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Review of Sakura Live Reviewed on 2014-02-20Last update on 2014-01-30

Reviewed Site: Sakura Live

Sakura Live
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Short Review:

Sakura Live offers the chance to view and interact with beautiful, mostly Japanese models from the comfort of your own home. While it's one of the smaller live webcam sites I have visited, it's also one of the most focused. I recently had the chance to check out the site, chat with some of the models, and view the live shows in progress. Read on for my full report of this Japanese live webcam destination!
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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


Live webcam sites often have so many models that it can be difficult to know where even to begin or who to chat with first, but Sakura Live is a smaller, more focused collection of live webcams streams. The vast majority of the models here are Japanese and living in Japan. There were around 35 models online at the time of my visit, and it's possible to begin your own private show or join a show already in progress. Many of the models offer free previews of their cams, as well.

As is the case on just about any live webcams site, per-minute fees are the name of the game here. The site uses a "point" system for payment, and the cost of points starts at around $2 each. Since the private shows typically costs two points per minute, that comes out to around four dollars for each minute that you want to chat with these beautiful Asian models if you opt for the basic points package. You can get your per-minute price down to around $3 by buying larger amounts of points at a time. You can spend points on live webcam time with the models, online virtual gifts for the models, or even on sending messages to the performers. Depending on the individual models settings, it might cost you a full point just to respond to her messages. Other models allow messaging back and forth while the show is going on at no cost.

I checked out several of the models and chatted with him a bit. I also joined in on live shows already in progress. A couple of the models I saw online didn't look Asian, and upon chatting with them I discovered that at least a small handful of the models featured here are based in Europe rather than in Japan. While these European models often tended to speak at least some English, the Japanese models frequently have very little English and communicate with them effectively can be a challenge. The site does offer a small translation tool, but it offers only a limited number of phrases and the models often responded in broken English that I couldn't quite decipher. That being said, most of the models tend to get right down to business without a lot of small talk. Most of the live shows I joined featured beautiful Japanese women right in the middle of playing with various dildos and vibrators, rubbing their pussies, showing off their sexy bodies in lingerie and naughty schoolgirl outfits, and other titillating situations.

Features & Navigation:

Sakura Live is a smaller and somewhat less daunting site to use than many of the large, sprawling live webcam sites out there. It's definitely not as overwhelming upon first logging in, and all of the online models can be displayed on a single page. Above the list of performers, you can choose to narrow the display to include models who have toys, HD webcam feeds, or who are new to the site. You can also sort the models by those who offer free previews, those who are in a private show, and those who are in a group show already in progress. I wasn't able to find a way of browsing models who aren't online at the time.

The way that the site operates, in terms of choosing a model and viewing her stream, is a little awkward and unusual. Clicking an individual model opens up a pop-up window displaying her profile and other online models. When you click her stream, a second pop-up window opens on top of the first. Having everything take place in the original window would seem to make more sense and keep things more streamlined. While viewing a live show in progress, you can use the site's chat feature to communicate with the model and there are also several other options like a basic translation tool and other buttons for controlling the interactive sex toys, if the model offers them.


Like other live webcam porn sites, Sakura Live offers a unique experience with a model in exchange for per-minute fees that will typically end up costing you more than a monthly membership to a standard, prerecorded porn collection. Sakura Live is on the more expensive end of things and tends to charge for things that would be included in the show price elsewhere. Still, an entire site filled with ready and willing Japanese women will definitely be alluring to the Asian fans among you.

Pros & Cons

+ Japanese models on live webcam
+ Good mix of various ages and looks
- Per-minute fees can add up fast
- Some models are European (could be a plus or minus depending on your preferences)
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