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  1. Rose G-Spot Vibrator
    This popular vibe has been crafted to hit your g-spot in all the right ways. Its angled head gives orgasmic vibrations that reach the right spot, and its slim style lets it slide all around your curves and glide in for perfect comfort. Firm and smooth, it fits into any hole and feels great on your clitoris, and with its adjustable, multi-speed function, it will take you from mild to wild as fast or slow as you like. Waterproof, it lets you get off in the bath or shower.
    Price: 22.95
  2. Jelly Krystal Vibe
    Get everything you love about "pearl-rabbit" type vibes at a great price - The thrill of twirling penetration! The ecstasy of clitoral stimulation! Sexy aqua blue jelly encases a dual-direction 7" long, 1 1/2" wide, rotating shaft with a cock head...while stylish clit flicker licks tirelessly! Control each one separately, or combine themfrom low purrrrr to FULL THROTTLE! Powered by 4 AA batteries (sold separately). Makes a great gift!
    Price: 49.95
  3. Realskin All American Vibrating Dildo
    The Realskin All American Vibrating Dildo really does what it says. It has a realistic feel and look to it, including all those thick veins popping out up and down its thick shaft. This dildo is 8 inches long and has a powerful suction cup base that leaves your hands free to enjoy those three vibration speeds that every girl needs. It naturally warms to your body temperature, and you decide the speed of your vibrating pleasure.
    Price: 38.95
  4. The Original Pocket Rocket
    This world-famous Pocket Rocket can easily fit inside your handbag or pocket so you can take it everywhere you go. It has multi-speed vibrations that will stimulate that sweet pink clit or go for gold as it penetrates that tight hole and vibrates against your G-spot. It also comes with a textured attachment that will bring you to a quick orgasm. You can also use the rockets massaging metal nubs not just between your legs, but over your nipples for the ultimate pleasure trip.
    Price: 40.95
  5. Blue Dolphin Vibe
    This slim blue jelly vibrator is the perfect thing to take for a dip in the pool or the hot tub. The 6-inch long and 1-inch wide shaft slides comfortably in and out with just a dab of lubricant. Twist the base to change the speed from Low to High for extra stimulation. Works equally well on dry land too! Powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately).
    Price: 19.95
  6. Lux Wand
    The Lux Wand has a soft head and pliable neck, so you can reach the places you need to without fuss. It stimulates the clitoris in ten different speeds and can make you go from ooh to wow with a switch of a button. This vibrating massager is also equipped with an extra long cord which means you can use it just about everywhere. You can also use this to relax with as a special treat, and its great for both solo play and with a friend.
    Price: 59.95
  7. Lia Dreamer
    This massage vibrator has been designed for easy and fun penetration. This is a great toy for stimulating your inner muscles and for gliding gently over that sensitive pink clit. It has ten incredible functions of vibrations that pulsate, and these can go from nice and gentle to a powerful orgasm. There are easy push buttons that mean you can concentrate on those spots that crave those vibrating sensations, and it could easily spice up your love life with just a few strokes.
    Price: 43.95
  8. Sorority Party Vibe Nooner
    This popular sex toy looks sleek, strong, and has a powerful multi-speed action at its base. This is a great toy for beginners, and it will soon have you gushing as you slide it over your clit or take it inside and feel just how good it is at hitting all those sweet, smooth spots. It is discreet in size so that you can take it with you when you go out, and you can even spice up your love life as your lover uses it on your sensitive nipples as well as in your tight moist hole.
    Price: 15.95
  9. Rotating Rabbit Dual Action
    This dual action toy stimulates deep inside while massaging the clitoris at the same time. Thats thanks to the unique rabbit shape which delivers powerful orgasms as it stimulates all your sensitive places together in one extreme experience. Its like using two toys at once. The seven different vibration speeds and six modes of rotation give you more flexibility than most other vibes, and the five rows of pearls on the rotating shaft stimulate perfectly to bring you to a thrilling climax every
    Price: 59.95
  10. My Private O Vibe
    My Private O Vibe has a powerful motor with precise vibrations that will hit that spot in all the right places. It is small and compact which means you can fit it into your handbag and take it everywhere you go. This will stimulate your clit and will soon have you gushing, and as it is waterproof, you can use this in the shower or bath. This unique sex toy is great for beginners and for the lady with experience too. It can also be used as foreplay with your lover as it drives you to new heights.
    Price: 19.95
  11. Jolie Waterproof Vibrator
    This aqua-coloured massager/vibrator has been designed by a woman so that it fits perfectly into that tight moist hole. It has a unique curved finger shape to hit all those smooth, soft spots, and it has a powerful vibrating speed to drive you wild with lust. It has a quiet motor, and because of its discreet size, it is a perfect travelling companion and can be used just about everywhere. It is also waterproof for fun times in the bath or in the shower.
    Price: 29.95
  12. Frisky Finger
    The Frisky Finger is a toy everyone wants. Just slip this waterproof toy on your finger, and it can be used for solo use, or with a partner. Slip it on and let it go deep into your warm pussy or ass, all the way up. It has a curved tip and nubby pleasure nodes that are perfect for stimulating the clitoris and G-spot. It has three powerful vibration speeds, and it will drive you wild.
    Price: 19.95
  13. Nubby Tongue Extreme Vibe
    Both men and women will feel the thrill as the guy attaches this stretchy Nubbie Tongue ring to his shaft. It will keep him harder for longer, and the textured tongue is lined with nubs to give her extra excitement on her sensitive clitoris. As the guy is inside her, the powerful vibrations will stimulate her clit and will give her double the pleasure. This ring is for both partners to enjoy and it will please and tease you both to a powerful orgasm.
    Price: 8.95