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Review of Private Feeds Reviewed on 2008-07-01Last update on 2018-02-18

Reviewed Site: Private Feeds

Private Feeds
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Short Review:

Private Feeds is a cam site offering a truck load of foxy women who are there to put up a good show and have a bit of fun. The variety of ladies on offer is diverse and the amount to choose from is so daunting you won't know who to pick first. You can choose to join in on a hardcore group chat, or go more private and have a one on one session with one of the lovely girls. Anything goes at Private Feeds, check it out now, there's heaps of hot girls waiting to interact with you!
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Detailed Review:


Going to private feeds could be compared to going to the candy store. There's so many different flavors to choose from that you'll start drooling in anticipation. There are currently 779 girls to choose from. If the girl you're after currently isn't on show then you can check out her bio page to find out when she's scheduled to show next, it's kind of like organizing a date. If you can't wait that long however then you can always check out her video to get a small taste of what she has on offer.

Members are treated with 12 different categories to choose from. These include couples, Asian, Latina, mature, new, preggo, BBW, redheads, blondes brunettes, special, and males. As you can tell there's definately no shortage of flavors here, as they've pretty much catered for just about anyone's tastes. If you don't feel like going one on one, you can always check out the hardcore group chats, but personally I find the private chats a lot more intimate as you won't have to read other individual's rants.

My first choice was a fiery redhead babe by the name of Kalyn. She was very eager to please and was very accommodating. I asked her to do all sorts of stuff like lick her nipples, finger herself, slap her butt, she even had an assortment of naughty toys with her to get herself off. I felt like she was putty in my hands, I had the urge to get her to do something out of the ordinary but my mind was too focused on the gorgeous chick on screen. Most of the ladies also offer audio which is a lot hotter than typing stuff out.

So that's pretty much all I can say about the girls on the site. Overall they're quite hot and like I said there's a nice variety to choose from, with over 700 models you'll more than likely find one that will suit your tastes. There's nothing quite like having a gorgeous chick on the other side of the world obeying your every whim, this is as interactive as can get, very arousing stuff!

Features & Navigation:

Private Feeds has a fairly simple layout which is very user friendly and includes every thing you need to effectively browse and chat with the ladies without over doing it. The main members area is automatically loaded up with a random live feed from one of the girls. You can proceed to chat with her in the text box provided but keep in mind that there will be other people in the chat as well. To request for a private one on one, simply use the link marked as Go Private.

The bottom half of the members area presents all the current girls available, just above the small thumbnails depicting the girls are the different categories you can choose from. Clicking on one of these will present you with all the available ladies which fall under that category. If you wish to see their entire line up of ladies check out the Our Models section which can be accessed using the link provided towards the top of the site.

The our models section is essentially a catalog of all the girls working at Private Feeds, though you have to keep in mind that these girls aren't necessarily online. You can tell if a particular girl is online if she has the enter chatroom tab present under her picture. From this page you can browse through the 700 plus models on offer, you can also read up about them to find out what kind of things turn her on. If the lady isn't currently online, but you wish to see what she looks like in action, most of the girls have a video you can check out from one of her previous shows.


I was thoroughly pleased with my visit to Private Feeds. The choice of girls is plenty and diverse, and the ladies themselves are quite accommodating and will pretty much do whatever you tell them. The user interface is designed for quick and easy use, and the site itself doesn't look bad either. A great site to check out if your after some intimate interaction with beautiful ladies.

Pros & Cons

+ Great variety of ladies
+ User friendly interface
+ Site looks nice
+ Good amount of girls
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