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Review of Live Naughty Teacher Reviewed on 2009-05-11Last update on 2018-03-24

Reviewed Site: Live Naughty Teacher

Live Naughty Teacher
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Short Review:

Live Naughty Teacher is a live 'make believe' camera, where a pornstar plays the role of a teacher, who stays behind after school and does all kinds of naughty things for those who fantasize about in class teacher sex. You can catch her on live cam, and ask her any question you desire. Unfortunately there's no 1 on 1 chat available, so you share the teacher that appears once a day on live cam with dozens of other members. Your access to Live Naughty Teacher gives you access to 6 other cams too.
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Detailed Review:


There's not much to say about the content on this site, as its extremely limited. The entire Live Naughty Teacher site is part of the Naughty America Live Chat Network. This means every day there's a schedule, for 8 hours starting at 11AM you get access to live cameras where you can interact with the girls appearing in them. Live Naughty Teacher appears for 30 minutes, twice a day. Every time there's a different porn star playing the teacher. When the show starts, it starts all low key/softcore, and then the lady gets all naughty and dirty playing with toys and masturbating. You can ask her question in one main chat box, that all the other members use as well.

As a member you also get access to 6 other live interactive cams named Live Naughty Secretary, Live Gym Cam, Live Naughty Student, Live Naughty Teacher, Live Naughty Milf, Live Office Girls, and Good Morning Naughty America Live.

The membership costs $24.95 per month, and that is a high price to pay to talk to some strangers you will never get to meet and bang in real life. What's the point of sharing a lady, and talking to her where others can see what you ask/write when you can spend your money wisely and get access to real webcam sites where you pick the girl, and can talk to her 1 on 1?

This site is really awful, and I give it two thumbs down.

Features & Navigation:

When you login to the members only area, you are taken immediately to the page of Live Naughty Teacher that tells you the schedule. Up comes a chat box too, that shows you text from the last interactive show that happened. You can see some thumbs from the previous show, but they don't have the option to download the show video, or even look at the pictures. The site itself is confusing as heck to navigate, you get access to a total of 7 live cams, but you have to be online when they are live. They include a live ticking clock that you can match with their Naughty American Live schedule.

I don't have much positive things to say about this site other than it's confusing, it's lacking basic features like past show movie downloads, and pictures. From a live cam site standpoint it doesn't have the 1 on 1 feature so you can't talk to the girl in the video camera.


This site is one of the worst live cam sites I've ever seen. Yes the concept is great, talk to a naughty teacher. But what is the point if you can't talk to her one on one? What about the fact you can't even select who to talk to? This site was cool maybe in 1990s but now in 2009+ we expect more! For the price of $24.95 it is very expensive, and definitely not worth it. There are far better alternatives out there for live interactive web cams! I give this two thumbs DOWN!

Pros & Cons

+Fast Server
+High Quality Webcam Feed
-Can't select which girl you want to talk to
-No private 1 on 1 chat
-No past video archive downloads
-No photo galleries
-Confusing navigation
Click here to visit Live Naughty Teacher and check out the tour.