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Review of ALT Personals Reviewed on 2017-04-21Last update on 2017-04-21

Reviewed Site: ALT Personals

ALT Personals
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5 / 5
5 / 5
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8 / 10
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Short Review:

ALT Personals is the World's Largest Bondage, BDSM Alternative Lifestyle Personals site. It is owned by Adult Friend Finder and works in much the same way, but with an alternative lifestyle theme. Browse, chat with, watch and meet thousands of people in your area who are into anything from asphyxiation, fire, knives and chains to high heels, tickling and feathers. Youll have to pay a monthly fee to start contacting people, but signing up is free, so you can check it out before buying.
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Our total rating: 86/100

Detailed Review:


We all know that finding that perfect mate, or just any mate at all, is not easy. This is especially true for people with strange sexual habits and fetishes. Luckily in this day and age, online dating exists. ALT Personals is a special dating site from the people over at Adult Friend Finder who have been getting people laid for years.

The difference between and other dating sites is the member base. There is a huge variety of people on here who are into just about anything. There are some more laid back people on here into tickling, feathers, balloons, high heels, shaving, latex, leather and other harmless things. On the other hand there are many extreme members who are into nipple clamps, knives, fire, blood, torture and just pain in general. Whatever your slightly strange or fully bizarre fetish is, youre bound (pun intended) to find someone with the same interests.

There are numerous ways to search for and browse the members. You can search by location, interests, fetishes, shape, age and just about anything you could think of. Some of the members will have photos you can look at and webcams you can watch. A lot of the members dont have photos, but theyre still worth checking out because you never know, it could be a beautiful woman whos willing to pee on you or whatever you may enjoy. If you want, ALT will also email you every once in a while with new matches.

After youve signed up, its a good idea to build your profile as much as you can. Add a few interesting pictures, videos, blog entries and interests and youre more likely to be contacted by someone compatible. If you have a webcam, you can set it up and chat with members or just let people watch you. Once youve been signed up for a while, youll definitely find some matches and once youre acquainted you can exchange phone numbers, emails or even meet up and get a bit nasty.

In addition to the matchmaking capabilities of ALT, there is more fun to be had. Check out the forums or chat rooms for some sexy conversation, read peoples blogs, check out steamy pictures or watch men, women or couples do their thing live on webcam.

One thing to watch out for is seedy members. The site is big, and although they do a good job of policing it, there are still a few fake profiles and scammers out there. Make sure to verify anyone you meet is genuine and safe, which goes for meeting anyone online.

Features & Navigation:

ALT Personals might be a bit overwhelming at first, but it isnt too hard to figure out. Its got a bit of a learning curve, but once youve signed up and browsed around for a bit the navigation isnt too hard.

Once youve logged in, youll enter the busy front page. At the very top you will see your photo, new messages, winks, and some other information. Just beneath that you can see who viewed your profile recently and your newest matches. There are a number of various links on the front page with things like recently updated pictures and things like that. On the right hand side of the screen, youll see links to all of the blogs, message boards and chat rooms.

There is a simple navigational menu at the top that takes you to and from Home, My Account, Search Browse, Hotlist, Friends, Chat, Get Local, Video, Blogs, Groups and Shop. Click on My Account to go in and set up your dating profile, upload pictures, record your introduction video or voice clip, write something in your blog and interests. Here you can also set your preferences, block people and change your personal information.

The search engine at ALT is huge and can get very specific. You can specify gender/couples, sexual interests (there are over 50 to choose from), relationship status, kids/no kids, orientation, age, language, astrological sign, height, location, race, body type, drinker/non drinker, smoker/non smoker, breast size and endowment. You can save search settings to save your time as well. Also, theres an option to view only profiles with images in them.

ALTs hotlist is nice because you can save profiles of people you may like to contact later on. Its also useful when you find a good webcam whore whos likely to come back and put on another show. The friends section is similar, but for people that know you want to talk to them.

The webcams are pretty simple, although they dont always work flawlessly. Some of the flash streams worked for me, while others didnt. This is not ALTs fault though, its usually the person on the cameras connection. While people are doing their thing on camera you can page them as well.

If youre used to any sort of community website like facebook or myspace for instance, you should be able to figure this site out with no problems. For others there will be a slight learning curve, but its not all that hard.


If you have a strange fetish or just plain enjoy freaky sex, ALT personals is where youre going to find it. There are millions of crazy members with all sorts of fetishes and a whole lot of extra features to keep you entertained. Sign up for free to check it out and if you find some matches, grab a gold membership and get laid.

Pros & Cons

+ Millions of crazy members
+ Huge website with extra features.
- Some fakes, be careful
Click here to visit ALT Personals and check out the tour.