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Review of Sex Search Reviewed on 2008-07-01Last update on 2018-03-24

Reviewed Site: Sex Search

Sex Search
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Are you tired of going to seedy bars just to try and pick up a fuck? Or have you ever been to a nightclub only to find that there are more guys than girls or vice versa? So where can we go to easily pick up a fuck in this day and age? Well with the internet at hand you can find a casual sex partner or something a little more lasting, all from the comfort of your own home. Sex makes all of this possible with their great online dating service.
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Detailed Review:


Well I couldn't find any information as far as member numbers go but I can tell you right now that there's a shit load here cause they've got members from over 200 countries around the globe. Forging overseas relationships has never been so easy, you could check out some hot women and men from the Czech Republic, or even Zimbabwe, the options are limitless.

The variety of members they have is truly on an epic scale, they've got straight, gay, and lesbians, so no matter what kind of sexual activities your into I'm sure you'll find someone else out there who's looking for the exact same thing, there's just so many possibilities. New members have the option to select between three different accounts which include Basic, Silver, or Gold. The "Basic" membership is free but you don't get the extra features the Silver and Gold Members get. The following lists are what the different accounts will allow you to do.

Basic Members
- General basic member searches
- Can upload photos and videos
- Can show interests to other members

Silver Members
- Can view all members photos and videos
- Can contact all other sexsearch members
- Can do advanced searches
- Can add people to their hotlist
- Get listed above all basic members in all search results

Gold Members
- Get full access to the Gold Room (Which I'll explain later)
- Can view all members' photos and videos
- Can contact all other members
- Get listed above all basic, and silver members in search results
- Can do advanced searches
- Can upload videos and photos
- Can show interests to other members
- Can add people to their hotlist

Now obviously with a domain name like "Sex Search" it goes without saying that all their members are looking to have some sort of sexual encounter. Anyway the first thing you'll have to do when you sign up is create your account. You can upload a picture of your choice if you wish, and you've to describe and pick your stats so that other members can get a rough idea whether they want to contact you or not. You'll have to choose things such as your sexual orientation, whether your circumsized or not (if your a guy of course), your measurements, eye and hair color, and what languages you can speak.

Now some of you are probably wondering what the Gold Room is all about. Well my friends this is where you can satisfy all your sexual urges if you aren't doing to well with responses from other members. The Gold Room provides a large collection of adult content in the form of movies, pictures, and a wide variety of other bonuses like adult games, they've even included escort services. All this should keep you busy while your waiting for replies from other horny members.

Features & Navigation:

To find the kind of partner you want, has never been easier. Sex search has provided a search engine which will allow their members to be brutally specific, on what kind of people they wish to view. you've the option of what kind of person your looking for, i.e Man, Women, Gay couple, etc. You can also choose what age your looking for 18 being the minimum of course, what kind of sexual encounters you wish to have, like cybersex, BDSM, fetishes, or just 1on1 encounters, and last but not least, you can choose which country the members your after are situated.

Gold members have access to an advanced search engine, which will help them pin point the members, and be even more specific, about the sex partner they're after. Gold member search criterias, include, Marital status, whether the person is circumsized or not, body hair, body type, ethnicity, and a whole lot more, way too much to write on this page, but yeah you get the point. Gold members have the privilege, of being able to find a partner which suits his or her exact taste, hehe talk about being picky.

Each sex search member acquires a mailbox, where other sex search members can directly send you messages, and if your lucky like me, it won't take long before you start getting some responses, just make sure your account details and all that, are somewhat appealing, but then again, with a dating site of this magnitude, I'm sure there would be a lot of crazy people, who like to do crazy sexual things, so yeah forget what I said about making your account appealing, just be honest and you'll find the members you want, it's just finding them that's the hard part. But yeah, it's a guarantee that you'll meet some new and interesting people on this dating service site, and hey that's what half the fun is all about.


If you've always had a hard time looking for a sexual partner that likes the same things you do, then this is the one tool which will help you fulfill your sexual urges. With members across the globe, all looking for a fuck or just to have a nice chat and a good time (hehe yeah right). Then I strongly recommend you join this service. Who knows you might end up meeting your life partner on the net, or you can keep it as casual as you want, either way it's all in good fun.

Pros & Cons

+ Tonnes of members
+ International service
+ Members can be very specific on searches
Click here to visit Sex Search and check out the tour.