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  1. FleshLight
    The Fleshlight male sex toy is easy to use, easy to clean and is 100 percent safe. Its available with a choice of 3 orifices: vagina, mouth and anal. Fleshlights are available in a wide range of colors and styles. There are six differnt sensations to choose from Original, Super Tight, Ultra Tight, Super Ribbed, Speed Bump and Wonder Wave. Each provides a different sensation. The Fleshlight is like no other male sex toy on the market and its ability to replicate actual sex is parallel to none!
    Price: 59.95
  2. Thrusting Jack Rabbit
    The original Jack Rabbit has just got better, it now thrusts! This popular sex aid will vibrate against your inner walls as you glide it in by using one, or a combination of 10 functions that allow for vibration, pulsation and escalation. It will thrust against your G-spot and tickle your clit all at the same time. It comes with three rows of thrusting beads and two rows of non-jamming beads that will drive you wild with passion. It is also waterproof, so take all the time you need in the bath o
    Price: 99.95
  3. Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit
    This Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit has been designed for fun and powerful orgasms. It has been designed with a generous and bulbous smooth shaft with seven functions of vibrations, pulsation and escalation. As you slide this six-speed toy with independent touch controls deep inside you, let its powerful bunny ears tickle your clit until your whole body shakes in pure ecstasy. This popular sex aid is the ultimate sex toy and will give get you wet time and time again.
    Price: 99.95
  4. Head Honcho
    The Head Honcho is an award winning toy, and its not hard to see why. It feels just like the real thing as its ribbed and has three tight inner suction chambers that will bring any guy to a quick orgasm. Lube your cock up and slide it into this super stretchy sleeve that will tighten around your dick. Hold on tight and let this toy do the job for you. Its clear chamber will let you see your cock in action, and it is great to use in both solo action and foreplay.
    Price: 24.95
  5. Ice Action Blow Job Stroker
    We all like a good balls-deep blowjob, but what do you do if there is no one around? Easy, grab a hold of this realistic cyberskin stroker and push your dick into as deep as you can go. It has a tight and ribbed love tunnel that will clamp around your dick, and you can even watch your dick in action with its 2-tone translucence (ice). This toy feels just like a real mouth as it sucks on your cock and will soon have your toes tingling as your balls fill up with a fresh load of hot cum.
    Price: 36.95
  6. All American Whopper
    The All American Whopper is designed to look and feel like the real thing. It has a tapered tip, and veins run down its thick shaft all the way to its curved balls. It is also flexible to help you reach those much-needed hot spots for maximum pleasure. It has a robust suction cup that will stick to any surface, which means you can use it hands-free wherever you want to. Plus, for that extra fun, it comes with a strap-on harness so your friends can have fun at the same time.
    Price: 26.95
  7. Magnum Force Erection Ring Set
    A set of three different rings. If you want a longer, thicker erection, these are perfect. The silicone material stretches over your cockhead and down the shaft to the base of your cock. You can even stretch the rings around your balls to prolong your erection. This helps to build up the cum in your balls until you end up with one huge load that will give you one of the best man orgasms you can ever have. It is also waterproof, just wash off, and its ready to use again.
    Price: 17.95
  8. Shanes World Stroker
    This soft n tight sex toy will make you ready to go all night as you feel its realistic ribbed inner chamber when you slide your cock inside. It stretches around your shaft and grips just like the real thing. Used with water based lubes, its clear shaft allows you to watch yourself in action. This toy can be used in solo play, or with a lover. It will give you sexy stroking sensations as it clamps tightly around your shaft, and you can even it use it in the bath or shower.
    Price: 14.95
  9. Graces G-Spot Stimulator
    This small back to basics G-Spot Stimulator is the perfect toy for travelling. It may be small, but its powerful motor will soon have you gushing all over the place. It has a light on its tip so you can see even in the darkest of rooms, and its curved tip is designed to fit the inside of your curves. It is good for beginners and experienced women alike, and it will give you an insanely intense pleasure as it vibrates against that sensitive hot spot.
    Price: 14.95
  10. Lucid Dream 14
    This Toy has been designed to reach the parts that others cant. It has a curvy angled G-spot-seeking bulbous head that will glide easily into your inner walls. It has a powerful motor located right in its head that will leave you spinning. Just spin the multi-speed dial to suit you, lie back and let this popular sex aid bring you to a powerful climax. This is a great toy to use by yourself, and even with a partner as you have double penetration fun, and its the best ride anyone could get.
    Price: 42.95
  11. Devs 10 Function Prostate Stimulator
    This black prostate stimulator is made of 100% silicone and has been crafted for easy insertion. It has a curved shaft that will help you reach the male G-spot without any problems. Just glide it in and use the 10 vibration, pulsation and escalation functions that will help you on your way to ejaculation. This toy comes with a pull ring at the base for easy movement and withdrawal. Easy to clean and always ready for your next playtime.
    Price: 24.95
  12. Stamina Trainer Penis Tip Massager
    This unique silicone penis massager will drive you wild as it focusses on the head of your penis for intense pleasure. Its great for masturbating and also for foreplay. It has ten functions that vibrate over your penis head, and as it is 100 percent silicone, it is hypoallergenic and easy to clean after use. It is compact in size for travelling, and you can take it with you anywhere you go, maybe even discretely at your workplace.
    Price: 34.80
  13. Super Head Honcho
    This amazing suction toy has been voted Toy Of The Year, and its easy to see why. As soon as your cock is deep inside this soft and squishy toy, it will cling to your cock just like a real mouth. It has three pleasure nub filled suction chambers that stimulate your shaft, and it has an extra-long jelly sleeve that will let you play all day without getting sore. It is easily washable, and you will want to go back to it time and time again.
    Price: 29.95
  14. Space Explorer Bullet
    This Space Explorer Bullet will send your erogenous zones into another world. It is a giga-powered bullet for that deep zone exploration, and it is virtually silent, which means you can use it anywhere you go. It has a crystal ribbed sleeve, and it has five different functions of multi-speed pulsation and vibration for those hard to reach places. It is great for inside that moist love tube, as well as over the clit and even those soft, sensitive nipples.
    Price: 38.95
  15. The Ultimate Bed Bondage System
    Its time to get kinky with the Ultimate Bed Bondage System. It adjusts easily to fit any sized mattress, and it is strong enough to keep even the toughest of men in any position you wish. It has comfortable, lined cuffs, and straps that stop that chaffing, and the cuffs are easily put together with Velcro. No more time wasted looking for keys. Once you have set up this bondage kit, you can then put it discreetly away under the mattress to use at any time the mood takes you.
    Price: 34.95
  16. My First Bullet
    This discreet sex aid is great for beginners and experienced women alike. It can be packed neatly into a handbag, and you can take it wherever you like. Its smooth bullet shape lets you slide it easily into your moist hole, and all you need to do is switch one of the two vibrating speeds on your hand-held controller, lie back and let this magic toy bring you to a powerful climax. It can be used internally, and externally all over your clit, buttocks and sensitive nipples.
    Price: 9.95
  17. Cinnamon PleasureSkin Dildo
    With this realistic real feel Pleasureskin dildo, you are in for one hell of a ride. It is soft, and yet it has a firm feel for ultimate pleasure, and it has thick veins all down its thick shaft, and a lovely set of balls to bounce up and down on. It is generous in length and it has a strong suction cup base that sticks to the surface for a hands-free fun session. It is also harness-compatible, so your friends or lovers can join in the fun too.
    Price: 45.95