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Review of Gay Friend Finder Reviewed on 2017-04-21Last update on 2017-04-21

Reviewed Site: Gay Friend Finder

Gay Friend Finder
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Short Review:

Gay Friend Finder specialises in finding you the perfect gay match. Whether it is for a long term relationship or just for a bit of fun youll find the right guy here. There are over 900,000 members with hundreds on line each day waiting to chat to you, contact you via e-mail or let you look at their photos. You can search by country, age and type of guy and there are many other features besides, including blogs that you can read or create and magazines.
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Monthly 34.95

Current Ratings for Gay Friend Finder:

Our total rating: 68/100

Detailed Review:


Although you can view certain parts of the site as a non-paying member you will need to sign up for one of the packages in order to see everything. Youll see that you have the options of Gold and Silver memberships, they both give you the additional features but the difference is that you get a bigger discount with the gold membership with a few other extras like exclusive access to new members before anyone else.

Lets start at the top menu and work our way through all the options, features and content on the site. The home page holds all the links to all the various areas of gay Friend Finder and is of course the best place to start. You can see straight away who is on line at the same time as you are and there are thumbnails of the guys, where hey have uploaded pictures, to give you an idea. You will also see here if anyone has sent you a message and who has viewed your profile. Scrolling down you will see who is new, you can search or view videos and over on the right you will see links to the chat and blog areas of the site.

When you sign up you will need to create a profile, how else is anyone going to know you are out there and what you are like? Always fill these pages in with as much information as you can and dont be afraid to upload face pics. After all, people will want to know what you look like too and, if you show your face, then more people will contact you. Dont worry that your boss or your mates will see you after all, if they are in the site they are looking for the same things as you.

Once you are set up you will want to see who else is around. You can go to the search pages and find out how many guys are in your area, thats a good starting place. A simple search will be by area and age, but you can also add more specific details, such as languages spoken and race, to your search to help refine it. I ran a simple search by country and age and hundreds of guys came up. The ones with a face pic were the most interesting to me and, by clicking on their pics, you can go to their specific details page, as long as you are a silver or gold member. Here you will see all of his pics, his stats and from here you will also be able to contact him. In this search area, which is the most important part of the site, you can also see who is on-line right now and you can browse members by country, or in some cases by state. There are also options to look for members who live near you and who are compatible with the details you have put up about yourself. There are thousands of guys here, remember, so you could spend a lot of time searching. The best thing is to be as honest and specific with your searches as possible.

The picture and video content on the site comes from the members so dont expect great quality; its a little like viewing a self pic site except you have the opportunity to hook up with the guys should you both find each other attractive. And talking of videos there is an area where you can add your own video introduction and where you cans see other guys home movies too. A lot of these feature cock and wank shots, which is fine, but some are serious introductions. It all depends on what individuals are looking for. You could join the site just to get off on the video content and thats fine as a lot of these guys area hot. But if you are seriously looking for a match then thats o.k. too, in fact thats how the site started out to find perfect partners for single guys. Now though it has developed into something much bigger, though it doesnt lose sight of its original purpose. Again, to view the videos you will need to be a silver or gold member and I cant stress enough how important it is for you to join. Youll only get frustrated if you dont. Its not expensive and you can always cancel if you want to, or when you have met Mr Right and dont need to look for him anymore.

Features & Navigation:

Those are just some of the feature you will find at Gay Friend Finder and here is a quick rundown of some of the others. When you have seen some profiles that you like you can add them to your Hot List; this is a collection that you have made up, of guys who you might want to check out later. You can filter this list by age and so on so, when you have made enough on-line friends, you can simply search through them all to see who youd like to contact next. The Friends lists work in a similar way. The more people you chat to the bigger your network grows and you can invite anyone to be your friend and view their photo albums.

As for chat, there is an easy to use and fast loading chat area. Youll see that the rooms are arranged by country and there are some themed rooms too, even a lobby for first timers to start off their chat experience. The chat page will tell you how many guys are currently in each room so you dont go wandering into empty rooms and feel lonely. The chatting works by typing in your message and sending it and you can see what everyone else is writing. Youre also told who has just entered the room and who has left. Its fast and fun and a great way to start meeting people.

The Get Local area of the site lists all kinds of things sorted by geographical location. You can see what groups are operating near you these are groups of like-minded guys who share similar interests. You may find a sex-party group or a train spotting group in existence down the road from you. The themes of the groups are unlimited and are set up by members so you could always start one of your own. The local area also lists blogs that are being made by guys near you and articles too, you can also start your own blog or submit your own article of course. There is a magazine where you articles will appear, but the magazine contains more than just articles. There are surveys run, lists of advice lines and help topics and stories. Its a bit of everything thats an extra feature added to your membership.

The site also features your profile and Ive saved this until last as, by now I hope, you will be ready to sign up and get involved in this on-line community. And, when you do, be sure to fill out your profile as fully as possible. Its worth taking time over at the start although you can also edit it once you are inside. You can add loads of personal information as well as photos and the more pics you post the more views you will get, in my experience. Under the profile settings you can also put in your cupid preferences. You click as many of the boxes as apply to you, tell the search engine what age guy youre looking for, where he is and what hes into and the matchmaker returns with a list of potential dates. Each time someone new comes into the site as a member a match is automatically run and you can opt to be told when your perfect guy as arrived. Neat eh?


There are now lots of dating and hook up sites out there but Gay Friend Finder is one of the better gay ones. You get a good idea of how it all works from the free area but you will need to become a member to browse all the hot profiles and see the sexy homemade videos. You also get many more benefits as a member like better search options, on line e-mail facilities, unlimited contacts and profile views. So dont be shy, Mr Right is out there waiting for you.

Pros & Cons

+ Gay specific dating site
+ Good search options
+ Easy navigation
+ Loads of features
+ Thousands of guys
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