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Review of Out Personals Reviewed on 2008-07-01Last update on 2007-05-31

Reviewed Site: Out Personals

Out Personals
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Short Review:

This is one of, if not the, best dating, chat and hook ups sites around. If youve ever wondered why youve seen it advertised everywhere its because it is so popular. Millions of people around the world are using Out Personals now and its a tried and trusted site that does not disappoint. You can view things for free but its not expensive to join and you get so much more when you are a full member. Dont be shy, give it a try even if its only to see the horny amateur videos!
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Price Details:

Trial 9.95
Monthly 24.95

Current Ratings for Out Personals:

Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


You may well have seen Out Personals before as many websites that list chat and dating sites as part of their package actually send you over to Out Personals for this service. And rightly so; its one of the most well established and biggest hook up sites around, with over 1.5 million gay members all around the world. You will see from the first tour page that you can have the site translated directly for you into any one of ten languages so it really is international. There is also a lesbian and a straight version of the site that works in exactly the same way but here we are looking at the gay set up. Simply substitute guy for gal below and you have the other versions of the site.

You can run a search on the free area of the site and you will notice that each pic and write up that appears after your search also gives you the members status. Its worth explaining this before we go into the members area so you have an idea of what you get. Basically the more you pay the more you get. Standard membership is free but limits the amount of contact you can make and the size of images you can see but you are still able to access the site. Gold and Silver memberships allow you complete access to everything in more detail and you can view all images and make as many contacts as you like.

So how do I go about describing the content of the site to you? Well, Ill start at the home page and simply run through everything I do as I search for my perfect partner, or my one-off sex date, as this is the kind of thing youll want to do when you join. So, you have set up your basic profile and logged in and here we are at the home page. The site is made up of loads of little features, each of them simple to use and productive. Centre of the page you have thumbnails of who is on line right now; there is a list of recent members photo galleries, a quick search list, a list of newest videos and an instruction to update your profile. To the right are the chat options and to the left your personalised lists of who has viewed you and who is in your network. Further down is where you edit your profile and remember that the more information you put, the more contacts you will make. Also, be honest! Theres no point describing yourself as Brad Pitt if you actually resemble The Penguin from Batman, not if you want to meet someone and have the relationship last.

Across the top of the page are links to the other features of the site and first Im going to run a search. You can try a completely new search (will do in a moment) or you can browse all members, see who is near you and who is most popular. There is also a hottest member photos area. But first my new search: You can select a whole range of options here, solo or couples, looking for everything from chat to a relationship with sex in there too, their orientation, their age range and languages spoken. Actually the list goes on with over 20 options so you can be as specific as you want. Fill it in and click search. Up comes the page, or pages, of matching members. Each one comes with a photo (if they have uploaded one), his age and what he is looking for. There is also a compatibility rating to show you how close he is to your perfect match. Click one you like the look of and you have more details about him. This is where his profile is shown and this is why its important for you to fill yours out honestly and as fully as possible.

From each persons individual details page you can send messages via e-mail, including images, you can look at any extra photos he has, read testimonials by other members and even send him winks, voice messages and add him to your hot list. Again there are several other options here, almost too many to mention, as Out Personals has a very comprehensive arrangement of features and extras to help you find Mr Right or Mr right-now.

Im having a look at the hottest member photos now and there are 12 pages of them its great, its like being in an amateur porn site where real guys send in real photos actually thats exactly what its like but with the added bonus that I am able to contact any of these hot guys if I want to. Click on a hottie that you like the look of and there is his main page, its another way of searching. I tell you what, there are some hunky guys here with big cocks, some smooth young twink guys, boy next door types and they are all sexy. You can also see who the most popular member is this week and who lives closest to you. Whatever way you choose to view the other members you are bound to find someone near you, particularly as you can browse by country and then refine your search by age, what they are looking for and so on. Its great!

Features & Navigation:

Above I was talking mainly about the search options and how you set up your account but there are many other features on Out Personals worthy of a mention. You have a Hot-list where you can store your favourite guys and a set of friends options where people you have invited to be on your friends list can be listed. Next, along the top menu, there is a chat area. The chat rooms are listed by geographical area, so you can chat to someone next door or across the world a great way to set up meets before you travel. There are also themed rooms including webcam fun, cyber chat and type specific rooms (bears etc.). On the list that you will see you are also told how many people are in each room so you can decided to start a chat by being the first one in or join in with a session already taking place. The chat rooms open really quickly and you can read who is coming in and out and what they are writing. Its also easy to send your message and join in.

There is a get local part to the site where you can easily see what groups are near you. Groups are subject specific message boards that you can start or join in with. Just about anything goes so if you have a particular interest you can start a group and find other guys with the same interest. Simply select a group and see who the other members are, you can also access their profiles from here too. There is a similar set up for blogs, so you cans see who is writing what in your area, there is the same for articles and advice lines which is a great addition to the site and helps build the responsible, community feel that out Personals has.

Now we move on to the video section. This includes video posts by members, a place where you can upload your own, hottest videos and even live cams. I looked at the hottest member videos, the top scoring one, and found a one and a half minute solo jerk off scene by a well endowed and smooth chested hunk in Hong Kong. The videos streamed in really quickly, some had sound and some were couples in action. You could spend hours here looking at all these home movies and, when you think about some of the tat you get on adult pay sites, youre actually getting a lot of porn for your membership fee as well as the added bonus of being able to actually meet these guys. You can even filter the videos so that you can view only solo guys of a certain age or couples, including bi couples. You can spend hours in this section, using it as a place to get off or a place to meet hunky guys, its up to you.

Still moving along the top menu you have a magazine area where you can read hot stories and good articles, you can even supply your own. The same goes for the blogs section where you can choose to read or post, or both. There are hundreds of blogs here and its totally up to you if you want to join in with this part of the site or not. And, at the end of the menu, there is a shop where you can buy everything from butt-plugs to DVDs.

Finally I went back to the profile area to check out the personal features. Here you can add as much information about yourself as you think people will want to read. There is your basic profile, more detailed information, you can update your photo collection (the more you put the more views you will get), you can add a video and even add a bling these are icons you can use to give folk an idea of your personality and help to further personalise your pages.

These are just some of the features on Out Personals, to take you through each one would take forever so Ill leave it at that and let you go and explore on your own. Just to add though that, for such a big and complicated site, its really easy to navigate. All the technical things worked well, like the chat and video streams, and I have no complaints about it at all.


Remember that I was viewing the site as a gold member and you really should go for the gold membership, youll benefit so much more from having one. If you want to find like-minded guys for chat, friendship, a relationship or just for some quick sex youll find them in here. Whatever, or whoever, you are looking for you will find it and him easily and quickly at Out Personals. Join, its fab!

Pros & Cons

+ Easy to use
+ Full of sexy guys looking for only you
+ Great search engine
+ Easy to upload pics, vids and info
+ Contacting guys is simple
Click here to visit Out Personals and check out the tour.