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Review of Live Office Girls Reviewed on 2009-07-08Last update on 2018-03-24

Reviewed Site: Live Office Girls

Live Office Girls
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Short Review:

Live Office Girls is a live web cam site brought to you by the Naughty America network of porn sites. Just like Dolly Parton, these sexy office babes work 9 to 5 and each one has two cameras stationed at her desk, one underneath and one above. You can spy on and chat with naughty office workers live Monday through Friday, and membership includes full access to the Naughty America network as well as additional daily live shows.
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Detailed Review:


Live Office Girls is a pretty unique concept when it comes to porn sites. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure that you could really label the action that you'll see it Live Office Girls as porn at all. I visited the site three times over the course of a couple of weeks, and I didn't see any nudity from these office girls whatsoever. Sometimes they were wearing casual office clothing, other times they were dressed like they might be going shopping or just came back from the pool. You can chat with the girls and other members via a text chat, and the office girls can talk back to you since the live video streams offer full audio.

I suppose the concept of Live Office Girls is fairly unique, but it's not really executed as well as I thought it could've been. On each of my three visits to the site, the girls were just sitting around chit chatting, and in some cases I couldn't see any girls on the cameras at all. Some scheduled strip teases, some masturbation, or even some flashing would spice things up here. I suppose it's possible that all of these things take place at one point or another here at Live Office Girls, but it seems like you'd have to luck into seeing it. After spending some time on the site and chatting with the girls and members for a while, I don't think that I would really recommend joining just for access to the Life Office Girls live streams. That being said, membership includes full access to 23 sites filled with exclusive hardcore action as well as several other daily live cam shows, a few of which seem to get much, much naughtier than Live Office Girls.

Features & Navigation:

The design for the entire Naughty America members' area including that for Live Office Girls is done in mostly black. The outside of the site looks virtually identical to the inside of the site, so it's easy to check things out and see what you get with membership. Overall, the design here is a bit too crowded and busy looking for my taste.

When you log into the site, you'll find yourself in the Naughty America members area rather than the area specifically for Live Office Girls. All you have to do is select the "live" button on the main menu to be taken to the page that offers all of the live shows along with a schedule so that you know when everything takes place. The other buttons on the menu will get you anywhere you need to go in the very large bonus package including offering direct link to the collections for all 23 of the included exclusive Naughty America sites.

The live cam streams here it Live Office Girls are done in Flash and are smooth and high quality. A text chat box displays next to the live cam stream, and there's a clock based on West Coast USA time to help you figure out the scheduling.


Unless you just happen to have an extreme fetish for fully clothed babes sitting at desks, I'm not sure that I could really recommend joining Live Office Girls on its own merits. Even when you factor in the other daily live shows, the lack of one on one interaction makes a membership here seem a little less valuable to me. I am, however, a big fan of the Naughty American network and Live Office Girls makes a nice, unique addition to their very large package of porn.

Pros & Cons

+ Live cam chat with no per-minute cost
+ Interesting concept
+ Entire Naughty America network included
+ More live shows included in cost
- Not much action or nudity
- Girls only live 9AM-5PM pacific
Click here to visit Live Office Girls and check out the tour.