Fake Shooting
Fake Shooting 6985 Fake Shooting We all love to see girls get tricked into having sex, and then see the humiliation afterwards when they realise what's happened.
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Fake Shooting

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Fake Shooting

Short Review

We all love to see girls get tricked into having sex, and then see the humiliation afterwards when they realise what's happened. This is what Fake Shooting tries to do; it's a reality, amateur girl site where hopeful would-be porn models come for a try-out and get well fucked in the casting office. It's Russian, hot, HD and comes with downloads and streams, and there are five other sites included in your membership as bonuses.

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I have to say that Fake Shooting is a good site, but a small one, and it is a really simple one to use; it's basic in other words, and luckily it has the bonus sites attached. It's all about a theme that is, today, quite common. The girls are tricked into porn casting, that's the idea behind it and it's not the first site of its kind that we have seen and examined. The cast are from Russia (or other East European places, the language is all in Russian (?) and I'm not good with that language), and they are a good mix of amateurs. Some are young and 18 or 19, I would say, others are older, Milfs and perhaps cougars on the quiet. They come along for an interview and then strip down and then the guys in the studio puts them through their porn paces so we have amateur, first-porn, hardcore with one couple per scene.

The videos are good quality and there's no problem there. They run for around 15 minutes including the interviews at the start; these are in Russian and there are no subtitles but you get the idea of what is going on and being said. The hardcore starts towards the middle or end of each scene and it's pretty standard but well filmed.

You are able to watch a short trailer with each scene, or then go for the full stream or download. There are two downloads in Mp4, one at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 8,000 kbps which is a great resolution and looks more than fine. The other is at 854 x 480 @ 1,800 kbps and is also fine (the same size as the stream option), though a smaller file, so better if you are on a slow connection. I had no worries about the quality and I found that the streaming ran very smoothly and downloads came down nice and fast.

There are a few issues though and a few things missing: there are no galleries so you can't collect any images, and there is no info about the girls other than what might come out in the interviews, if you understand them. There is no model index only each girl's face on the index pages and there are only 61 movies, and updates are not regular. (There had been two updates this year, by May 2016, and the one before that was last September.) There are no search and sort options either and though navigation is easy, the site is very basic.

However, you do have more content with your five added bonus sites. These are from the same guys and work in the same way and they cover some neat subject matter. There's POV Bitch for some point of view hardcore, Teen Playground for some lush 18+ teen sex, and Shoot Ourself (sic) for real Russian couples making love and being filmed. The other two are also hardcore sites and though they may not be big, the network is growing and it's all yours for a decent sign up price.

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And why not pause a while to discuss the sign-up prices? These, like the rest of the site, are simple. There is the monthly option at $29.95 for 30-days and that's a fair and good price for six exclusive sites in one. You can take the three- month options for $69.95 and that works out at only $6.11 per month, which is even better value; and the annual one works out at $8.22 per month, though you pay up in one go and there are no recurring fees. For six sites, that's a very good price, and there are no nasty cross-sales on the join page either.

Once inside though you may start to wonder where everything is. I found the member area rather bland and there are no extras: no model index, no search and sort options, no details, nothing interactive, no rates or comments; it's simple a site to come to, to watch the videos, or take them, and move on. And, as far as I have seen so far, the bonus sites work in the same way.



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Fake Shooting is a small and simple site with 61 videos, HD, good quality, with streams and downloads, and all about amateur Russian women being taken for a ride in the hope of finding porn fame. Five other exclusive East European sites are included, updates are not regular, sign-up prices are goo, there's no interactivity or galleries but there is a fair amount of hot hardcore for the amount you are being asked to pay. There's nothing fake about the tour either; what you see is what you get.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Hot amateur Russian girls and Milfs
  • + HD viewing
  • + Easy to use
  • + Five bonus sites
  • - Not interactive