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  1. Lifestyles Warming Pleasure Condoms
    Try a totally new kind of condom! These comfortable condoms are coated with a warming lubricant thats activated by your natural body moisture. Youll feel gentle sensations of warmth for you and your partner! From Lifestyles, a name you can trust.
    Price: 9.95
  2. Super 100 Condom Sampler
    Assorted premium-quality condoms at an incredible savings! Varieties include lubricated, ribbed, textured, thin and other name brand selections. 100 condoms.
    Price: 39.95
  3. Adam & Eve Choice Condom Sampler
    Stock up now with this super sampler of exotic, flavored, ultra-thin and ribbed condoms. Each collection includes 7 popular types of condoms, including Conquer, Crown Skinless Skin, Durex Enhanced Pleasure, Lifestyles Kiss of Mint, Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure, Lifestyles Assorted Colors, and Adam & Eve brand condoms. You get 6 condoms of each type, giving you 42 to try out! Enjoy the right one for any situation!!
    Price: 19.95