers, but they know what they are doing and how much you enjoy them is up to you. It's not the cheapest chat site out there, but it is probably the most professional and now one of the best looking and easiest to use.

Pros & Cons

+ Some exclusive girls and guys
+ Great new-look interface
+ User-friendly
+ Hot babes and boys from all over
+ Top quality chat site

- Can be costly
- Remember to click the X to escape the chat!
Click here to visit Live Jasmin and check out the tour.