Scoreland 3563 Scoreland Big boobs rock at Scoreland, a place renowned for its big-boobed girls, natural and otherwise, and also known for its daily updates, HD videos and, now, bonus sites.
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Big boobs rock at Scoreland, a place renowned for its big-boobed girls, natural and otherwise, and also known for its daily updates, HD videos and, now, bonus sites. It's all about hot pornstars and newbies here, but they've got to have what it takes to make it to the boobaliscious world of Score, and that is rather, those are big tits. Members get to stream, download in HD, collect photos and view bonus content, and there's an exclusive update each day.

  • Monthly: $29.95
93/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 5/5
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 15/15
  • Quantity: 14/15

It's been a while since we called in on Scoreland, so we thought it was high time we took another dive between the breasts of incredible women and hunted around the cleavage and cuteness to see what's new. Well, for a start, a year ago (I am pretty sure) they didn't have bonus sites. Now, there are several, and that's one thing. Secondly, they have been consistently updating every day for what seems like ever - the site started in 1992, and it's still going strong. Then, they've got full-length videos and clips, which is always good to see, and the movies are in 1080p HD these days.

What they've also done is keep the focus. Yes, there are plenty of big dicked guys, hardcore, BJS, cum shots and full-on fucking, but the main attraction is the size of the boobs, basically. They have a knack for finding very top-heavy girls, most of whom look natural but I'll leave that up to you to determine, and all of whom love to show off their upper-deckers for the camera. Some of the guys in the hardcore scenes, kind of get lost between them, and some of these ladies have tits that swallow a cock whole during a tit-wank when they play a game of hide the sausage.

You have a mix of girls and a mix of scenes. The video list is made up of 3,018 scenes, and there are plenty of solos, boob play, strips and masturbation videos, and also plenty of hardcore. The Videos page gives you way to filter the content, including behind the scenes, Voluptuous Theatre and New Discovery, and by action, i.e. solo, girl/girl and XXX. Hit up a video, and your viewing choices will vary with age. Older ones have fewer options and are not HD, of course, but they still come with full files and clips, as do the modern ones. These are up to 1,920 x 1,080 HD in Mp4, and also have a 854 x 480 version in Mp4 for mobiles. There are WMV files as well, at 640 x 360, again with either a full scene or clips from it. Quality is good, it's high-level porn standard with professional crews and models, and I had no trouble streaming with a choice of for speeds, 1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p.

Videos link to their photos sets, but there are 6,270 image galleries in their own area, and masses of content to collect there. Images come with zip files, slideshows and solo saving at 800 px or 1200 px, again, depending on age, and the quality levels remain high. Again, a mix of solos, girl/girl and action shots, and all content comes with handy descriptions and tag words, plus links to the models.

And there, in the model index, you find 1,026 babes including Dina Sahari, Lara Jones and Katy Ann, all huge in the boobs and slim in the waist. There are also 166 guys so the ladies can search for who they want to see more of, and models come with stats, details and links to their content.

Updates have been good and steady here, with numbers rising every day, and at least one new video or photo set showing a busty beauty solo, with another similar girl or in a hardcore scene. Scoreland definitely concentrates on the BBB, the Big Boobed Babes, and sticks to its guns with high-quality videos and galleries. However, there is now more on offer. With my membership, I was able to access 37 Scoreland bonus sites, including more with busty girls, and plenty of hardcore. Busty Dusty Stash, Busty Kerry Marie and other solo-girl sites are there, as well as sites offering you Milfs and tug-jobs, foot-wanks and Big Tit Moms for a huge stack of porn. If you want even more porn, there's a list of special deals for other, discounted sign-ups that you can consider.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 9/10

Scoreland has never been a difficult site to deal with and has always offed decent navigation and easy access. It's the same now with filters for videos, various ways to see the content and a basic search functions though no advanced search page. The menu leads you to the videos which are linked to the galleries, but the image sets also come in their own area with the same filter and find tools. A tools icon drops a list of extra features such as your favourites collection, your list of included bonuses, account settings and membership status, and a Community Hub gives you a page to see what's hot with members in the 'most viewed' area.

Individual viewing pages for videos give you excellent download choices, descriptions, you can 'fave and rave', saving your best scenes and giving them a rate, and you can make comments. The list of linked tag words with each one also adds to the ease of filtering, letting you hone down the content you particular favourite tag. I had no technical issues with the site at all.

Signing up is easy too, and you can do it by card or PayPal these days. There is a three-day trial (which may be limited) that comes back at the usual, decent monthly price of $29.99, and there is a longer-term option which brings an automatic discount of 33%, coming in at $59.99 for three months.

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Simple to use, not expensive to join, updating at least once per day consistently, and with HD exclusives, Scoreland simply keeps on getting bigger and bigger, a bit like the boobs these hot models play with. A mix of solo, lesbian and hardcore, the videos run for good lengths of time, are well-made and high-quality, and come with excellent viewing options and large, good quality images. Bonuses are now included, adding even more value to a well-priced membership.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Daily updates
  • + HD and mobile
  • + Top top-heavy models
  • + Interactive
  • + Now with bonus sites
  • - No advanced search
  • - Older content is not HD