Dezyred 8001 Dezyred Dezyred is redesigning sex play with its collection of VR games where you decide what happens and then live out the action.
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Dezyred is redesigning sex play with its collection of VR games where you decide what happens and then live out the action. Featuring a cast of top, sultry porn star babes, and you in various roles, you get to play your way through various assignments and situations, deciding how the story unfolds. Along the way there’s plenty of sex, filming from your point of view, and engrossing stories that all lead to hardcore duos and threesomes. All VR platforms are catered for, and it’s free to join.

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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 10/10
  • Quality: 15/15
  • Speed: 14/15
  • Quantity: 10/15

If you’ve ever wanted to live out a secret agent fantasy, if you've ever wanted to play truth or dare with three hot porn models, or if you've ever wanted to bang your teacher in class, then Dezyred is going to make those desires come true. The games have a simple concept: by putting on your VR headset, you become immersed in decision-making role-play. The difference between these games and all the rest, though, is that you're up against steamy, sexy porn babes, and you know that as long as you make the right choices, you're going to end up banging them.

There are only six games right now, but you can play them over and find different outcomes, and the stories run for good lengths of time. That means there’s plenty of build-up and gaming fun along the way. You can watch a trailer of each one, which shows you the parts of the big-budget productions where you might have to make a decision, where you meet the girls and later, some of the sex you're going to end up having. The scenes are shot from your point of view with the girls interacting with you as if you were in the scene, not only in the hardcore parts but throughout the story, giving you a fully immersive experience, including decision-making.

Dezyred is set up to cater to all devices, and if you’re not sure how it all works, the ‘How To Play’ page lists instructions for HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Quest/Quest 2, Microsoft MR, and Oculus Rift S. Click your platform and you will see all the technical details, instructions and specs. These include the field of view (up to 120 degrees), the video size, up to 8K HD, and the display resolution. With sizes at or around 2,448 x 2,448 per eye, you’re getting about as high-quality playback as is currently possible.

Although you become totally involved in a porn scene, we’re not looking at a traditional VR porn site here, but you do have a host of 17 star models to game with. There’s a model index in the traditional format, with girls such as Lacy Lennon, Kyler Quinn, Cecilia Lion, and Katie Morgan, and each one has a gallery of images you can collect. These are posed, modeling shots where the girls go fully nude. Pics are sized at 1,200 x 800, are of good digital quality (shot separately from the games), and you can save them one at a time. The models also give links to their social media, and they have a short biography too.

There are no bonuses, but the games come with some bonus scenes. Similarly, there are no upload dates as you might find with a standard porn site, but you can see when the next game is due to be published, and you already have variety in the six games available. School hookups, a games night, you become ‘Agent 69’ in another, and in one, you play the world’s greatest womaniser, with six porn girls as your co-stars. The quality of the productions is amazing, the playback is awesome, and the games are well thought out, and not that simple. This means, you not only have great POV porn in VR to live through, but you also have a quest to get to it, making each game enjoyable, long-lasting, and very, very rewarding.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10

You are also looking at a simple site at Dezyred. Although it is technically complicated behind the scenes, out front, you have a page listing the games, the model index to browse, and the How To Play instructions page. There’s then a Community area that opens in a new tab. The games come with descriptions and details about what’s involved. ‘Nine sex scenes, two hot girls, one threesome, 2 X anal fun, and 7 + play hours’ are the specs for one game alone. Seven hours? Indeed. One of the games promises nine hours of playtime, so you’re not short-changed, even with only six games so far (and another advertised as coming a couple of days after my visit).

The community area is where you get really involved. It is a forum where you find the latest news, and where you can comment and meet other gamers, give feedback and find technical support, among other things. Overall, there are no technical issues with the site, and everything works just fine. The thing you really want to know, though, is how much does all this cost?

Here's how it works. You register for free by creating an account. During the process, you can opt in or out of a newsletter update service. Then, once signed up and inside, you find a link to where you can buy credits. The basic package at $10.00 gives you 3,000 credits, which, they say, is enough time to play ‘Game Night’, the scene where you play truth or dare with three sexy babes. For $30.00 you can buy 15,000 credits, and those will see you through four games. Then, there’s the $60.00 package of 37,000 credits which will get you through everything. Obviously, if you run out of credits, it’s easy to buy more.

The payments are non-recurring, and you buy them through a standard payment page and portal, but watch out for a cross-sale. Uncheck the box on the payment page or you'll get signed up to VR Conk for $1.00, recurring at $20.00 per month. Mind you, that’s not a bad deal on access to a great VR porn site, but it’s up to you.

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Dezyred is the ultimate in hardcore gaming. At least, it will be when it has come out with more games. Meanwhile, although there are only six, you have hours of gaming time, including the fun build-ups and decision-making, and the actual VR, POV porn. The bottom line is, you will not be disappointed, only amazed by the girls, the inventiveness, and the quality of these VR games which are designed for all major VR platforms. It’s free to check out, and not expensive to play.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive VR sex games
  • + Extremely high-quality productions
  • + Gorgeous girls to play with
  • + Free trailers with registration
  • + Not expensive
  • + Good VR help/Support
  • + Forum
  • - Only six games so far
  • - It looks like games must be downloaded