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Review of Adult Friend Finder Reviewed on 2017-04-21Last update on 2017-12-22

Reviewed Site: Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder
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Short Review:

Adult Friend Finder is one of the biggest online dating sites on the internet and THE largest sex and swingers community. There are over 23 million members on this site, which of course means that you should have a good selection of people to date in your area. If youre looking for a kinkier alternative to your standard online dating site, packed full of features, Adult Friend Finder is where its at.
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Current Ratings for Adult Friend Finder:

Our total rating: 85/100

Detailed Review:


Tired of going to clubs and bars to find that perfect fuck mate? Thank goodness for Adult Friend Finder. The worlds largest sex and swinger personals community is filled with men, women and every thing in between.

Some people are just looking for friendship, some want a cute PG rated date, but for the most part people want to get straight to the sex which is damn fine by me! A large number of the profile pictures are pretty risqu, a lot of them being full on dildo close-ups and Hustler worthy poses.

The members of this site vary quite a bit, as you can imagine considering there are 23 million members. Searches allow you to narrow your preference down quite a bit with options like location, age, and even features. Your new matches are delivered to you via email daily as well which is quite convenient. Not everyone has a photo, but definitely do not just avoid these people. Send them a message and try to get a picture of them, Ive found some banging broads this way. Also, when sending out messages to people that you dont know yet, be polite. Yes, the girl might have a picture up of her with a banana in her vagina, but that doesnt mean you should send her a vulgar message.

If you want to get laid easier, you have to make the broads want to come to you. Do this by getting your hair cut, shaving your beard, dressing up and taking some semi attractive photos of yourself (you may need to photoshop these). Add these to your profile and fill in as much information about yourself as possible, without coming off as a creep. If you can, put up a video of yourself and try not to look like a moron.

In addition to its adult friend finding capabilities, the site has a lot of extra features as well. Check out one of the chat rooms or message boards for some steamy cyber sex and other discussions. There is a live webcam area where some of the more friendly members can broadcast themselves from their bedrooms and you can chat with them. If youre up for a bit of reading, check out the blog section for some interesting material (and contribute as well).

Being such a large site and having a mix of free and paid numbers, Adult Friend Finder isnt perfect. Look out for fake profiles, for one. Since people can sign up for free, they do, and some use fake pictures (usually of porn stars) to scam members. If she looks to good to be true, she just may be. Do not give out any personal information unless youre sure. Some other dating services and web cam services have been known to spam on this network as well. As long as youre aware of this, you shouldnt run into any problems.

Features & Navigation:

Adult Friend Finder might look a bit confusing at first, but it doesnt take to long to get the hang of it. I had no trouble getting everything to work with little or no frustration, anger, or throwing of computer equipment.

When youre logged in, you see a number of things on the main page. Right at the top you see your own ugly mugshot, your new messages and winks, and your points. Below that you can check out who has recently viewed your profile as well as your new matches. A number of quick search options have convenient links here, and you can also see recent site updates like whos online now and recent photo galleries. On the right hand side of the main page you will find links to new blog articles, magazine articles, groups and chat rooms.

A menu at the top of the page links you in between Home, My Account, Search Browse, Hotlist, Friends, Chat, Get Local, Video, Blogs, Groups and Shop. In My Account you can setup your profile, upload photos, record your voice or video introduction, write a blog and take a personality or purity test. Here you can also edit your personal information, upgrade your account, block abusive members and set your preferences.

On the search page you are given a large number of fields and you can fill in any number of them. You can specify gender or pick groups/couples, sexual interests, marital status, children or no children, orientation, age, language, astrological sign, height, location, race, body type, smoker/non smoker, drinker/non drinker, endowment and breast size. You can also choose to see only profiles with images and a number of other options. Save your search setting if you want to check later for new members.

The hotlist is a little place where you can save member profiles you want to go back to later on (maybe you couldnt think of a good opener). Its also good if you find a good webcam whore and you want to check her out next time shes on. The friend section works in the same sort of way. Add people you like to your friends list and you can find them later, check out their photos and easily send messages to them.

The chat rooms are fairly easy to figure out. There are many of them and they are sorted by location or interest. Some are highly populated, some are dead. The talk is mainly pretty dirty and entertaining. Warning: chat rooms are highly addictive.

The live webcam videos are pretty simple, but sometimes they take a few minutes to load and a lot of the girls are gone by that time. Its all simple flash video though, so most computers should support it and as long as your connection is decent they should stream fine. Click on page member to chat with the webcam people and hope they respond.

Adult Friend Finder has a bit of a learning curve especially for people who arent very good with computers, but its quite easy after a few tries. If you can use my space or anything like that, you definitely will not have a problem.


Adult Friend Finder is a huge site with 23 million members, and for a dating site a large number of members is the biggest factor, especially if you arent in a huge city. Wherever you live, youre quite likely to find members. You can join up for free to see for yourself, and youll have to grab a gold membership to experience the whole site. If youre looking for a sex partner, this is the most likely place.

Pros & Cons

+ 23 million members
+ Great extra features
+ Easy navigation
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