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Review of Xpress Reviewed on 2013-10-21Last update on 2018-03-24

Reviewed Site: Xpress

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Short Review:

Xpress claims to be the world's largest dating website. That's a pretty tall claim considering the massive popularity of some of the better-known dating destinations out there, but the site itself has a very slick and modern look and it's certainly easy to imagine that there are many, many singles inside just waiting for the right hook up. I'll take you inside the Gold members area for the full scoop on this dating site.
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Detailed Review:


Upon logging into Xpress, I noticed that the site claims to have over 70 million members with over 53,000 of them online at the same time I was. These numbers are simply staggering and would certainly blow just about any other dating site out of the water is true, but it's a little difficult to truly verify claims like this.

As soon as I joined this site, I was assigned a generic numerical name. Even without uploading a photo of myself for filling out any profile information on this site, I was immediately contacted by several members by private message. It's easy to search for other members based on where they live, their age, and their various preferences. From there, you can send them private messages if they are online or you can send them an e-mail that they'll receive the next time they login. I only ever had luck e-mailing a few members. No one ever responded to my private messages, although I was tricked into clicking ads that look like pop-up private messages on more than one occasion.

The members area pages here are practically covered in ads for porn site memberships, other dating sites, and live webcam services. In fact, Xpress offers a pay live webcam service that is a little more integrated with the dating side of things than I would have liked as someone browsing for dates rather than webcam shows. I saw the same women listed in both the live webcam section of the site, which requires additional payment if you want to view the shows, as well as in the "online members" section of the site. Overall, things here seemed just as much geared to porn videos and premium live webcam shows as they are to dating. In fact, some of the profiles listed for the members and the dating side of the site read like profiles filled out by professional webcam models and even sometimes specifically mentioned live webcam shows. I definitely got the feeling that not everyone on this site was here for the same reason I was, namely, dating and hooking up.

In addition to the social networking and communication options for the dating side of things and the capability of purchasing live webcam shows, Gold members of Xpress can access a "Gold Room" collection of XXX videos in a wide variety of categories.

Features & Navigation:

Xpress offers a relatively feature filled members area with options for contacting other members in various ways, sending "flirts," searching for members in various geographical locations, and matching up with those you are most compatible with. Although I wasn't a fan of the "pop-up" style of the private message windows, the communication tools here get the job done.

As I mentioned, the site features a large number of ads on its various pages. Unfortunately, these are often blinking and animated and can be quite distracting. Other ads featured medical style drawings of internal organs, strangely placed right next to images of hardcore sex. On top of the regular banners on the various pages within the site, I was practically bombarded by pop-up windows of various types every time I clicked on anything on any page. Want to send a message? You'll get a pop-up window with a live webcam model. Want to search for women in your area? Yet another pop-up. With every action on the site, I was forced to close yet another pop-up window despite the fact that I have pop-up blocking software installed for my browser. There were so many pop-ups that it actually started to slow down my computer.


Xpress doesn't really seem to be as geared toward people looking to date and hook up as I was expecting. The most active section of the site, by far, is the live webcam section, and this was disappointing from the point of view of someone looking for dating and sex partners in their area. Luckily, if you'd like to find out for yourself, a basic membership is free of charge.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of members to browse
+ XXX videos for Gold members
- Seems to be more about webcam shows than dating
- Constant pop-ups and other ads
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