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Review of Gay Mature Dating Reviewed on 2014-01-02Last update on 2013-12-05

Reviewed Site: Gay Mature Dating

Gay Mature Dating
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Short Review:

Gay Mature Dating has been set up specifically to help you find older guys to hook up with, and for older guys to find younger admirers. It's a silver-daddy surf and meet site that lets you search by location from anywhere around the world. It is free to sign up to at the start, and then you will need to join, in order to use all of the features. But it is well priced, and looks to be well used as well. The more you put in the more you will get out.
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Price Details:

Trial 3.95
Monthly 27.95

Current Ratings for Gay Mature Dating:

Our total rating: 81/100

Detailed Review:


There are loads of hook-up sites out here and most people think that they all do the same thing and have the same functions. To a certain extent that is true, after all they are all aiming for the same target: to let you meet the kinds of guys you want to meet. Here we are dealing with a hook-up site that concentrates on older guys and their admirers, so you know what you are going to find. You will also see what to expect from the free pages but will find that you can't get in to detail without signing up and paying up some cash. You can take a trial period for a few days if you like, though this might be limited, and then you can settle in for a reasonable monthly fee.

Either way, to really get the best out of Gay Mature Dating you will need to be honest and forthcoming with your information. It's a fact that those who post photos get more hits as, lets be honest, most people are driven by looks and a picture paints a thousand words. But you would also do well, to write up some words about yourself too. Remember, the more you put in the more you get out.

There is a My Profile area for this and this takes you through the various stages of filling out your details. You add in your basic info like where you are and what languages you speak, then more personal stuff like how you look and what you are in to, there are seven sections to this profile building, so it's nicely thorough, and one of the areas is all to do with what you are looking for. That done, your profile is posted instantly and you can start looking around.

The search page only has one problem for me and that is, you have to search by specific location. You can't search by country, though you can put in, for example, New York, NY and then widen the search area to 3,000 kms or Any Distance, and see what you get. But if you only want to find people in, say, Folkestone, or Cairo, or Lisle-en-Barrois, you can. Results are shown in the centre column of your page and come with any photo, basic profile details and a link to his full profile page.

And on these profile pages you find links to photos, if the guys have uploaded any. The neat thing here is that you have to send a message to the guy in order to get permission to see all his pics. I guess these are the naked ones. And this means that only serious surfers need apply. You can feel safe posting your nude and intimate images because you control who gets to see them. They will have to contact you first, then after that, you can start to share your images around.

It's hard to say how many guys there are using this site, and so it is hard to say how many images there may be, a content count won't work in that respect. Having said that, there is a Browse Photos area where you can see thumbnails of guys and here was page after page of this, which suggests a big membership. And there is a left column on the home page which holds various links and functions and one of those tells you how many guys are online. When I was in the site there were 32. There is a chat room function where you can go and chat, for free with anyone else who is online, and this includes a Video Chat function, so you can also see who you are talking to.

Features & Navigation:

The site has many other functions. There is a mailbox set-up so you can send and receive messages, you can add guys to a favourites collection, you can add them to your little black book where you keep your very favourites I guess, and there is also a way to block anyone who becomes a pain in the ass. You can see how many guys have viewed your profile and, if you really want, you can go invisible and hide yourself while in the site.

There are also the standard search functions, the upload pics functions and the usual setups you associate with dating and hook-up sites. There is plenty of space for as much detail as you want, and you can upload private images to your own collection quite easily.

The Who's Online link in the top menu lets you see who is surfing at the same time as you are, and the list of basic profiles that shows up comes with a Send Message link and a send him a flirt function. The general Settings area lets you change your password if you want to, and your email address should you need to.

The only real gripe here was with the number of adverts and up-sells. These are built in to the design so they look like part of the site, but they are not and there are too many of them for me. Some are marked as Our Friends and similar so you have a good idea that they will take you off to other sites, while Cams in the top menu opens up Flirt For Free in the same window, and you will need to pay more to fully use it.


It's hard to say how well used Gay Mature Dating is, but it does have a lot of profile pics in the Browse Photos area, and it does tell you how many guys are online at any one time, and you can easily find them. There are the basic hook-up site functions here and then some original ones, like searching by town if you want to. It's one of those things: the more you put in to it and use it, the more you will get out of it. But it all works, and it is not costly.

Pros & Cons

+ Specifically set up for older guy dating
+ Technically fine
+ Nice functions and features
+ Not expensive

- Too many adverts
- Upsells are embedded
Click here to visit Gay Mature Dating and check out the tour.