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It's all about alternative girls, hardcore scenes, great creativity and prefect productions at Burning Angel. This site, now all in one place, contains exclusive amateur and professional porn guys and girls in scenes you only find here. It is a bit of a legend, it has been around long enough to know exactly what it is doing and what it is doing is bringing you great hardcore. There are updates, downloads, galleries, a forum, interactive fun and more to be had here.
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Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 87/100

Detailed Review:


The tour is very similar to the members' area so you can see what you are going to find inside before you get inside, and that also means there are no false promises and no disappointments. There are news updates and loads of images to catch the eye, lots of update news and girls on the home page so spend a few moments getting used to it and then head off through the menu to find the content.

The menu starts with the Girls and the model index and there were 308 great looking and alternative looking models when I was in the site. These are the stars who make Burning Angel what it is: different. The girls are not your usual porn models, they are not the false and busty babes (no offence) who you often see, they are not the plain amateurs either. These girls are Goths and Emos, biker chicks, rock chicks, tattooed, pierced, dyed and, well, alternative and a refreshing change. They are special and I can't think of another site that features such great and gorgeous models as these. The model index links every girl to her videos and pics, gives you decent stats and usually quite a lot of background as well.

Next on the menu is the Pics area with large sample shots that are clear and that link to the galleries. There are 1,693 galleries at the moment with various numbers of images each. These now open up to large resolution sizes, such as 1,920 x 1,280 when at full size and come in a really neat player that makes the galleries easy to navigate. As there are now 739 videos there are clearly more galleries than there are movies, but you will find a lot of the action from the movies in this area.

You also find good viewing options when you go to the movies area and see the large sample shots of each scene arranged over index pages. Click the one you want and there's a large streaming screen for you with plenty of choice for viewing. The file types are Flash, for streaming, Mp4 and WMV, but the option you now have are pretty stunning. There are up to 11 downloads per scene and seven streams with usually around six or seven mobile versions as well. The older movies don't have as many choices and the resolutions there go from 160p to 480, maybe slightly higher on occasions, but the recent HD movies go right up to 1080p if you want them to. The Mp4 options tend to hold the HD movies rather than the WMV, but these still go pretty big.

He quality of your content is great, there are no complaints in that department. You have good storylines, good camerawork, neat scenes, good settings, lighting and sound and you also have the perfect performances from your alternative perfect models.

Features & Navigation:

The site is well set out and very functional. Moving further along the menu you find a forum so you can get completely interactive if you want to, but not only can you comment here, you can also rate content and the bottom bar on the pages holds links to all the social networking sites you are possibly a member of. Hidden away down there is also a link to some free wallpapers and other goodies, so make sure you don't miss that.

Index pages can be rearranged and you can find scenes by categories, or models, from drop-down lists that you find on these pages. You can opt to have more of less info about each sample on the pages too and see whats coming up next. There are rates to give, and these will change the most popular or most rated scenes or galleries, so that's another way of getting interactive.

The viewing pages come with neat info and links to other scenes of interest and to the models and you are able to make comments directly onto the scenes page as well. If you really want to get involved then you can check out the Burning Angels events page. Here you can find details of things like live shows that feature some of the models, or even public appearances by BS models, and other news. There's an area called Words in your menu and this lets you in to articles, news items and even rock band reviews; the site of course favours the punks and heavier side of rock and does a lot to promote new and up-coming bands.

And finally, in among all this fun, is your account area where you can make up your own profile and even upload your own photos. I had no technical problems with the site at all and I loved all these extra functions and features.


Burning Angel gives us something wonderfully different with its hardcore hard rock chicks, Goths, punks, Emos and alternative porn models in brilliant hardcore scenes. Ranging from solo to lesbian and groups, you get good variety, excellent viewing options, HD movies, high resolution images, a forum and many other interactive options as well. When you want something good and different, then you want to join his site.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Great quality
+ Good viewing options
+ Nice design
+ Fully interactive
+ Regular updates

- Older moves are not HD
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