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Review of Secret Friends Reviewed on 2016-07-18Last update on 2018-03-24

Reviewed Site: Secret Friends

Secret Friends
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You've got some money in your pocket, but you're alone at home and you want some fun without going out. The best way forward here is some on-to-one online chat and that's exactly what you can do at Secret Friends. Sexy amateur European babes are waiting for you here, and there are a lot of them, though not always online at the same time. There are recordings to watch, pics and group chat and also some extras in the form of hardcore videos. You will need that money in your pocket though.
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Detailed Review:


Secret Friends is a chat site with recorded live chat sessions plus a few hardcore videos. What you see on the tour is what you have once signed up, and there are easy ways to add credit to your account and you are going to need money to get anything really hot started. The girls are a good mix. There were 39 of them online when I was viewing and you'll know which ones they are as they are at the top of the page, with green 'Chat now' buttons active. Profile shots show you a face pic, with the girls dressed, or in their lingerie, some are naked showing pert boobs and asses too. The majority here where white girls, cute, in their 20s with long hair and most were looking very tempting.

Click a girl and you will see a set of stats and details, and some pics from the past, a schedule of when she is online and the cost of her chat. It looks like each girl sets her own amount for chat and it also looks like the live girls (as opposed to those off line) start charging your account straight away. They also have preview buttons though, so you can check out the basic details before you enter the chat area and these bios show country flags so you can see what language you may need to use, though the site was written in English, so I'm guessing most girls will write in English. I saw girls from Germany, Holland and the UK.

Girls charge various amounts of credits for their time, but it looks like the standard rates are: Private (others can peek) 2 credits per minute; exclusively yours for 3 credits per minute; and exclusive cam to cam for 4 credits per minute. So now you want to know how much each credit is. There's a link in the top menu that takes you to the page where you can add from 25 to 150 credits and each one is $1.00 - you are going to have to be pretty good at getting girls to do what you want as fast as you can or else be very well off to get any horny action worth jacking off to, gorgeous though the ladies are. A 30 minute session is going to cost you $60.00, for example and a cam-to-cam for half an hour will cost you $120.00 and you'll want to make sure your credits are stocked up so you don't run out just as you get her to the good bits. There are some special offers available and a couple of large packages that give you a discount; it's all explained on the credits page.

Let's just pop back to the rest of the girls. There were 92 off-line when I was there, added to the 39 online makes 131, and they are all of the same quality in terms of looks. They have schedules as well and that's one of the places where the site does really well. There's a schedule page, 'Calendar' and this tells you who is online and when; there are girls online all through the day and night, so no matter what time you're there, you should find someone to chat to. Meanwhile, there are over 390 recorded chat shows to check out. You have a short preview for free then you can opt to pay to go further, from 7 to 12 credits, and there are small screen caps as well.

As for free bonuses, there were 27 bonus movies, full length scenes from sites such as Club Seventeen and Group Sex Games, other sites that were being advertised in the members' area. It's a neat little collection of hardcore and lesbian scenes to add some variety and make a change from the chat.

Features & Navigation:

I had not technical troubles with the site and the chat cams screen ran smoothly for me, on a 12 Mb connection. There is a type box to the side so you can write your messages and read her replies, and all the instructions you need for chatting are right there. Navigation is simple and the top menu is easy to manage. There are good and clear links to support and help if you do have any trouble but I'm a bit of a novice at chat rooms and cam to cam and I had no hassles.

Videos and chats run in a JV Player and the screen shots of the recordings open up to 581 x 436 though that's scaled down from 1,024 x 768 and there are slideshows there too. The site comes with a basic search box plus a line of tag words, or categories if you like, so you can filter your girls by hair colour and boob size, and there's also a link there to free chat rooms within the site. Other links and lists give you the most popular girls and the bestselling recordings so you get good guidance in a technically fine site and one that now looks really good and professional as well.


You get a good service from Secret Friends and it's definitely a 24 hour a day, European, Dutch and German (mainly) girl site where you can be private, in groups, peeking in, or watch recordings and bonus videos. It will cost you money but what you spend is up to you and you can't overspend. It's easy to get the hang of, had no technical issues and looked fine to me. I'd say it's well worth giving a go for some special time with some lovely European ladies in their 20s.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive live models
+ Easy to use
+ Good info and stats
+ Nice range of girls
+ Good scheduling
+ Easy streaming

- Extra cost for cam-to-cam
- Can work out expensive
- Advertising in site
Click here to visit Secret Friends and check out the tour.