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Review of TS Dating Reviewed on 2014-02-10Last update on 2013-12-30

Reviewed Site: TS Dating

TS Dating
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Short Review:

TS Dating has been set up so that guys looking for TS fun and friends can easily find them, and so that Tgirls can find other friends and guys, and girls; I mean, anyone can sign up here for free and search around to find a date or a mate in their local area. This is a specialist dating and hook-up site that has plenty of members, it has lots of nice functions and helpful search tools, it has a decent price for the full membership deal and it is easy enough to use.
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Price Details:

Trial N/A
Monthly 19.95

Current Ratings for TS Dating:

Our total rating: 76/100

Detailed Review:


You get a good chance to have a look around the tour page and find out exactly what is on offer before you register, but as it doesn't cost anything to register you may as well do that while you are browsing. Then, when you have signed up, you find that you can search, but your results are limited. You need to pay a little each month in order to see profiles and photos, and to take the experience one stage further. As dating sites go this one is not expensive, in fact its price is reasonable considering it is such a specialised site.

And then, one you are a full member, you find you have all kinds of helpful things that make your time in the site more worthwhile. As is the case with any dating site, the more information you put in, the more you will get out of the site. Members tend to prefer to see images before they contact other members so make sure you put up a message and a photo, and make sure it is of you! You can upload more than one image and there are plenty of ways to put in information. The site features a profile function which lets you get into detail, and you find this in the main menu. Once all that is done (and it shouldn't take you long) you will be one of those members who turn up in other peoples searches.

And you too can search the photos. Again there is a menu item, Browse Photos, and this has page after page of thumbnails for you to click on. You might need to run a basic search first, so that the photos show up the Tgirls you are looking for, or the girls, guys or couples, depending on who you are actually looking for. Photos, being the only content here, vary in quality depending on where and when they were taken and on what. I didn't see videos so Im still not sure if members are able to upload videos as well as images.

Profiles contain the more detailed information and it is up to individual members to put in as much detail as they want you to know. When I was online there were, the site said, 122 other members on line with me. And, looking at some of the profiles and running various searches, Id say that the Tgirls and admirers who hang out here are varied in age from 18 upwards, and also in colour and location. You can search by place and find anyone who has registered who lives near you, or further afield and there are plenty of other ways to search and browse around the membership.

But, more importantly than just photos and finding, you have all kinds of other neat functions to use and explore. Read on:

Features & Navigation:

You can see most of what is available before you sign up, so that's good, but there are some things that you can only use when you are a paid up member. Run through the top menu and you find the search function first, and probably the most important thing. There is a basic search and a more detailed option that has a great long list of things to use as your criteria. There is also now a Rapid Match feature in your side menu, and this runs on the info that you have specified in what you are looking for. It will automatically show up anyone that matches your profile, if you are who they are looking for or, I guess, vice versa. You click through them, liking them or not, but there's no obligation. However, if you find a match you simply contact that member.

Contact is easy as there are message links on the profiles, and there is also the chat area. This is also listed as a new function and the pop-up box to the bottom right of your screen lets you know how many members are in chat. 228 when I was in the site. This is instant chat and this area does have places for video streaming.

As is common with adult sites you also have a Favourites area, you can add members here and keep tabs on them. There are other handy functions such as keeping a little black book of other members private photos (usually the nude and sexy ones), you can see who has viewed your profile, you can go into invisible mode and simply browse without being seen, and there is the mailbox facility for private messages.

So, all the good and basic hook-up site functions are here along with some nice innovations. The only downside for me were the number of adverts to other chat and cam sites that littler the pages and that are not always appropriate. Sometimes you think you are clicking to another part of TS Dating when in fact you are heading off to a gay chat room site, for example. But otherwise, I found it all worked fine and gave no hassles.


TS Dating is well set out, looks to be well used, and it all works fine with no technical problems. You will need to pay a little per month to have the full membership options, but by comparison to other dating sites that is not expensive. The site has many good search features and is very functional, I really like the Rapid Match function and the chat area that comes with video too. The more you put in the more you will get out, but this is one great site to make new TS friends.

Pros & Cons

+ Specialised dating site
+ Easy to use
+ Lots of interactive functions
+ Well attended
+ Not costly

- Lots of image adverts for other chat and cam sites
Click here to visit TS Dating and check out the tour.