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Review of Amateur Match Reviewed on 2008-07-01Last update on 2018-02-18

Reviewed Site: Amateur Match

Amateur Match
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Short Review: is an online adult dating site where you can search and try to find someone to swap photos with, or maybe talk dirty with, or if you're lucky enough hook up for a sex date. It's all up to how well you 2 get along. This site seems a little different compared to other dating sites. It seems to not be as in depth as other dating sites, and not have as many features as you would expect to have on a dating site. With 3,913,579 members you should have no troubles finding someone.
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Content: has 3,913,579 profiles are currently online, with that kind of member base you will surely be able to find a sex date or someone to swap nude photos with. If you want to search for the hottest members on the site go straight to the Galleries page, this will bring up a list of the Top Rated Members and their hot, and sometimes not so hot photos, but I will warn you now, these girls & guys are most likely to get the most emails, and messages, so it might take some time for them to reply. I would just do a normal search and look for the girl next door chick to start talking to and try to bang her.

You can view both Male, and Female galleries, each gallery has the top rated member photos and info. As I said I think it's much better, and easier to just do your own search. The site has members of all ages so what ever your age I am sure you will find a lot of members around the same age group as yourself. Members start at 18, and go all the way to 99 year olds, so no matter how young, or old your preferred sex partner is, I'm sure you'll find one here that'll be perfect for you.

Other than that there is some damn fine looking members on this site, with most of the members coming from the USA you will have a nice number of people that will most likely be from your area. Be sure to check out the video section on They have 12 video feeds to choose from and I must say this is a nice little content bonus.

Features & Navigation:'s navigation is setup very well, and very easy to use. It doesn't matter if you are a first time user of a dating site or having been a member of one before you will surely have no trouble finding you way around this site. With all the links that you will ever need to use on the right hand side of the page.

They have all the features that you will find on any other dating site. You will have access to upload or change your photos and also you can change your personal info when ever you like. I sometimes change mine up alittle , well just word it different. You will be surprised how just changing the words on your profile can increase to number on responses you get.

The have a nice feature on this site called Community it lists Todays New Girls, Todays New Guys, Todays New Couples , Todays New Groups. This i found to be really a great feature. It stops you from having to search trough the thousands of new profiles to find to new ones each day, and also gives you a chance to try and be the first person to contact the new member.

Also make sure that you drop by the Members chat room where you have to chance to chat live to any members that are logged into the chat room. You will be able to view there profile while chatting to them. This is a great way to get to know someone a lot more than just looking at the profile, and you might just meet a member that you might have not met if you didn't go into the chat room.


If you don't find a sex date within the 3,913,579 members online you might have a little problem. Nah just joking, I am sure you will find all that you are after on This site is set out very well, and is very easy to navigate around. With the use of the chat room I really think you will find someone to swap photos or chat to in no time. There are a lot of members without photos in here so be sure to pick the Show Members With photos option. This site is really worth a go.

Pros & Cons

+ 3,913,579 members

- Loads alittle slow
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