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  1. Kama Sutra Prolonging and Desensitizing Gel
    This gel is the perfect gift for any man. Just use it a tiny bit of it on your penis, and it will give you a long-lasting erection, and it will help increase your stamina. It provides a gentle tingling sensation up and down your shaft, and its subtle minty taste and scent will drive your partner wild with lust. This popular gel for men is not latex safe, so do not use it with condoms. This gel is great for guys who want to carry on all night long, and it is easy to wash off.
    Price: 31.95
  2. Astroglide
    Astroglide is a water-based and water-soluble lubricant. It is safe to use with latex condoms and all of your sex toys. It will intensify pleasure for both men and women, and it has a super slick texture. This lubricant also makes a great moisturiser for even those driest of vaginas. Astroglide has a long Lasting super-slick formula and is pH balanced, and it is will help intensify those passionate moments.
    Price: 13.95
  3. JO H20 Flavored
    JO H20 Flavored is a non-staining non-sticky tasty lubricant that cums in different flavours. It gives you a silky, long-lasting glide, and it works with any condom or latex toy. This lubricant will add a bit of spice to your love life, just smear it on and let your partner taste the flavour as you are brought to a higher climax. There is also no aftertaste, and there are no artificial sweeteners. It can also be washed off afterwards with water.
    Price: 17.95
  4. Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant
    This award-winning formula for anal play is water-based and Glycerine-free and is great for beginners and experienced girls alike. It is a thick gel that acts as padding for your safety and comfort. Just put it on your finger, on your ass, or even on a dick, and have the ride of your life. It is also extremely slick, non-staining and non-greasy, and easy-clean. You only need a little to enjoy all the excitement of anal sex.
    Price: 14.95