Dellai Twins
Dellai Twins 6905 Dellai Twins Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai are the Dellai Twins, two amateur porn models who work together and who are starting to raise a few eyebrows and a few dicks in their new sites.
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Dellai Twins

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Dellai Twins

Short Review

Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai are the Dellai Twins, two amateur porn models who work together and who are starting to raise a few eyebrows and a few dicks in their new sites. They are East European babes who appear on the Porn CZ Network, and when you join their site you get to access ten sites in the network. The quality is good, though the sites are basic, and the models are, well, check them out: hot and gorgeous and daringly close with each other in their exclusive, hardcore videos.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Let's start off with some of the titles of some of the 15 movies currently available in this exclusive site, they will give you a good idea of the content to expect: Dellai Twins Share A Guy we have threesome action; Eveline Relaxing And Masturbating we have solo action; The Twins Masturbate Together we have side-by-side girl masturbation; A Hot Fuck In Silvias Room we have couple hardcore. There is also an erotic scene where the girls shower together. So, variety looks to be the watchword here with each scene set out on the main page with its title and a short description to explain what's going to happen.

Each movie comes with two viewing options, there is one stream to choose and one download. Both are Mp4. If you go for the stream you might find, as I did, that the screen starts off too big for the monitor; these are HD movies. I had to go Full Screen and in this case it actually reduced the screen size to fit my monitor perfectly. No hassles there hen. If you go for the download you will find files that come out at around 1 Gb in size and that play in Mp4 at 1,280 x 720 in size. The quality is pretty awesome I have to say and the movies look and sound great.

The problem is, you only have 15 of them so far, with varying runtimes and there are only these two ways to view them. There are no other stream or download options so you will need to be on a pretty fast connection speed in order to access them easily. The movies don't come with any galleries, in fact, all there is here at the site are the 15 videos, and that is it for your content count.

For extra content though you do have nine other sites to see and though these two sexy twins don't appear in them (as far as I know), there is a neat set of more exclusives to view. We are told that updates happen five times per week, to the network, which roughly works out at once per fortnight for each site, though no dates are actually published. But, slink down to the bottom of the page and you will see the links to each site. Here we have anal sex, personal sites (Susan Ayn), reality set-up sites and teens, there's the new Boys Fuck Milfs for some cross-generation hardcore and also amateurs and public nudity. A nice lot of variety and all exclusive to the network you have joined.

Nav, Design & Features

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There is not a lot to tell you about any extra features at Dellai Twins, or any sites in the network. They all run on the same design and are easy to use, but... and it's a big but, there are no interactive features. There are no rates or comments facilities and you can't search or sort any content, though the sites are all still quite small as this must be a new network. There is no Add To Favourites function either and no discussions.

There is hardly any info either, only a short line per video. There's no model index and no details about the girls you see which, in the case of our horny twins, would have been good to see. So, all you do see is one page that looks the same as the tour page, except, when you are inside the site, you can expand the page as you scroll down and it will reveal more titles and videos. But that, really is it.

It is worth noting though that I had a couple of odd technical issues; very minor. When Id been streaming a scene I clicked my back button to get out and found that I had been thrown out to the tour. So, make sure you tell your browser/site to remember you. Then when I went to view a bonus site I found that, with some, I had to log in and with others I didn't. It's like the network is not actually completely networked.

But it is coming in at a good price, under $30.00 per month for ten sites and though they may still be small, they are growing, we are told, and they do hold good quality exclusive content.



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The Dellai Twins are hardworking hot amateur babes from East Europe and they are not afraid to get naked together and entertain guys, or each other. In fact it looks like they love getting naked together. The content here is well made and hood quality at 720p and it is exclusive to the Porn CZ network. This is new and growing so the site is not large but you do get access to the full set of bonus sites when you sign up. It's neat and simple and easy to use, basic but it does the trick.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Hot babes
  • + Bonus sites included
  • + Good quality
  • + Easy to manage
  • + Good price
  • - No interactivity
  • - Small site
  • - No definite update news
  • - No galleries