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Playboy Cyber Club 3694 Playboy Cyber Club If you've been a fan of porn for quite a while now then I am sure this adult company needs no introduction.
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Playboy Cyber Club

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Playboy Cyber Club

Short Review

If you've been a fan of porn for quite a while now then I am sure this adult company needs no introduction. Playboy one of the first and biggest adult companies has developed their very own online collection of the hottest ladies around the world. In true Playboy style the content available is largely softcore and artistic in nature definitely tailored towards those of you who appreciate the beauty of a woman's body rather than hardcore fucking. So if your standards are high they'll be met here!

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Porn has certainly come a long way since its magazine days and being such a well known adult company it is no surprise that Playboy has made effortlessly made the transition from paper to online content. The only thing which hasn't changed is their incredibly high standards of models, see a lot of porn sites nowadays accept any average looking woman with a hot body but here at Playboy they have stuck to their roots of only featuring the hottest of the hottest women they can find. What has also remained the same is the softcore and artistic nature of Playboy's content, unlike most sites nowadays featuring all out hardcore sex Playboy still provides tasteful photo shoots of the girls striking hot poses. However to spice things up a little they have also provided some video footage of the lovely ladies showing off their goods and enjoying a little bit of self love.

The Playboy Cyber Club is actually a network of sites including 6 main sites and 9 other sites which cover niches such as celebrities, adult news, and video on demand. The 6 main sites are all Playboy exclusive and each cover a different niche to give members a nice variety of ladies to choose from. These niches include Big Boobs, Young Adults, Milfs, and reality. Each site has it's own collection of high quality photo sets and videos and as a bonus members also have access to an online DVD archive which includes full length DVD titles, some of the DVDs have been developed by Playboy though the bulk of the titles derive from other well known adult companies. Most of these DVDs are hardcore in nature which is nice so that members who are itching for a bit of hardcore action can do so.

Knowing that Playboy has been around for a long time now it is no surprise that their site was launched quite some time ago just over 4 years to be exact as it first made its debut on February back in 1995. At first like the magazine their site was prominently based on photo content so it's no surprise that their photo archives are epic in proportion with over 10,000 individual photos for members to drool over. It was only a few years after the site was first launched when it started to dabble in video content which would explain the huge content number gap comparing the photo archive and video archive. So far there are over 100 videos on offer though that certainly isn't the end of it as the site continues to grow with new updates. I'm sure it didn't need to be mentioned but I thought I would any way and that's the fact that all the content on offer is exclusive to the site.

Most models come with 2 videos one involving an interview while the other one turns the heat up a little as the model poses and plays with herself. Videos are fairly short running for anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes each and can be viewed in HD quality. Videos can be streamed off the site in flv or wmv format. The option of downloading the videos looks to have been recently added which is quite a relief as I hard the site once didn't allow members to download the vids. Anyway now you can download the videos in wmv and better yet they're available in gorgeous HD quality. Also for those members who love watching their porn on iPods the developers have also included mP4 versions of their videos. It came to no surprise that the photo sets on offer are impeccable as Playboy was exclusively providing photos back in the day. Let me just say that their quality hasn't whittled one bit in fact I can even say it has improved, they're crisp, colorful, and the photography work is still top notch.

Nav, Design & Features

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The site presentation and general layout of Playboy Cyber Club just oozes of professionalism and convenience. Once logged in members are immediately taken to the homepage which basically acts like a hub to the various sites making the task of hopping between sites a breeze. Below the top banner there's a panel which includes Today's feature girl which I am guessing are the latest additions to the network. The rest of the homepage includes lists of the most popular content including the most popular models and popular DVDs. The left navigation menu includes links to all the Playboy Cyber Club sites and a simple click on these will porn you straight to the homepage of your chosen site. At the very bottom of the homepage there are links to different sections of the Playboy community forum where you can interact and chat with other Playboy members.

Once you have had the chance to check out the various sites you will notice that they essentially have the same layout which makes it a breeze going from one site to the next as it all stays consistent. At the top of the site you will be presented with a portrait of the latest model along with links to her photos and video content. The rest of the models can be found down the length of the page presented in thumbnail links. Each thumbnail will take you to that particular model's main page from where you can access all the content she has been featured in along with information on her. You'll also notice that at the top of each homepage there's a navigation bar which includes links to the various sites, also a quick and easy way to traverse the network.

Downloading videos is a breeze as all that is needed is clicking on the various download links, streaming is also quite straight forward to do in fact it's all very standard as the site hasn't implemented any ground breaking features which is fine by me as I found everything to be quite familiar. Photo sets have the standard thumbnail gallery set up with the added feature of being able to download the photo sets in zip files for offline viewing. Overall the network is very easy to navigate and apart from being easy to browse the site also looks great, it isn't overly flashy though making it look quite professional and the site just has an overall polished look to it. A big thumbs up from me as far as site presentation and navigation goes!



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I was a little worried that Playboy wasn't going to do as good online as it did with magazines but my worries dissipated as I started browsing the sites. Once again Playboy has passed with flying colors, the models are incredibly beautiful, the content is of high quality, there's a decent amount of content to go through and best of all it's exclusive. There's even a collection of hardcore DVDs on offer if you need something a little more spicy. This site easily gets my full recommendation!

Pros & Cons

  • + High model standards
  • + Pics & Vids look great
  • + Good amount of content
  • + Network is very easy to browse
  • + Great looking sites
  • + All exclusive content