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Bitch Stop 6730 Bitch Stop Time some Czech craziness over at Bitch Stop, a European amateur site where slinky young ladies get picked up by a sleazy guy who has his wicked way with them.
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Bitch Stop

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Short Review

Time some Czech craziness over at Bitch Stop, a European amateur site where slinky young ladies get picked up by a sleazy guy who has his wicked way with them. Being a Czech site it comes with that special something the guys over there manage to inject into their movies, it's all exclusive, and it is part of the Mental Pass Network, so check out what other Czech sites are also included. You're going to find regular updates, plus easy streams and downloads.

  • Monthly: $24.95
73/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 12/15
  • Speed: 11/15
  • Quantity: 9/15

So, somewhere in the Czech Republic, out in the countryside, or in a couple of major towns or cities, there are these spunky girls. They're walking around minding their own when along comes a guy in car and offers them a lift. There's some banter and they agree, and then very soon the talk turns to sex. They end up in some sleazy place, like a garage, the woods, the car itself, and they get down on their knees and start blowing. Soon they get turned around and the guy starts fucking and all of this has (in the movies I saw) been shot from your point of view. These are simply made, hardcore, POV, amateur movies with a theme: pick up a hitcher or a solo girl alone, and have your wicked way with her.

The stories are simple, but the filming is good, and the site itself is also simple. I started off at the network home page, and there are five sites included with your membership. There's a drop-down list on the right so use that to find Bitch Stop and away you go. Movies are shown on index pages with large sample shots that also show the upload dates. Id say there was a new scene being added here every week, and it looks like the update schedule has been pretty stable, so that's all good news.

There were 83 scenes here, each one running for at least 20 minutes, some of them were over one hour, an average runtime would be about 45 minutes I guess. The movies are shown with a stream that's in Flash at around 1,280 x 720 in size. I found that it started quickly and ran smoothly on a mid-range connection. Older movies have slightly lower specs; some from 2013 were downloaded (MP4) at 544 x 384, for example, while the most recent one came out at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 6,000 kbps, with one smaller version also available. Some scenes (in other sites) also had WMV file options. Some of the HD files were up at over 2 Gb in size, which might be an issue for slow connections, and there are no clips or parts to take. But the end results are worth any wait.

The quality is fine, it's what you might expect from hand-held, POV filming. Roving camera, natural sound and making do with whatever light there is available. The girls are either good actresses or genuine amateur girls who have no idea they are making a porn film (when the story starts) and so the scenes come across very realistically, which is good for a reality site! There are English subtitles on the movies.

There were no galleries with these movies, you get the films and that's it: one stream, two downloads per film and very little info or background, though there is often a lot of chat in the movie itself. There are, though, the bonus sites: Amateur Sex Teens, Czastings, Czech GFs, and Gyno Violations. In total the network tells us it holds 269 exclusive videos and 222 models. You can find the network models in an index which, again, is very simple; it just lists each girls scenes, no details or stats. The network does have a blog link but this is to a page with a few headlines, no images and no real posts.

So, your Bitch Stop content comprises 83 exclusive scenes, now coming in HD, that run for around 45 minutes each and that all take the same theme. Good quality, well made, nicely POV and coming with bonus sites.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 7/10
  • Features: 5/10

Simple is the word of the day for sure at this site and network. You have the home page and then you click to the site you want and its videos, there you have the large sample shots and these click to the viewing page. There you find the stream, the download options, a couple of linked tag words to help browsing, and the runtimes of the movie. That's about it; no galleries, no clips or parts and not a lot of detail. There's no detail in the model index either.

But all sites are linked and you slip straight into the members' area of each new one, so that's easy, and navigation is not going to be a problem here. I clicked the Sites link in the menu and ended up in a new tab, outside the members' area and looking at tour pages, but I still had the original tab open.

So, everything works fine here but there's not a lot that actually does anything. You can easily access the content but there is nothing interactive to play with. There are links to contact should you have any problems.

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Bitch Stop is a great stopping off place for a neat mix of POV filming, Czech girls, hardcore, amateurs and reality. It's a big mix but one that works well. The movies are good quality and now are HD, the updates are happening each week, you have network access and good value for money, but nothing interactive and no galleries. Viewing options are a bit limited, but the site serves you well and you get what the tour promised you.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive movies
  • + Hot Czech girls
  • + POV and reality mix
  • + Network access
  • + Regular updates
  • - No galleries
  • - No interactivity
  • - Not a large site