Fubilov 5909 Fubilov Fubilov is the somewhat silly acronym-based name for a collection that explores the fantasy of leaked sex tapes filmed by real-life couples and released to the net in an act of revenge.
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Fubilov is the somewhat silly acronym-based name for a collection that explores the fantasy of leaked sex tapes filmed by real-life couples and released to the net in an act of revenge. The site has an appealing feel of authenticity right from the start, although in some ways it's rather generic feeling tour pages don't really do the collection service. I'll take you beyond the external appearances of this collection and fill you in on what they truly have to offer!

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While I'm not exactly sure when it launched, the update calendar found inside the Fubilov members area starts its archive of site additions in the fall of 2011. When I visited in late January of 2013, I found a collection of 180 photo sets and 141 videos. It looks like they're adding new materials about 2 to 3 times each week with slightly more frequent photo updates and video updates. Members of this site get free bonus access to around nine other sites in the Fucking Awesome network as well as a large section filled with streaming DVD titles and other materials.

There's a good mix of hardcore sex tapes featuring couples and even groups as well as solo action featuring cute amateurs posing for their boyfriends with their cell phone camera or making a solo sex tape of their own. Right away, the apparently exclusive nature of the collection here stood out to me. This isn't a collection that seems to be filled with a variety of short clips and stolen snaps taken from other collections and social networking sites, instead it truly appears to be a unique mixture of stuff that I don't recall having seen before. The couples and women here seem to be a mixture of European and American. With little information provided about the people who appear in the videos or the scenes in general, it's a difficult to tell what the breakdown might be percentage-wise without viewing all of the flicks, but I think the majority of the women you'll see on this site are European. In some cases, the dialogue will be in English with heavy accents. At other times, the dialogue is in a language I don't know.

As is usually the case on this kind of amateur, user submitted themed site, the quality level of the materials varies from scene to scene. Some of the scenes have some pretty noticeable issues with a color balance that is a little off and leaves skin tone and other things in the video with a strange yellow wash and others have lighting that could be a little better, and again, that's pretty much standard for this kind of collection. The videos are available to download typically at up to 640 x 480 or even 860 x 480 pixels and with bitrates that often top 4000 kbps.

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The Fubilov members area is part of the Fucking Awesome network members area, and you can access all of the included collections using a drop-down menu near the top of the page. There's a basic keyword search box as well as an advanced search page that allows you to combine various types of searches, exclude certain words from your results, choose a certain timeframe to search, and more. The calendar section is where you'll find the site updates, and there's a favorites tool to save the most titillating scenes for later viewing. There's also a basic list of the models who appear on the site that can be sorted in a couple of different ways.

The options for accessing the materials here are straightforward and pretty basic. The flicks are available for Flash streaming in your choice of two quality levels while downloads are available only in MP4 format, also in your choice of two different quality levels.



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I have to admit, I really wasn't expecting much from Fubilov. Perhaps I'm jaded from visiting so many of these amateur and user submitted themed sites that just aren't really delivering the goods, but either way, I was pleasantly surprised. The collection here feels very authentic to me and isn't reusing the same tired clips that you find everywhere else. The bonus package helps to add value, but I think this one would be worth checking out even on its own.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive ex-GF/amateur themed collection
  • + Regular updates
  • + Bonus network included
  • + Easy to stream and download
  • - Could use additional download formats