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Review of Erotic Ads Reviewed on 2013-10-04Last update on 2018-03-24

Reviewed Site: Erotic Ads

Erotic Ads
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You visit Erotic Ads, a gorgeous, bikini-clad babe informs you that it is the largest free dating website on the net, and also that she's going to bite you if you don't join! With an invitation like that, who could say no? Luckily, the site offers a free basic membership that will get you in the door and allow you to explore some of the various features here. I've got full access including a Gold membership, so let's go inside and get the full scoop on this dating website!
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Erotic Ads claims to have over 70 million members. If true, it would certainly be hard to argue with their claims of being the largest free dating site on the net. I visited the site several times over a nearly two-week span, and the site typically claimed to have over 50,000 members actively signed on at any given time.

When I first joined the site, I was assigned a generic name that I was later able to change. At first, I didn't upload a photo or fill out any information on this site. Despite this, I immediately received private messages and e-mails from other members of the site, most of them not more than a few words long. On the main page, the site displays results of people who are online in your area. You can also search other areas using the search page. Search options include the ability to look for other members based on their geographical location, various sexual preferences, age, and other attributes. Once you've located someone interesting, the site has built-in e-mail and private message features that allow you to contact them. Although a few people e-mailed me, no one responded to my messages when I e-mailed them back and I never received any response to the numerous private messages I sent to other online members even after I uploaded a photo and filled out some basic information on my profile.

The number of third-party ads for various porn websites and other services found inside Erotic Ads is rather overwhelming. These include typical banner ads, animated ads, and pop-ups. A good number of the links that lead to up-sell services are integrated into the site or are designed to look like they are private messages from other members. I got tricked into clicking a fake private message a couple of times, and pop-up ads for a live webcam service attached to Erotic Adds the everywhere. Every time I clicked to do a new search, send a message, or check my messages, I got another pop-up. It got to the point that it was actually slowing down my browser and I had to close them every time I wanted to do something.

Often, I noticed that the same profile picture would appear for members with different screen names. The same sexy brunette dressed as Wonder Woman seems to live in at least three different metropolitan areas in the US. I did sometimes find myself questioning whether some of these members are actually real people. It was also impossible not to notice that many of the members of the dating site are also listed on the live webcam section of the site. This is essentially an unrelated service that will cost you money if you want private time with the models. I was a little surprised to see so much of the site dedicated to the live webcam show business model rather than dating.

In addition to the dating and live webcam aspect of the site, Gold members can access the "Gold Room" where you can view porn videos in various categories. These are average to below average quality, nonexclusive videos.

Features & Navigation:

There are quite a few features and tools within the members area for Erotic Ads, although at least some of the various options you'll find on the menu are essentially ads rather than things that are actually included with membership. Contacting other members is easy using the sites private message and e-mail tools, and you can even send "flirts" to members who catch your eye.

As I mentioned, the number of ads found inside the members area of the site is so high that it's actually a detriment to navigating it. Pages often load slowly, and the pop-up windows stack up nearly every time you click on anything on any page.


Erotic Ads is a sort of hybrid dating/live webcam site that can be a little bit confusing and frustrating from the point of view of someone who is interested specifically in hooking up with people from their area. I was definitely expecting something that would allow me to contact attractive potential partners rather than pay people for webcam shows. That being said, membership here is free so you can join and check it all out yourself without spending a dime.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of members to browse
+ XXX videos for Gold members
- Seems to be more about webcam shows than dating
- Constant pop-ups and other ads
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