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  1. Hard-On Sex Creme
    The secret to harder, stronger erections is Hard-on Sex Crme! The special formula contains natural hemp seed oil aphrodisiac, which increases circulatory stimulation and prolongs erections. Just rub in the ultra-smooth, water soluble crme and shell gasp with pleasure at your Supercock! 2 fl. oz. flip-top tube.
    Price: 14.95
  2. China Balm Blooming Rose
    China Balm works wonders on men, so we developed a formula for women! Herbal Oriental balm has a tingly DHEA ingredient thats guaranteed to boost her libido! Apply a small dab directly to her clitoris and vulva. Her clit will swell and engorge, making it possible to have multiple orgasms! Safe to use during oral sex, and it also works on men! 1.5 oz. bottle.
    Price: 19.95
  3. A&E Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer
    The special agents in this cream act directly on the powerful nerves in your clitoris to make them even more responsive to stimulation. With your clitoris even more sensitive, it will be easier than ever for you to have an orgasm. Use sparingly...a little goes a LONG WAY! 1/2 oz. jar is ready for dozens of orgasms!
    Price: 9.95
  4. Adam & Eve Anal Lube
    This thick, rich anal lubricant feels like petroleum jelly but its wonderfully water-soluble and condom compatible! Comes in easy-to-use, no-spill 4 oz. squeeze bottle.
    Price: 12.95
  5. Astroglide 5 oz
    Treat yourself to a "glide" of silky smooth penetration. Just a tiny amount (no more than a half teaspoon) of this deluxe sex lube goes a long way! And even after hours of sex, add a drop or two of water to restore "instant" lubricity. Clear, odor-free, flavorless and spermicide-free -- the purest formula ever! Great with sex toys, condoms and for super-slick anal and vaginal intercourse.
    Price: 15.95
  6. Lube Shooter
    Amazing! "Shoot the lube" ANYWHERE you want with no fuss or muss! Pour your favorite lube into the disposable chamber, put in the plunger and deliver lube right where you want it! Comfortable tapered tip. Comes with 3 disposable lube shooters.
    Price: 12.95
  7. Hot Motion Lotion
    Deliciously-flavored lotions are now hotter than ever: they heat to maximum warmth with friction or your lovers breath! Choose Strawberry or Passion Fruit flavored love gels. Each condom-compatible, non-staining, water-soluble lube comes in a handy 2 oz. flip-top bottle.
    Price: 6.95
  8. System Jo H2O Anal
    System JO Anal Lubricant This long-lasting water-based lube is designed specifically for anal sex. It has the feel and viscosity of silicone lube, never sticky or tacky. Recommended by doctors and pharmacists, FDA-approved.
    Price: 14.95
  9. Magic Stamina Spray
    The advanced new formula in this fast-acting spray contains 5% Benzocaine to numb your nerves just enough to delay ejaculation without taking away from your enjoyment! Apply 3-7 sprays to the head and shaft of your penis, wait only 5 minutes, and get ready to go all night! 1 oz. bottle.
    Price: 14.95
  10. Midnite Fire Massage Lotion
    This tasty warming lotion heats up when you rub it or blow on it! Attractive boxed set has six tongue-tingling 1 oz. flavors: cherry, cinnamon, strawberry, Irish cream, pina colada and passion fruit. Imagine tasting strawberry nipples...cinnamon thighs...a deliciously sensual banquet awaits!
    Price: 18.95
  11. Wicked Arousal Gel
    Item Details Seekers of new sensations: look no more! Apply this soothing cool gel to nipples or clitoris, then experience a unique tingly feeling as it warms up! And you can LICK IT OFF! Non-staining clear gel also contains vitamin E.
    Price: 7.95