Girls Way
Girls Way 6870 Girls Way If you look at the most popular porn genres in the world, you will instantly notice that lesbian videos are some of the biggest in the industry.
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Girls Way

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Short Review

If you look at the most popular porn genres in the world, you will instantly notice that lesbian videos are some of the biggest in the industry. So, if you want to get some of that lesbian content on your screen, the AdultTime network seems to have just the channel for you and it comes in the form of Girlsway AKA Girls Way. This channel features exclusive and high-resolution lesbian porn that features everything from anal fisting to sensual erotic threesomes. Girlsway is perfect lesbo lovers.

  • Trial: $1
  • Monthly: $14.95
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 13/15

The lesbian porn category has been taking the porn industry by storm for quite some time now and it is obvious that it is here to stay. That is why you need a source of premium lesbian porn content such as Girlsway. This is just one of the channel installments of the AdultTime network, and it pretty much has everything you need for a nice lesbian porn session. From erotic girls experimenting with pussy for the first time, to MILF-teen dynamics, to even things like hardcore lesbian fisting.

The Girlsway channel has been around for a while, but it is only recent that the network started focusing a lot of its efforts on this channel. It is a bold turn of events for the AdultTime network and we think that it is nice that they are giving in to demand. There is always a high demand for lesbian films in the industry, and it is great to see that this place gets frequent video updates. There is a new video being uploaded almost every single day. These videos come in pretty much all shapes and forms.

But you are probably wondering if the quality stacks up with the expectations seeing as how there are so many new uploads on this site all the time. Well, as it turns out, AdultTime takes quality seriously. They do not put out any low-quality content on Girlsway. The lowest they will go in resolution is Full HD content. However, once you get past that, you will notice that this place prides itself the most with the fact that most of their most recent videos are in 4K resolution.

This has been a staple of many AdultTime channels, but it also meant that there are fewer uploads coming out for many of them. Not for Girlsway, however, this place only seemed to have sped up with the rate of dishing out new lesbian pornos. While there are only around 1,800 videos on the channel right now, it is obvious that the rate of videos being uploaded will mean that this channel will reach 2,000 videos faster than you can say Girlsway.

The most interesting thing about the content, for us, is the affordability. There arent many networks out there that manage to cut their regular price down to just under $15 for all the privileges of streaming and even downloading 4K porn videos on so many channels including Girlsway, but this place does it, and it does it well. You can even get a three-dollar three-day trial as well!

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 9/10

Seeing as how Girlsway has almost two thousand videos at this point, it is important that you have a good design that will let you traverse the landscape of this adult network quite easily. We feel that Girlsway does a good job at that, but it carries with it some of the similar issues that most other sites on the AdultTime network seem to suffer from.

One such issue is the speed. There are so many features here that the sites sometimes struggle to load up everything in a decent time window. Girlsway is no exception to this rule, and so we hope to see this change going forward. Other than that, the video player itself sometimes stutters, but it generally does a good job with buffering the videos.

If you want to see the subgenres, all you need to do is scroll down on the Latest Videos page and find the Girlsway category on the left-hand side of the site, but not the far-left since thats reserved for the main navigation bar. Once you find that sweet spot, you will see all the subchannels that operate under Girlsway such as Girls Try Anal, Mommys Girl, Oral Experiment and so on. All of these are great if you want to check out something new that the lesbian part of the adult industry has been cooking up.

More importantly, you can download all the videos here with the simple download feature you will find under the Video Player. You can select any resolution you want from a wide array of options. All of this is great for creating your own little porn stash, and it is simply incredible that you have got the download feature with the standard membership. Usually premium porn sites charge a bit extra for that, but you can experience all the joys of these features for just under $15 a month or $95 dollars a year.

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With a sizable repository of lesbian porn, Girlsway is not only the best lesbian channel on AdultTime, but it is one of the best premium sources of lesbo porn. It is nice to see that Girlsway is also getting into the 4K craze, with most of their newest uploads coming out in Ultra HD resolution. The best part is that the membership is affordable, and you also get the rest of the AdultTime network for it. Check it out for just $14.95 for a monthly membership, you will not be disappointed.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive lesbian porn
  • + Rapid new film releases
  • + Extremely high-quality
  • + Affordable membership
  • + Great features to use
  • + Download in 4K Ultra HD
  • + Discounted price
  • - Sometimes slow buffering