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Short Review:

Out of all the various categories I would have to say that Karup's Private Collection would have to fall under the babes category just because there are just so many hotties in their line up of ladies. The site provides quite a myriad of different types of porn ranging from tasteful softcore content to bare knuckled all out hardcore fuck fests making this site a safe join for just about any type of porn fan.
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Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 88/100

Detailed Review:


Karup's collection has always been known for providing some of the hottest ladies from all around the world. See they don't pick just any random slut who's looking to make a buck in the porn industry, they hand pick only the most beautiful ladies they can find to star on their site and from what I have seen the developers are doing a mighty fine job. Also they have done an awesome job on providing a nice array of different types of women from hot black babes, stunning Latina hotties, cute Asian ladies, and of course the blonde, brunette, and redhead Caucasian ladies. Diversity also comes in body shapes and ages so given their massive selection of ladies it's pretty safe to say that there's a model here to suit just about everyone's taste.

In a way Karup's Private collection could be classified as a general porn site as it pretty much provides all types of content. Members are treated with everything from hardcore scenes featuring full on fucking with a generous amount of anal drilling, lesbian scenes where we get to enjoy some of the finest ladies eating each other out, softcore movies, teen movies, milf scenes, amateur scenes, and exotic content. With most babe sites like this I'm used to seeing only softcore content so it's refreshing to see a babes based site cater for fans of hardcore porn as well.

Karup's Private Collection is just one of many sites which are a part of the Karup network. All up there's roughly over 9700 individual picture galleries plus approximately 2400 video clips most of which are exclusive to the site, that being said it's obvious that members will have their hands busy for quite some time as that collection is certainly going to take some time to go through. That's not where it ends either because the site gets updated quite frequently, how does 4 picture gallery updates and 3 video updates on a daily basis sound? Pretty damn good right? Keep in mind that most of the content is exclusive to the site and you've got an epic update rate right there!

The videos on offer run for roughly 15 minutes each and can be downloaded off the site in wmv format which come in encoding rates of up to (1300kbps @ 640x480) plus the fact that the videos don't come with any DRM restrictions means that members can keep the content for as long as they want. What I did find a little strange however is that members can't download the episodes in full scenes, rather they are only available in short clips which could become tedious for members who are on fast connections who want to download the entire scene in one go however it does make things a lot more convenient for members on slower connections though it would have been nice if they provided both options.

Seeing as the photo archive is a lot larger than the video collection it came to no surprise that the photos look absolutely stunning. The sizes they come in may not be ground breaking at (1024x700 pixels) however the clarity is off the charts and the colors practically make the photos come to life. The photos were also professionally taken as there's artificial lighting and the models were certainly glamored up before hand. All I can say is that the photos certainly do the ladies justice as the look amazing in the images.

In addition to all the featured content available on Karup's private collection there's also a bonus collection which members have access to. These are bonus picture galleries which add up to 100 sets in total, there's no information on the source of these and they could have very well been provided within the featured section, I feel as though they have just put these in the bonus section to make members feel happier that there's actual bonus content on offer, either way it's more porn so I'm not complaining, just making a point.

Features & Navigation:

For some reason the color on the tour pages of Karup's Private Collection reminds me of a watermelon I'm thinking it's because they have used the colors light green and light red which really makes the tours look great. There's information on what categories the site covers and going down the page you'll come across plenty of sample pictures and free trailers just to give you a quick glimpse of the saucy content available inside.

Once in the main members area members are immediately notified about the new bonus content area which looks to have been recently added to the site. There's a few advertisements as you make your way down the site which are eye sores to be brutally honest and at the bottom of the home page there are 2 links which will take you to the picture and video updates which have the latest updates organized over indexed pages in the form of thumbnail links.

Down the left side of the page is a set of links which will take you to the different content categories clicking on any one of these will take you to the main archive of your chosen category which which is pretty much a thumbnail gallery spread over a certain amount of indexed pages. Each thumbnail features a portrait of the lovely model starring in the photo or video, below the thumbnail is information including the model's name, when the content was uploaded, how many images (or if you're in the video gallery how long the video runs for) and the general rating according to other members.

Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to the main content area where members can view the pictures straight off the site or download pictures in a single zip file for offline viewing, and in the video galleries it's as simple as clicking on the thumbnail links to the different segments, doing so will automatically prompt members with the download options.


I was very pleased with the variety of content Karup's Private collection has in store though the only thing which I wasn't overly impressed with was the quality of the content. To be fair the videos and photos aren't bad, in fact they are above average it's just that I expected more from this site as far as quality goes. Content numbers are decent and so is the standards in models, overall a safe join for just about any type of porn fan.

Pros & Cons

+ Nice selection of porn
+ Most of the content is exclusive
+ Updates are very frequent
+ Models are gorgeous and a nice variety
+ Easy to browse
+ Nice site presentation
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