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  1. Super 100 Condom Sampler
    Assorted premium-quality condoms at an incredible savings! Varieties include lubricated, ribbed, textured, thin and other name brand selections. 100 condoms.
    Price: 39.95
  2. Super Condom Sampler
    Our deluxe 75 condom collection offers you the unique luxury of trying over 14 world-class condom brands including Gold Circle Coins, Saxon Gold, Trojan, Lifestyles, Prime, plus some of the finest Japanese brands. (Brand substitutions may be made)
    Price: 29.95
  3. Adam & Eve Choice Condom Sampler
    Stock up now with this super sampler of exotic, flavored, ultra-thin and ribbed condoms. Each collection includes 7 popular types of condoms, including Conquer, Crown Skinless Skin, Durex Enhanced Pleasure, Lifestyles Kiss of Mint, Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure, Lifestyles Assorted Colors, and Adam & Eve brand condoms. You get 6 condoms of each type, giving you 42 to try out! Enjoy the right one for any situation!!
    Price: 19.95
  4. Safari Survival Kit
    You get 75 condoms in all - studded sheaths like Rough Rider and Texture Plus... ribbed stimulation with Erotica and Texture Plus... lubricated pleasures with Wet and Wild and Trojan-Enz, plus hot best-sellers like Gold Circle Coins, Conquer, Slims and many more!
    Price: 29.95
  5. Kiss Of Mint
    Tingling sensations of mint fragrance enhance your lovemaking. The minty taste makes this the perfect condom for safe oral sex. Add a little spice tonight with the Kiss of Mint condom. For those who prefer a non-lubricated condom and something a little different, the mintscented Kiss of Mint is for you. Straightwall design has reservoir tip. Non-lubricated. 12 per pack.
    Price: 7.95
  6. Beyond Seven Studded Condoms
    Add a splash of sensation to your protection with these ultra-thin studded condoms! Made from super-thin and durable Sheerlon, youll barely feel anything at all except the sex youre havingand the delicious feeling of row after row of pre-lubed pleasure studs that provide added thrills to you and your lover! Includes 3 FREE condoms; 15 total.
    Price: 8.95
  7. Lifestyles Warming Pleasure Condoms
    Try a totally new kind of condom! These comfortable condoms are coated with a warming lubricant thats activated by your natural body moisture. Youll feel gentle sensations of warmth for you and your partner! From Lifestyles, a name you can trust.
    Price: 9.95
  8. Durex Intense Sensation Condom
    Hundreds Of Raised StudsSo You Can Be One! Slip on HUNDREDS of raised studs give added extreme pleasure to your partner! Enjoy sex more while setting your mind free, knowing youre protected.
    Price: 6.95
  9. Lifestyle Xtra Pleasure Condoms
    Quality latex condoms designed with both of you in mind! Uniquely shaped Xtra Pleasure condoms with reservoir end feature an oversized tip for more friction -- more stimulation for both partners! The Xtra Pleasure has a unique bulb shape at the head that provides lots of movement only over the most sensitive part of the penis - the head. Put a few drops of lubricant on the penis before you don this condom for even more extra pleasure!
    Price: 6.95
  10. Kimono Micro Thin
    You asked for it. You wanted a more sensitive condom that offers strength and reliability. Kimono Micro Thin PLUS is 38% thinner than regular condoms, and offers maximum transparency, sensitivity, and feeling. Reservoir end. A truly superior condom from Japan.
    Price: 9.95
  11. Hard Rider Condom
    Shell buck for joy when you slip on this quality latex condom! Featuring rows of raised studs on the shaft, this fine condom assures her the ride of her life as your strokes stimulate her like never before. Lubricated with reservoir end. (1 dozen).
    Price: 6.49