Amateur Dumb Fucks
Amateur Dumb Fucks 3358 Amateur Dumb Fucks There are plenty of really dumb people in the world, and I'm sure it won't surprise you much when I say that a lot of them have starred in porn.
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Amateur Dumb Fucks

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Amateur Dumb Fucks

Short Review

There are plenty of really dumb people in the world, and I'm sure it won't surprise you much when I say that a lot of them have starred in porn! Amateur Dumb Fucks wants to capitalize on this fact by bringing you some of the dumbest of the dumb in hardcore action. Membership to this bizarrely themed site includes bonus access to 18 more sites in the network.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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While I was hoping that some seriously bizarre and dumb shit would be going down here at Amateur Dumb Fucks, the whole premise seemed pretty loose even on the outside of the site and even more so once I got inside. Most of what it is considered "dumb" in these parts seems to be related to fucking unattractive people, old dudes, or midgets. I suppose that, like beauty, dumb is in the eye of the beholder, but this just isn't what I was expecting from this site. I was even less impressed when I realized that almost the entire video collection consists of duplicates from another site in the same network, Fuck Me Grandpa. So are these grandpa fucking flicks or are they dumb amateur flicks? According to these guys, I guess they are both.

There are currently 281 photo galleries and 161 videos listed in the members area for Amateur Dumb Fucks. Although some of the materials are listed in the update section, there are no dates anywhere to be found and I'm not sure that the site is actually growing at all. It's also worth pointing out that a significant portion of the so-called photo galleries actually seem to feature poor quality screen captures taken from videos rather than actual digital stills.

The materials here at Amateur Dumb Fucks seem to be non-exclusive, and most of them look like they were produced quite a few years ago. For the most part, quality is bad. Most of the flicks have at least some very noticeable issues including incorrect color balance, poor lighting, graininess, blurriness, and awkward camera angles. Furthermore, these flicks come at just 352 x 240 pixels with bitrates at around 350 kbps. Unfortunately, that's still not the last of the bad news about these flicks. Perhaps the worst problem is that they're only available for streaming, and not download. There are only two options: watching them at their normal size, or watching them at full screen. Frankly, they look bad when small and terrible when enlarged. For the photo sets which actually contain photos rather than screen captures, the quality can be pretty good. These can range from 800 to over 1000 pixels on the long side and are typically decent quality for amateur materials.

Nav, Design & Features

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Amateur Dumb Fucks has a messy, busy looking tour done in mostly green and black. Aside from the fact that the "dumb" theme is played up heavily, the tour itself is extremely unhelpful. There is no information about the size of the collection, and they erroneously boast of DVD quality videos when the reality is that these are some of the worst quality videos I've seen in a while.

Things aren't much more helpful once you get inside. It's easy enough to get around to the various bonus sites and feeds and navigate to the video and photo materials for Amateur Dumb Fucks, but the site is short on helpful navigation and search tools and scene info. In fact, you can't search the collection at all and all of the video and photo materials are listed in thumbnail galleries without a single scrap of scene or model info.

Video scenes and photo galleries are listed 48 to a page. Clicking a video will take you to a page where you can choose from a couple of different viewing options. Most are available in WMV and Flash formats for streaming only. Some come full length only, others come in split pieces only, but I didn't see a single one that offered both split and full-length files. Photos can be viewed in thumbnail galleries with your choice of three different sizes of thumbnails and there is also an automatic slideshow feature.



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Unfortunately, I simply cannot recommend Amateur Dumb Fucks. The collection here is certainly larger than many and the bonus package seems appealing, but it's not even close to being enough to overcome the fact that this is a poor quality, non-exclusive site with next to no helpful member features and no downloadable videos. I'm certain that there are far better places to find sexy amateurs, dumb or not.

Pros & Cons

  • + A good number of scenes
  • + Bonus access to the network
  • - Very poor quality
  • - No video downloads
  • - Non-exclusive
  • - Doesn't fit the theme well
  • - No search tools