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8 / 10
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Short Review:

Unsuspecting young students get themselves into some very sticky situations in the content that is on this site. The girls on this site want and need better grades and they are willing with a little persuasion to do anything to get what they want. Tricky Old Teacher is in a collection of sites that I personally love because they offer some very different styles and niches of content for their members. I enjoyed this site and I think you will too.
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Price Details:

Trial 1.95
Monthly 34.95

Current Ratings for Tricky Old Teacher:

Our total rating: 85/100

Detailed Review:


Does the picture of dirty horny old guys doing kinky things to young hot girls turn you on? If you answered YES, you are going to enjoy the content on this site immensely. The dirty old guys screwing the students, must have the best scam in the world going. These randy old warriors look like everyday guys, but they are hiding in a secret world of deceit and erotic goings on behind closed doors. Lucky for us, all the action has been captured for the site members to see.

The format options for the delivery that are used on the site are Windows Media Video (WMV) and Adobe Flash Player (FLV). Members are given the choice to download the full movie or the scene in parts/clips. The site also has options for members to view the clips via live streaming on the site. The WMV live streaming option is split up so that you can choose any number of parts to skip to, allowing you instant gratification or the option to watch it all the way through. I also use the streaming options as a way to check out the scene and see if I want to download it, very useful for those on a limited bandwidth plan.

One girl that I got loads of enjoyment out of watching her perform in the content on the site is little Blonde Anna. Us blondes have to stick together you know and besides that she has beautiful nipples and a killer body that bouces around while she is being fucked. Check out her images, she is very photogenic and the images hi quality and really capture the action in the scene.

Features & Navigation:

Members of the site will be directed to the main members area page as soon as the input their login and username details. This page is the Home page and members will be returned here by selecting the Home option on the navigation bar under the banner at the top of the page. The navigation bar lists all of the options that are available to members of the Tricky Old Teacher site. The nav bar will be located at the top of every site page that members will visit, this makes it easy for members to move around the site.

The movie and photo content is accessible by the Home page by clicking on the red underlined options. The Movie option will bring up the movie scene with all of the format and download options. Members can choose between downloading clips or the full length movie scenes or they can select to view them using the live streaming on the site. The WMV live streaming capabilities are not functioning for viewing the movie clips on the site. I downloaded clips using the WMV option on the movie scene page, the bit rate was 1.24 MBps, screen size 520 x 416, clip length was approx 1-2 mins and 96Kbps. The clips were very short and even after I downloaded the clip to my computer I found that some of the movie content was occasionally interrupted, jumpy or just stopped for a while. The picture images were displayed in 2 different sizes 1200 x 800 and in the reverse 800 x 1200. I a really disappointed that the livestreaming functions on the site do not perform adequately enough to make viewing the movie content enjoyable.

All of the other site options are displayed in the nav bar at the top of the home page are: Recent updates, Upcoming updates, Our sites, Reality sites, DVD, Date and Log out. Most of the options on the nav bar are easy to work out what purpose that they serve and what function of the site the option will take the member to. I like that the site has a secure log out feature, because I feel better when I can close any internet browser window down correctly. Another good feature on the site is the quick reference menu down the right side of the home page that has a brief list of the most popular content on the site, the additional sites and DVDS for members to browse.


I dont think I will be able to look any man that remotely looks like the male performers in the content on the site straight in the eyes without laughing or having a small giggle to myself in the very least. Ill be thinking in my head, I know what you really do behind closed doors, Ive seen the Tricky Old Teacher site. I really enjoyed the content concept and the ease of navigation whilst moving around the site.

Pros & Cons

+ Log out feature
+ Additional Adult sites
+ Hot content
- Small collection of content on the site itself
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