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Life Selector 6399 Life Selector Life Selector is as interactive as you can get in porn. In these exclusive movies, you get to choose what happens next.
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Life Selector

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Short Review

Life Selector is as interactive as you can get in porn. In these exclusive movies, you get to choose what happens next. The scenes are essentially POV, where, at the end of a section, you decide where to go next, and thanks to the sheer number of scenes and their variety, you never go short of ideas and titillation. The cast is made up of pornstars, you get to stream movies and view photos, and you can sign up for free. After that, the further into the porn you go, the more credits you need to buy.

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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 5/5
  • Originality: 10/10
  • Quality: 13/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 14/15

There is no set theme at Life Selector other than the unique gimmick of the site itself. It is point of view content handled in a very different way to what we're used to seeing, and you, as the member, get complete control within the bounds of the story that's been filmed. With around 3,000 movies now, there's plenty of choice, and you can filter the porn into several categories. The top categories currently include Step Fantasy, 18 + Teen, POV and Roleplay. There are also series, such as 'A Day With…' (enter the name of your favourite pornstar, i.e., Riley Reid or Geisha Kyd), and movies that are related by popular themes such as summer camp, private schools, escorts, girlfriends and wives.

The movies are referred to as 'games', and each one comes with a trailer. Click a title you like the look of, and you find a page with various scenes sampled by large thumbnails. You can skip the opening that sets the scene, and head straight to the POV porn if you want, but many of the non-porn sections are free, so you may as well soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the anticipation as it won't cost you anything. When you reach the end of a section, you click the forward arrow, and are asked where you want to go next. As with the first fantasy roleplaying video games, you have a decision to make based on single lines of text, 'Of course I'm not a gentleman', for example, and you move onto the next section to continue the 'game.' Not all scenes contain porn, by the way, so you can still have plenty of fun for free, but not sexy fun.

When we last reviewed Life Selector, there were only 187 shows, but the site was still new. Now, there are around 3,000, and I say 'around' because the way they are indexed makes it virtually impossible to count them. You have one long, long page of sample shots under the 'Shows' tab in the menu, and more movies open the further down you scroll. You'll have to get used to that, and if you leave and come back and want to pick up where you left off, you'll have to somehow remember where you were last time you visited. That aside, the point is, the site promises daily updates, and it looks like that's what it might be doing; without upload dates, it's hard to say.

Playing the games, i.e., viewing the videos, is by streaming only. You can't download them because they are made up of sections and, I guess, you would need the software to run the program. But, you do have a choice of resolution, with 360p, 480p, 720p and HD at 1080p. The quality is good, the acting is fine, the guy you play always has a big (white) dick, and the girls are always super sexy. No complaints there, and none with the photos either. Again, I can't be exact with photo gallery numbers because they are on one mammoth page, but expect over 1,300, each (at 1,280 x 854 px) with its own number of shots, and see below for the prices, because to view them, you have to pay with your credits.

So, there's a mass of content at Life Selector. It's grown massively since we last saw it in 2014, and the quality remains excellent, and the content remains varied. There are a few extras. The members' area links to a live cam site and live shows, to a 3D site, a place where you can buy a desktop striptease and to a celeb sex site, but you will have to part with cash to access these 'extras.'

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 8/10

Also improved since our last visit is the navigation system. Apart from content being arranged on one page for all vids and one for all pics, which I found a pain in the butt to scroll through, things are well set up. There's a category list on the left, there are filters to help you sort, and there's a new feature called 'Discovery.' It's basically a set of filters and a list of categories, but neatly arranged. You'll find headings such as amateur couples, the school-themed series, the office worker fantasies and what's new and popular.

Finding, searching and sorting content is easy, and there's also an extensive model index where you can search face pics and read bios and stats before linking to videos, but the actual viewing pages look different from what's standard in porn. There are none of those comments boxes and linked tag words, because you're playing a game that you're in control of, and the screen fills the page. Everything works, though. There are no technical hassles (just a couple of annoying pop-ups asking you if you want to buy the full package, etc.) and the only other thing you need to know about, are the prices.

There's plenty that's for free at Life Selector, including initial access to the members' area, some BJs and sex scenes, but for everything else, you need to buy credits, and the more you buy in a bundle, the more money you save. Here are some examples: To unlock a nude scene, six credits. POV hardcore and BJ scene, 21 credits. A gallery might cost 75 credits though there are some free pics, and to unlock a whole 'show', 400. Fast Pass, which gives you unrestricted access to all 'games' and hidden treasures, costs 541 credits. There are discounts available now and then, special offers and so forth, but a standard pack of 100 recurring credits will cost you $19.95, and is like having a recurring membership. You can also buy non-recurring packs for $14.95 (200 credits plus 30 bonus ones), $39.95 (1,000 plus 150 free), and $59.95 for 2,000 plus 300 free credits. The top pack is $99.95 for 5,000 credits and 750 free, and that, they say, represents an 80% discount, presumably, off the usual monthly, recurring price.

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Life Selector has grown massively since our last visit, and now has around 3,000 exclusive POV and interactive scenes, where you control the story. It's free to join, and then you buy credits. It's updating like a mad thing, and offers excellent variety, quality and top stars. There are plenty of fantasies to fulfil here, prices are very reasonable, and everything that's promised on the tour is what you find inside. This is probably the most unique porn site we've ever seen.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive
  • + Unique
  • + Interactive and fun
  • + Top stars
  • + HD and mobile streams
  • + Masses of content
  • + Good prices
  • - Pop-ups
  • - Cross sale
  • - No bonus sites