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Video Box 2080 Video Box Video Box brings customers the convenience of downloading full retail DVDs at the comfort of their very own home.
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Video Box brings customers the convenience of downloading full retail DVDs at the comfort of their very own home. With 39 unique categories to choose from and a massive archive of over 4,400 full length DVDs and counting it is a guarantee that your money will be well spent. So if you are after an endless supply of hardcore porn and a diverse collection to boot then you need look no further as Video Box excels on delivering both these aspects.

  • Monthly: $15.00
92/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 5/5
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 14/15
  • Quantity: 15/15

Being as popular as DVD archives are on the internet it's not a surprise that more and more are popping up all over the place. With a heated battle royale in the cut throat competition of luring in the masses it was inevitable that DVD archives are starting to up the ante and provide a ridiculous amount of DVDs for members to dig in to. Video Box is no exception, this DVD archive is monstrous to say the very least. With over 25,000! Scenes spanning across 4,400 DVD titles which cover 39 niches this deal is looking mighty attractive.

As far as content go Video Box is pretty much like any other DVD archive but what sets this site apart from other DVD archives is their tidal wave of updates which is sure to keep members coming back for more. As if over 4,400 DVD titles wasn't enough the developers have been pumping out the updates non-stop with a whopping 5 new DVDs on a daily basis. Now you don't need to be a math genius to figure this out but that's a whole fucking lot of DVDs! So much so that you'll be running around in circles trying to figure out where to start.

Though they've made things a lot easier for members who like to be specific with their porn as to help them out in choosing where to start. The DVDs have been separated in to 39 categories to help niche driven members find exactly what they want with a single click of the mouse. The myriad of categories will astound you and no matter what kind of porn you are in to you will certainly find something here which will catch your eye. Categories range from popular mainstream like gonzo, teens, and big tits, to the more kinkier type of niches which will certainly please fetish fans who are in to peeing, and BDSM. They've even gone out of their way to include some behind the scene footage taken from some of the DVDs.

Knowing that the thousands of DVDs derive from various production companies obviously makes quality control some what a bit of a hassle for the developers. Because the fact is if the original version of the media wasn't top notch to begin with then there isn't a whole lot they can do about it. So to put it simply you will come across scenes that look great and scenes which look pretty average. However the encoding team have done their best to try and keep the quality consistent.

There are two memberships available and depending on which one you join you'll either have access to average quality videos clocking in at (700kbps @ 480x360) or DVD quality videos clocking in at an impressive (2600kbps @ 640x480). The developers certainly haven't held back on video options as members have the luxury to stream flash videos straight off the site, or download Wmv versions of entire scenes or custom length clips to download, and the best part is the scenes aren't held back by any DRM restrictions so you can keep the porn you download for as long as you see fit.

So there's not much else to say about the content because that's pretty much it. Tailored memberships which suit both dial up customers and people on blistering fast broadband connections under a massive array of DVDs spanning across a diverse selection of niches which is sure to whet the appetite of just about any type of porn lover. Whether you're in to kinky fetishes or just straight out hardcore sex there's certainly something here for you.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 9/10

If you've ever had the pleasure of browsing through an online DVD archive before then you'll find navigating your way around Video Box quite familiar. A popular concept amongst DVD archives is allowing non-members to browse through the entire collection of DVDs and Video Box has also granted non-members this luxury. Non-members can check out screen captures of the various scenes, the DVD box covers, and browse through the content via categories. In other words you'll get to see exactly what you're paying for.

As far as site presentation goes Video Box is plain and simple, it doesn't try to be too flash nor is it too dull, it's lingering some where in between and it certainly works for the site. The first thing you'll find on the homepage is a list of thumbnails representing the latest updates on the site. There are seven of these thumbnails all up and a single click on them will bring you to the main download section for your chosen DVD. To help members who are having a little trouble on choosing where to start they can scroll all the way down to the bottom of the homepage to find a list of the most popular DVDs. These have been voted by fellow members so you can be sure that they're a great watch.

Hunting down the exact kind of porn you're after couldn't get much easier as the developers have provided a plethora of search tools making the task a walk in the park. Situated down the left border of the site is a list of all the categories the various DVDs fall under organized in alphabetical order. A single click on these and members are presented with an entire list of all the DVDs which fall under that particular niche going from latest to oldest updates. In the top navigation menu you'll notice links to other search options including search by porn star, studio, and series. There's even a search engine if you feel the need to use that. All in all you won't be having any problems what so ever in finding the type of porn you're after.

Every DVD in the archive is represented by the DVD box cover. This is used as a link to the main downloads and streaming area for the particular DVD. Within the main downloads area is where the download and streaming links are located. Here you can also get a good indication on what the scene involves just by checking out the various screen shots for each individual scene. At the top of this section you'll find the rating of the DVD, all the categories it falls under, and a short description on the DVD. One of the greatest features on Video Box is that members have the option to make custom length clips meaning you can save a chunk of your bandwidth usage by cutting out the segments you don't wish to view. Very convenient indeed.

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So what does Video Box bring to the table that other online DVD archives available don't? Well for starters they really hammer down on bringing members a HUGE amount of content and a never ending supply of consistent updates. Also the feature of being able to make custom length clips is quite a given for those who wish to save bandwidth. For as little as $9.95 for medium quality to $17.95 for DVD quality content it's a very wallet friendly membership. Certainly worth a join that's for sure.

Pros & Cons

  • + Huge amount of content (4000+ DVDs)
  • + Nice selection of niches
  • + Cheap price (just $9.95/month)
  • + Option of making custom clips
  • + 5 new DVDs daily (15-30 new scenes per day)
  • + Great search tools