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  1. Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy
    These condoms have been designed for sensitivity and pleasure. Its natural feel makes you feel all the desire and not the condom. It is tapered at the base for a tighter fit, and its design allows for freedom of movement and fits around you like a second skin. The condoms are textured to give your lady intense internal stimulation. Each condom has a reservoir tip for extra safety, and you get 10 ultra-smooth lubricated condoms in every packet.
    Price: 12.95
  2. Trojan Sensitivity 10 Pack Lubricated Condoms
    These lubricated condoms are Trojans thinnest, and they are made of quality Latex. They are designed for a more natural feel and have been designed for sensitivity and your pleasure. They are 25 percent thinner than any standard condom, and they meet U.S International Standards for strength. 12 premium latex condoms come in each packet.
    Price: 25.95
  3. Pleasure Plus Condoms
    With Pleasure Plus Condoms, you will feel like you havent got one on. Its so thin but strong, and both partners will have the full benefits of this uniquely designed premium Latex condom. They have been made for stimulation and come with a premium lubricant for gliding, sensitive comfort. Pleasure Plus has been scientifically developed with a roomy pouch and a reservoir tip, for those bigger, heavier loads.
    Price: 6.95