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Dutch Fantasies 7470 Dutch Fantasies Dutch amateurs are on offer at Dutch Fantasies with its collection of duo and threesome scenes featuring real, Dutch amateurs.
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Dutch Fantasies

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Dutch Fantasies

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Dutch amateurs are on offer at Dutch Fantasies with its collection of duo and threesome scenes featuring real, Dutch amateurs. This is a small site in a large network where amateur porn abounds, and there's plenty of variety in the 48 included sites. It does look old-fashioned and amateur, and I like that, but it delivers you limited though horny movies and pics. From 18 + teens to Milfs and with studs and dads, it's a neat way in to a larger network.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
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  • Quality: 0/15
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Looking at the members' area of Dutch Fantasies, I get the impression that this is a 1990s or early 2000s porn site, set up in a basic way and featuring local, Dutch amateurs. I'm guessing that last part as there's not a lot of info about the site, and the videos and photos look amateur. The quality is mid-range - as things were back then, and there's nothing modern or snazzy about the design and presentation. It's all nicely raw, something else I like, and that means it's honest and down to earth like the Dutch. It's also a bit voyeuristic, another kink I like, and that honesty makes it compelling and natural.

It's not a large site, with only 74 videos and galleries, and there is no news on updates. The content doesn't have any date or info with it, but you will find it easily enough, and the actions speak louder than words. Moms, Milfs, swingers perhaps, older guys, fit study, some chubbier men, chubbier girls, some slinky and youthful, it's a mix in the videos, and they work fine because of it. The site, though, is pretty limited on viewing. On the one hand, this makes it simple and quick to get off, but also only offers you one choice of viewing.

Head to the Videos tab, and you find index pages that are simply numbered and easy to browse. They are titled by number only, and the ones at the top of the list are in the 90s, though there are 10 per page and only eight pages, and back on page eight we are up to scene #243 (a guy being rimmed by his GF), so don't take any notice of the numbers apart from as a reference.

A message on the videos page tells you they are downloadable in HD, but they are not. They came out at 640 x 480 (which may have been HD when they were made, there's no way of telling their age), and they are all in WMV and run for about 15 minutes. Also, you can only download, and there's only the one option. There are no streams, and the site is set up to work better on PCs as there's another message for Mac users. As I said, it's pretty limited, and the playback, once downloaded, is rough and ready. But, the guys and gals in the movies are going wild and being noisy, and it comes across as pure amateur, swingers, mad-cap porn, in Dutch with no subtitles.

The photos are amateur too, and there are 74 sets with over 100 pics each at 769 x 1,024 px. Again, these are a simple affair and look amateurish, but not is a horrible way. There's some flash-shadow going on, but mainly they are action shots taken while the swingers were going at it, and you can browse them easily enough. If you want to save, then it's a case of going one at a time as there are no zip files and no slideshows either.

Around this main content, you have your bonuses, and that's where you make up for the lack of Dutch Fantasies which, by the way, do play out some weird and wonderful scenarios. On the home page, you find access to 47 other sites in the Porn Nerd network. There is a variety of amateur sites here that cover anal, lesbians, interracial, teens, hardcore, blowjobs, swingers, BBW, gay, handjobs and solo, with girls and sites from the UK and Europe in the main. Click one, and a new tab opens, and you are straight into the members' area. The sites work in the same way as Dutch Fantasies, limited but easy to use, but again, there's no news on updates.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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  • Features: 0/10

As well as the main amateur content from Dutch Fantasies and the Porn Nerd Network, membership comes with a bonus plugin porn collection and a set of free feeds. There are 4,770 videos under the Bonus tab in the menu, and these are very varied. You can use a category list to filter the movies, or you can plough through from page one to page 318, with 15 per page; movies are dated, and we're told there are new ones every day. I found streaming only but in much better resolutions than the main content, and there is certainly a lot more variety.

Meanwhile, back in your main network, there's not a lot of difficulty navigating, and the menu takes you to videos, photos, bonuses and then some other off-shoots like cams and dating and then another plugin of multiple feeds for thousands more non-exclusive videos. What there isn't, however, is information, a model index or interactive options like rates, favourites and comments. So, you're left with a mass of porn to view, and that's about it.

Signing up is easy, and the prices for this site/network are reasonable considering the amount of general porn you get in return. $29.95 lets you into everything, and if you opt for the annual deal, you bring the price down to that same as $6.66 per month. There's enough content to last you a year, but it's in the rest of the network and among the plugin bonuses, rather than being the limited Dutch Fantasies section itself.



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Dutch Fantasies smacks of a good amateur site for its day, but its day was many years ago. There's no news on updates or any other info, who can say if it's a static site or one that's running, but you can say it's decent amateur content and pretty raw. There are loads of bonuses attached with 47 other exclusive sites and thousands of non-exclusive videos from elsewhere in a plugin system that works. Hot, Dutch amateurs, swingers and babes get it on in limited quality videos and pics.

Pros & Cons

  • + A lot of bonus content
  • + Easy site to navigate
  • + Raw and amateur
  • + Some wild fantasies
  • + Network access
  • - No info
  • - Not interactive
  • - No updates (?)
  • - Small site
  • - Midrange quality only