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Review of Date a Cougar Reviewed on 2014-02-03Last update on 2013-12-27

Reviewed Site: Date a Cougar

Date a Cougar
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Short Review:

I always say that the more you put into a dating site the more you will get out of it. At Date A Cougar, you get the chance to put in your own profile, loads of information and lots of photos. You also get good search options and whether you are a cougar looking for a cub, or a cub looking for a cougar, whether you want to browse sexy older ladies (and guys) or just find an email pen pal, you can do it all here. It's free to get started, and then you opt for the sign up and payment choices.
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Price Details:

Trial N/A
Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 75/100

Detailed Review:


With dating sites like these it's hard to say what the content count is; I mean, what content are we counting? You could ask how many women there were online looking around for fun and partners, or you could ask how many guys there are looking for ladies. But as the numbers of people online changes all the time and as more people sign up, the numbers of images available to browse also changes. But I can tell you that when I was online I did a search for how many cougars were also online with me and found 16, and then, running a search for how many guys I found 77. I noticed that a lot of the guys online were quite young while the ladies who had put up images looked to be in the cougar age range, which is good to see.

As you browse this way, from a home page or the search page or the left side column (it's easy to search on this site), you find profiles with and without images. You can filter out the ones who don't put images and you should remember that when you put up your own details, the more photos you have the more hits you will get. A profile image is a must otherwise no one will notice you. And make sure it's a picture of you!

Anyway, find a girl to view, or a lady, a cougar, a guy whatever! And there you find a profile page. Again, the more info the better here but do try and be honest and to the point. No one is going to read an essay and no one wants false information. Under the site settings and profile area you take control of what info you give and you are able to put in the basics, like age and height and where you live, and then get into more detail with, what jobs, education and lifestyle you have to personality and your views on life, the world and everything. You will need to put in some basic stuff at the free sign up page too. You should also take some time to write down what and who you are looking for. Remember, these older ladies have seen it and done it all before and won't want time wasters.

As for how many actual members there are and thus how many images you might get to see, and how many hook-ups you could make, and so on, I ran a few searches using various criteria, places and filters and found over 500 guys looking for cougars and over 500 cougars looking for guys; not all had images or full profiles. There were also over 500 cougars looking for cougars which made me wonder if the search function only listed the first 500 results. Bottom line is: here are lot of active members, some of whom have images and the more images you put up the more hits you are going to get.

Features & Navigation:

Dating sites run on their searches and features and Date A Cougar has an easy to use search function which is very place specific. It took me a while to adjust to this, as I couldnt just put USA or England or a country, I had to be specific. If I put London, for example, I could use London UK or London East, and there were even certain boroughs; so the more detailed you can be with your profile the better.

You can also mix and match your searches, so cougars can find other ladies as well as guys and guys can find other guys as well as ladies, if they want and thus, I assume, find like-minded mates online. Your results are set out across numbered index pages and the girls basic details are there with any profile photo that has been uploaded. You can send messages or flirts, which is a way of saying hello and seeing if they like your pic enough to say hello back, and you can also see how many images each member has put up; or not, if they have put no images. Click the Photos link to see more and you come to their gallery; click their title and you come to their profile.

Profile pages are as detailed as members make them and they also come with a chat facility. There are Musts where the members put, Must be in USA, or Must be a cougar or whatever their Musts are, and you can always block and report anyone who annoys you. the only thing that annoyed me really were the adverts to chat and cam and other dating sites that litter the pages; I just don't like adverts in members areas, Id rather they had a discrete page that you could look at if you wanted to. I kept seeing horny pics I wanted to follow up, only to click them and end up at a sign up page for some other site.

The main menu will give you access to your settings, as will a pop-up box to the bottom right of the screen, and also to your profile area. The profile area takes you through a series of questions and details to fill out and, once again, the more you put in the more results you will get. The whole site is easy enough to use, and you can change it all into several different languages. For real interactivity you can use the forums and chat rooms that the site also has, and here is a neat Rapid Match set up to play with as well.


The only thing I would have liked here was a way to search members by country; I don't know why, it's just me perhaps. You can search by town or city very easily though and the results appear quickly. There are nice interactive functions and instant chat for members. The more info you put in the more results you will get, I am sure of it, and the more honest you are the better it will be in the long run. Compared to other dating sites this one works just fine.

Pros & Cons

+ Easy to use
+ Looks like a big membership
+ Lots of info can be put in
+ Not costly
+ Worldwide
+ Different languages
+ Chat and a forum

- Too many adverts
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