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Beaver Hunt 3755 Beaver Hunt Beaver Hunt is a reality site featuring ladies who have never starred in porn before.
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Beaver Hunt

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Beaver Hunt

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Beaver Hunt is a reality site featuring ladies who have never starred in porn before. Basically you will be watching their porn virginity be taken as they are shot for the first time ever for the entire world to view. Beaver Hunt is produced by the well known adult company "Hustler" so you can be sure that their content is of top notch and their lovely women even more so. In addition to all the awesome content on this site members also have free access to the entire Hustler network!

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  • Quality: 0/15
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At its core Beaver Hunt is basically a reality site with the theme involving sexy ladies starring in porn for the very first time, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are virgins however it does mean that they have not had sex in front of the camera before. As with all reality porn the scenes start off with some dialog where the amateur ladies are introduced and some small talk occurs before things start to really heat up. After the arousing and entertaining introductions the scenes pretty much fold out like your usual hardcore scene including foreplay, pussy and anal penetration, and sticky climaxes. This theme has been tried many times before so as far as originality goes it doesn't bring anything new to the table, what it does bring that is fresh however are the lovely models on show.

As one would only expect from such a well renowned adult company Hustler's standard in models they have chosen is quite high, so to put it simply there's no shortage on eye candy here as all the ladies are superbly attractive. What I will point out however is the fact that I did come across a few familiar faces which somewhat takes from the credibility of the amateur value of the content, though for all I know this is where these pornstars started off so I'll let that one slide. The site provides quite a variety of hot ladies they range from hot Caucasians, Latinas, and bubble butt ebony ladies. There weren't any saucy Asian ladies in the mix which I found a little disappointing though it's kind of hard to complain when the cast of ladies is oh so very mouth watering.

Knowing that the Hustler company has been around for quite a long time now it is no surprise that this site has also been up for a lengthy period. The first episode was uploaded back in 2003 on the 20th of May, since then there's no real solid update schedule as the dates are quite erratic though they do release their content in bursts. For example they may release up to 5 new episodes in a single day and not update till the next month. Unfortunately it looks as though the site hasn't been updated for a while with the last upload having been dated on the 23rd of June this year, plus with no information on future updates we are left in the dark on whether or not to expect them. In total there are 119 episodes so either way new members are going to be occupied for quite some time it's just the older members who have the short end of the stick.

The episodes are quite lengthy going for approximately 90 minutes on average. Members have the option of streaming them off the site in flash videos which clock in at 1000kbps @ 640x480 which in my books is quite impressive for a streamed video and I did find it quite unfortunate to see that the downloadable videos are noticeably lower in quality compared to the streamed content. Downloadable videos are available in mpeg and wmv format, both of the versions come in encoding rates of 800kbps though out of the two the mpegs have a higher resolution of 640x480 while the wmvs are below average clocking in at a laughable 320x240. So as you can see the streamed content is superior in quality which is definitely out of the ordinary for me.

The hustler network spans over 29 sites all of which members of this site gain free access to on sign-up. In addition to all the exclusive content across these sites members can also dip their paws in to the extensive bonus DVD archive on offer which includes hundreds of Hustler full length DVD titles available for streaming and download. To give you more insight as to how much porn you will have at your disposal there are over 5000 photo sets and over 4000 episodes, keeping in mind this does not include the DVD titles on offer. So overall running out of content really isn't an issue when you look at the big picture, though I am sure you will all agree with me that more content for this site certainly couldn't hurt.

Nav, Design & Features

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I must admit at first the site is a little confusing mostly due to the fact that it's hard to figure out whether or not the content is Beaver Hunter content or other content available on the Hustler network. Sound confusing right? anyway you'll know exactly what I mean when you make your way to the homepage. The developers obviously designed the site or network I should say to make it as easy as possible for members to make their way to the different sites, however in the process I feel that they have made things quite confusing. It would have been nice if they clearly tagged the episodes to be Beaver Hunter.

The homepage has the Hustler logo at the top which further confuses whether or not you are on the actual Beaver Hunt homepage, the only way one could know is by checking out the drop down menu which contains the various page links. This can be found down the left menu and is an easy way to make your way across the different pages on the network. If you logged in through the Beaver Hunt tour page all of the episodes will be presented on the homepage across 5 indexed pages carrying up to 24 thumbnail links which will take you to the main media section of each episode including the stream and download links along with information on the episodes. The thumbnail links I mentioned feature a portrait of the model so members know what kind of hot lady they can expect to be feasting their eyes upon along with the name of the model and the date the episode was uploaded.

Ok lets go back to the homepage. From here you will find all the search tools you need to browse through all the content on the entire network, these are found in the same menu the site links are found. These search tools allow members to view the content via model name, category, and sexual activity involved in the scene. The top menu includes links to the archives as a whole rather than filtered searches, so basically you will be presented with all the content that falls under the media type from latest to oldest update. These links include the scenes, DVDs, photos, models, and sites. The DVDs are presented by their DVD covers and once clicked on will take you to the main downloads page from where members can download the individual scenes within the DVD.



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As expected from Hustler the ladies on show are very attractive and there's enough variety here so that no matter what kind of women you are in to you are bound to find more than a few who will strike your fancy. The thing which the site is lacking on however is high quality videos, don't get me wrong though the videos are decent to watch though I was expecting more from a big name adult company like Hustler. Updates have stopped so it's a good thing members have access to the entire network.

Pros & Cons

  • + High model standards
  • + Access to entire Hustler network
  • + Photos look great
  • + Exclusive content
  • - Navigation can get confusing
  • - Downloadable videos could look better