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Kink Unlimited 7278 Kink Unlimited is probably the biggest fetish porn studio working today. It has its own castle where it makes its dungeon porn and is known for its BDSM, Femdom and variety.
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Kink Unlimited

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Short Review is probably the biggest fetish porn studio working today. It has its own castle where it makes its dungeon porn and is known for its BDSM, Femdom and variety. Here at Kink Unlimited, they are now offering you the full package: all 25 + of its own sites and a collection of fetish porn from many others, straight, gay and trans. Fetish is the focus, originality and quality are the aims, and one thing is for sure; Kink never fails to deliver.

  • Monthly: $35.99
91/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 3/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 10/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 14/15
  • Quantity: 15/15

'If numbers be the food of fetish, count on' Excuse the poor misquote, but I was so bowled over by the sheer amount of content at Kink Unlimited, I had to start with that. You're looking at a mix of exclusive content and non-exclusive from other top kinky sites, and with everything gathered together, your member' area currently holds over 13,800 scenes, with over 11,600 of them being from Kink itself. Three are 109 channels of porn, 4,249 featured models, and 58 categories of porn to view. You can then filter the channels down into four main headings, Fetish, Femdom, Hardcore and BDSM and within then you have a mix of straight, gay, bi and trans sites, channels and movies, with ways to further filter. Thanks to the neat design of the site, it's easy to find precisely what you want.

Using the Browse function, you can head straight to the scenes, see what's new and which studio each scene comes from. Remember you're in a multi-sexuality network here, the subject matter is kink, and some true fetishists like to soak up the pain and pleasure of men with men as much as men with women, so this full list of 13,800 covers all kinds of kinky hardcore. Maybe listing some of the sites showing content will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Kink Classics, Hogtied, Families Tied and Kinky Bites are just a few of the BDSM and domination channels, and a couple of them have channels for straight and gay. There are contributions from the DDF Network and the Fetish Network covering more general fetish porn, POV Pickups and Public Disgrace, Fucked and Bound and Pascal's SubSluts all have some scenes here, and among the gay fetish collection, you've got some scenes from legends like Family Dick, Men At Play and Str8 To Hell.

Now then, that might sound like a list of feeds and bought-in content, but actually, Kink Unlimited takes the best from other sites and lists them in with its own exclusives. They always maintain high quality standards, so you're not seeing the dregs, but more likely the best of what these channels have to offer. So, if you want to see men dominating women, women dominating men, men vs men, women vs women You're going to find it among the channels: 19 Fetish, 27 Femdom, 31 Hardcore and 32 BDSM.

When it comes to playing and downloading your content, it's simple. The latest video, for example, released yesterday and staring Lance Heart comes with three streaming options/speeds, 1080p, 720p and 480p and with three Mp4 downloads (right click and save). There is also a trailer and descriptions. Head back to the older content, and you find mainly two stream options, but still five downloads including HD, though the very oldest scenes are from 1998, so I'm not sure how 'HD' they will be. Still, the quality is fine, and the fetish is all there. In terms of runtimes, some movies are ten minutes, most are a standard 20 or so, and some are more than full length. Sort them by their runtime, and you'll find one at five hours and others at two hours.

As for photos, some scenes come with image collections that you can download in zip files, but the main thrust of Kink Unlimited seems to be the video content, so there is no separate photos area.

So, you are looking at a massive stack of content featuring all kinds of fetish porn and with 4,249 featured models in the extensive index. Updates are pouring in despite current conditions (some movies are still being made, but tend to be solos filmed remotely), the site is building its video content, I didn't find any photos, but every scene was downloadable, good quality and best of all, there's a mass of variety.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 9/10

Navigating this landscape of pain and pleasure is surprisingly easy. The home page will show you what's new, with upload dates and sample images. The Browse drop-down menu takes you to the scenes, models, channels, studios and directors lists, and the categories page hones things down to 58 categories in total, or you can separate gay from straight. I found it easier to open a new channel in a new tab, keeping the main menu on one page, so it was easier to come back to. You can also do your own keyword search by movie, models, channels and studios, so there was no trouble finding exactly what I wanted to see.

Viewing pages hold some standard interactive options like rates and comments, plus linked category words for filtering, and suggestions for other scenes to view next. On top of that, members have a list of available workshops they can attend, and a page of BDSM resources, so it's about more than just watching hot videos. (There were forums, but the president of the USA has passed a law which means they had to be shut down. The Forums page explains how you can protest against this.) There are also links to add-ons such as Kink Live and Kink VR, plus a few adverts on pages which don't get in the way too much.

Accessing the members' area is easy and surprisingly cheap. The monthly offer stands at $35.99, which isn't bad at all for such a lot of content, but if you opt to stay longer, you can save more. A six-month plan, for example, works out the same as $20.83 per month, and the annual one at $13.50 per month, both paid in block instalments.

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Whether you want the best of straight fetish or gay, trans or lesbian, you're going to find it featured at the new collection of Kink Unlimited. Exclusive scenes, others from established fetish providers, 1080p HD movies, mobile files, some hot galleries, masses of hot models, plenty of updates and an easy to use members' interface all combine to bring you the best fetish experience on the net. It's as simple as that.

Pros & Cons

  • + Masses of varied content
  • + Exclusive scenes
  • + Plenty of kinky variety
  • + Easy to use
  • + Good interactive functions
  • + Frequent updates
  • + Great price
  • - Not all scenes are exclusive
  • - Not all are HD