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Short Review:

Met Art has been around for a while and the site has really established a name for itself amongst the porn site giants. Met Art is best known for it's great picture content, starring some of the hottest models striking tasteful artistic poses. If you've seen your fair share of hardcore porn, and need something a little more softcore but just as arousing then I suggest you check this site out.
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Current Ratings for MET Art:

Our total rating: 93/100

Detailed Review:


In an industry where everyone is focusing on providing the best video content, Met Art decided to be different and focus on picture content, and by god have they done an awesome job of it, giving even the best of video focused sites a run for their money! So how can a picture based site excel in an industry where video content is in high demand? Top quality media, gorgeous models, and high content numbers.

Met Art has been around since 1999 and is still going strong. The content the site provides is more artistic and tasteful than anything, with not a single cock to be seen. I suppose you can kind of classify Met Art as the Playboy mag of the internet, deliciously beautiful models striking tasteful yet arousing poses. Obviously this isn't one for die hard fans of hardcore content, but sometimes all those hardcore vids can get a bit much, and what Met Art has provided is quite refreshing.

If your after a wide variety of models then you'll be glad to know that Met Art has a very diverse line up of stunning ladies, coming in all different shapes sizes, ages nationalities, and hair colors. I'd list them all here but the list would go on forever, but you can take my word for it that no matter what your tastes are in women, you'll more than likely find more than a couple here that'll float your boat.

So far their epic archive of pictures consists of over 450,000 images! and it doesn't stop there cause they update the site everyday with 3 new photo shoots which is very impressive considering that all the content on this site is 100% exclusive. So yeah running out of porn is not an issue when it comes to this photographic porn site, in fact you probably won't even end up viewing each and every one there's that much!

I wasn't joking when I said that their content is of top notch quality as the photos on offer are close to they are perfect, they're crisp, colorful and the lovely models just make them that much better. Not only do the pictures look good but they come in huge dimensions as well, how do pictures of 2028x3041 sound to you? Seriously though these numbers don't do the images any justice you've got to see them for yourself to truly appreciate the quality.

Now if your after some video content then you aren't entirely out of luck, cause Met Art offers over 400 movies which may not be as big as their collection of pictures, but the quality of their video content is just as great, and wait for it...yep they offer scenes in HD quality too! Like the photo content the videos are also softcore, these scenes run for around 8mins each, and are available in three different formats.

The highest quality videos are in avi format and come in a bit rate of 4000kbps, with a resolution of 720x576, needless to say these videos look superb, even blowing the scenes up to full screen won't dent the quality. Next step down in quality are the wmvs these come in 2800kbps at 1280x720 which are still a very decent watch. At the bottom of the quality ladder are the mpegs coming in at a still very decent bit rate of 2000kbps, with a video size of 720x576. As you can now tell they haven't held back on their videos either. Great pictures, awesome videos, these guys certainly don't leave any room for second rate content.

There doesn't seem to be any extras such as bonus sites and what not, but seriously though who needs em' when you got all the high quality porn you could ever want on this awesome site. Definitely one of the best sites I've reviewed, as it excels in all the factors that I rate, videos, pictures, models, content numbers they've got it all.

Features & Navigation:

It seems as though Met Art have been so focused on providing great content that they've let the design of the site slip a little. Don't get me wrong the site is by no means confusing to browse, it's just there were a few rough edges which kind of bothered me, and at times the pages can seem a little cluttered. Anyway let me tell you a little more about how the site works.

The tour pages of this site allows non-members to view the front covers of a selection of their photo shoots. By the looks of things these should be more than enough to get fans of softcore porn joining up. Towards the top of the page you'll also find information on their content numbers which should catch the potential members eyes.

The first section you are taken to includes the 4 latest updates, links to a more extensive list of recent updates, and a download link for a Met Models screen saver. At the top and very bottom of the site you'll notice a navigation menu consisting of various buttons. These buttons will allow you to sort through their content by movies, best of, and models. You'll also notice months, and years, these buttons will allow you to search their content by date.

All photo shoots on this site are represented by an online version of a front page, giving the content a porn mag kind of feel to them. Below these front covers are links to the different quality of photos the shoot offers, including the high, mid and low res photos. After clicking on one of the links you are presented with what is your everyday picture gallery.

Like the pictures the movies are also represented by front covers, portraying the model, or models in tasteful poses. Clicking on this link will take you to the main downloads area of that episode from where you can access the download links for the various video formats. You've also the option of adding videos to your favorites list for quick future reference.

That's pretty much all I can say about the site's features and navigations, the rough edges I mentioned earlier were for the most part of the general look and layout of the site, as it does feel a little cluttered, and they could make it look a little more inviting. Either way these minor flaws don't even scratch the site's overall awesomeness, cause the most important part about a porn site is it's content and well...this site has certainly done wonders content wise.


I can honestly say that this is one of the best sites I've ever reviewed. Met art has surpassed all my expectations, especially when it came to video content cause I initially thought it was a site primarily focused on photographic picture content, oh how I was wrong. So if you like porn with a little bit of class, and your sick of those hardcore trashy videos, then I strongly suggest you join Met Art this very instant, trust me you definitely wont regret it.

Pros & Cons

+ Stunning very large pictures
+ Video content looks awesome
+ Tons of content
+ All exclusive
+ Updates galore
+ Models are gorgeous
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