Discount Reality Sites
Discount Reality Sites 962 Discount Reality Sites If your a big fan of reality porn and an even bigger fan of bargains then you my friend need to get your horny hands on this membership called the All Reality Sites Access.
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Discount Reality Sites

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Discount Reality Sites

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If your a big fan of reality porn and an even bigger fan of bargains then you my friend need to get your horny hands on this membership called the All Reality Sites Access. This membership will give you full access to 22 awesome reality sites all for the price of what you'd usually pay for the membership of just one sites! now if that isn't a sweet deal then I don't know what is!

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Reality porn is the kind of porn that just about anyone could enjoy, there's always a funny side story, the intros are always worth a look at just for a quick laugh and for the most part the models don't take themselves too seriously. Of course we know that most of this kind of content is staged but those of us who are true reality porn fans will still enjoy it for what it is, plus it's always funny watching the models try their hand at acting which isn't always the best though you'll be surprised sometimes.

Ok so with your membership you'll be allowed access to 22 sites! now you don't need me to tell you this but that is a shit load of porn! Just to give you a brief incite on what kind of reality sites are available here is a few of the more interesting sounding sites you'll have access to these include Wife Switch, Virgin 18-19 Lesbians, Gang Bang Squad, Her First DP, Boat Band, My Sex Tour, and College Wild Parties. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the sites which you have access to but you can take my word for it that there's definately something here to suit just about anyones sexual preferences.

The videos available through out the sites are a mix of downloadable and streamed videos all of which are available in three different versions to cater for the different types of connection speeds making things a lot more convenient for members on slow connections. To be honest though I found that the dial-up versions of their videos weren't that great, personally I'd stick with the broadband versions as they look great.

The videos are available in wmv, mov, and mp4 format, the mp4 format can be stored and played on portable media players which support video playback, needless to say it can be quite convenient having some porn to take around with you on those long road trips, just be sure to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.

I was surprised to see that every single one of the episodes available came with a set of high quality photos, cause I'll admit that for some reason I was expecting to see crappy looking screen captures, luckily they opted for pictures which are nothing short of breath taking, as they're just flawless in every way clarity, color and size I couldn't find a single thing wrong with these pictures, pure eye candy at it's finest!

Now you'd think that 22 sites worth of content would be enough but members are still have quite a bit left on their plate, not to mention that these sites get updates on a weekly basis. Anyway the kind of extras members are spoiled with include an assortment of sex advice articles, raunchy adult comics, hot interactive sites, and a plethora of bonus video feeds. This my friends is truly a reality porn bargain you do not want to miss!

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The tour pages of this site are great and all but you really need to see the actual sites themselves to get the full gist of what your in for as the samples portrayed on the tour pages are only the tip of the iceberg. Scrolling down the tour pages you'll get a brief glimpse of what the individual sites offer and potential customers can even treat themselves to a few short teasers.

The main members area is fairly straight forward, you've got your navigation menu down the left border this menu consists of links which will direct you to the latest updates sections, the main members area, and the various links to the extra reality sites and bonus video feeds you have full access to. The middle section of the main members area is where you'll find the several links to their droll worthy collection of reality sites, each site includes a short description on what kind of content the site provides.

To Make your way to the various reality sites all you have to do is click on the links I mentioned above, you will be directed straight to the main members area of the site you selected without having to re-enter your login, making the task of site traversing a lot quicker as you won't have to bash in your password every time you enter a new site.

Scrolling further down the main members area you'll come across the Most Recent Updates section. This consists of information in regards to the latest and greatest, you can check up on updates on all the other sites from here so you won't have to visit each one individually just to find out whether or not there are new updates. So that pretty much sums up the navigation and mechanics of the site, at first the members area of the sites can get a little confusing as I did find that there are a lot of links and thumbnails all over the place, but once you get more familiar with the site it all becomes second nature.



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To put it simple this membership will be the only one you'll need for a while if your a true reality fan, and with weekly updates to their sites it could be the only membership you'll need. Seriously though if your looking for a bargain then you can't get much better than this check it out now if you love reality porn, you won't regret it!

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of content
  • + Heaps of extras
  • + Access to multiple bonus sites
  • + Picture content is great
  • + Weekly updates