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Ive just had a good look around inside the Femjoy member area and I can tell you that Femjoy is a joy to see. Were looking at a site that is all about glamour photography and high definition videos here, with top class girls. The site is mainly about the glory of the female nude, but there are some girl/girl moments as well. The full naked posing, some with spread legs and pussy views are some of the best I've seen in a long while, and the quality if everything is great.
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Our total rating: 89/100

Detailed Review:


This might come across as a bit of a wild rave but I was blown away by the quality of the content at Femjoy. The site knows what it is doing and it stays with its promised niche, and with its tour promises, which is always a good thing. Here we have a bevy of beauties, a line-up of lovelies, a stable of stunners and a large collection of exclusive, well taken images and videos. Updates happen daily, usually with two updates per day and everything is well set out.

So, first, the photos as this is primarily a photo site though there are also plenty of videos, more than many videos sites, but back to them in a moment. When I was in the site there were around 6,500 galleries dating back from 2004, when the site started. The images are consistently good in quality terms, with various photographers behind the camera. There are various ways to view the images, with a choice of downloads and zip files and thumbnail pages to open where you can then choose what size image you want. Images are available at 800, 1,200 and 5,500 px in files and Large and Medium sizes online. Galleries hold around 100 pics each. They are posed shots of course, as this is not a hardcore site, though some of the posed girl/girl shots are more than suggestive enough. It feels like it should go without saying that the quality is outstanding.

In the videos department, I found over 670 videos to view, and remember that all of this content is exclusive. Movies were available as both streams and downloads with MP4 and WMV files available. I found a top resolution at 1,280 x 720 @ 2,600 in WMV and at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 5,000 for MP4. I guess the file size might be an issue for some if downloading on a slow connection, but actually they were not that large as the videos were not that long, around four minutes. Again the quality is excellent and these are top-notch glamour videos with each one bringing you a good journey around a very sexy lady, naked and giving you plenty of erotic viewing.

Older movies (and photos) may have smaller specs of course, and many not be up to these top sizes, but they are still well taken and good to view, and there is a lot of content, plus the two updates every day. I have been told that there is a download limit of 3Gb per hour, though you'd have to work pretty had to manage that. You'll find the videos shown with their stream at the top of an index page, so no individual viewing pages, and then you click the commands beneath in order to see the download and interactive options. Photo pages work in the same way with all the details about a photo set at the top of an index page, and these include the name of the photographer so that you can click this and see his other content.

Femjoy also has a model index with over 1,000 girls listed. There are ways to filter and search this and you get some good stats and details about each one, plus handy links to her videos or galleries. The bottom line? This is an outstanding set of videos and galleries with totally hot models, it's all glamour content with perfect nudity and intimate moments and you receive two new updates every day.

Features & Navigation:

To have excellent content is one thing, but you also need to show that content off in an excellent way. I reckon that Femjoy does that, the site has one of the best, most original designs I've seen in a while. It's all black background stuff, which makes the pics and texts stand out and it is all very easy to navigate and use. There's a strong top menu that includes a search box and links to the main areas. Simple.

But the main pages are also neatly set out with everything you need in one place. So, the home page gives you links to tour favourite videos area and your album (where you can add and view photos), you can leave comments here and search the site by year. There are ways to sort the content by date and popularity, and you can filter out any lesbian action you want to see, and the home page also shows you whats new.

Those index pages I mentioned hold clear images of content that act as links, and the top parts offer you all those same search and sort options. Galleries come with the zip files and slideshows, and all content comes with some basic info, rates, comments, add to favourites and links to other work by the same girl. I have to point out that I did find an Application error when trying to view some of the older videos (2005) and found nothing listed for 2004, but perhaps that was a temporary glitch as, apart from that, the site ran smoothly and very well.


Femjoy has got to be one of the top glamour model sites around offering excellent photography, hot models, and a brilliantly designed site that is interactive and easy to use. You will find updates happen twice per day, there's already loads to see, it is all highly collectable, and the quality is outstanding. There is very little to fault here, apart from those missing videos in the earlier collections, and this site comes highly recommend for collectors of quality glamour content.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Very good quality
+ Twice a day updates
+ Good content count
+ Outstanding models
+ Nice design
+ HD

- Some films missing (?)
- Could do with more info
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