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Short Review

The VIP Network offers 50 individual collections in a single members area and for a single monthly price. This network features a somewhat unusual mix of solo model sites that range from very softcore to typical hardcore action as well as some pretty extreme fetish materials that include rough sex, BDSM scenes, pissing, pregnant porn, lactation, and more.

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Altogether, the 50 sites that are included with a VIP Network membership offer over 2800 videos and nearly 4290 image galleries that are a mix of digital still photos and screen captures taken from the videos. The sites range in size from just a handful of updates to many hundreds of updates. While all of the individual sites I visited in the month of February, 2014 had current dates and appeared to have ongoing growth, none of them actually got any larger in the time that I was visiting him and I'm not sure that the network as a whole is growing, either. The amount of materials available here seems to have covered around the same amount for quite some time based on my previous visits to the network.

A lot of networks tend to have some kind of specialty or focus whether it's amateur models, big boobs, or reality porn. The VIP Network is a lot more varied than many networks I have visited over the years. They offer some pretty straightforward hardcore collections and some solo model sites that include some fairly well-known models like Seska and Smoking Mina. At the same time, the network also has heavy representation in extreme fetish and BDSM materials as well as pee fetish and smoking fetish materials. Just to give you an idea of how extreme stuff can get here, they claim that they weren't even able to get permission from Visa to sell some of these sites until just recently due to the extreme nature, and I have no doubt that they're telling the truth. The Biohazard Bitches collection, for example, is definitely not for the faint of heart. Interestingly, only around 22 of the 50 included sites are listed on the networks tour pages. With so many sites on offer, it's hard to imagine why they are highlighting them all in a better way.

Equality here varies just about as much as I can imagine it varying anywhere. Video stakes range from tiny and extremely poor quality 320 x 240 pixel videos right on up to HD quality videos at 1920 x 1080 pixels, 10,000 kbps. There is a similar variation in the photos section, and in fact some of the images listed here are simply screen captures taken from the video and not actual digital still photos. There's no way to separate out the actual photos from the rest of the image materials.

Nav, Design & Features

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All of the VIP Network sites are available to access from a central members area. You can choose any of the individual collections from a drop-down menu near the top of the page or you can choose to search the entire network using a keyword search box. The search function also allows you to narrow your results to include only video or only photo materials. In alphabetized model indexes provided, and there's also a network update page, although the dates found on these suppose it updates don't really match up with the fact that the collection didn't really get any larger in the time I was visiting the network.

The image materials here are offered for viewing in thumbnail galleries without ZIP file options for downloading them. Flash streaming is typically provided for each video, and you can usually expect to see WMV and MP4 format downloads offered for each, as well. The MP4 format files are frequently offered at a size specifically designed for mobile devices.



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We have visited and reviewed quite a few of the sites that are included with a VIP Network membership here at Review Porn, and I definitely recommend checking those out if you are interested in any of the specific collections that are included. The bottom line is that, even if I'm right that the network no longer grows at all, there are still thousands of videos scenes and photo galleries available here in a wide variety of categories and the overall package is worth checking out.

Pros & Cons

  • + 50 collections for one price
  • + Good variety
  • + Streaming and downloadable videos, mobile format vids for many scenes
  • - Seems to update but doesn't get larger
  • - Quality is very hit or miss